Biography: Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber was born on March 1, 1994 in London, Ontario, Canada. He is a singer, songwriter and actor. Bieber’s first studio album, “My World 2.0” was released in 2010. It was followed by “Believe” in 2012. In 2013, Bieber became the first and youngest act in history to have five US number-one albums at the age of 18. Between 2013 and 2014, Bieber was the subject of a series of controversies as well as legal issues, all of which had a less than positive impact on his personal image.

His fourth studio album, “Purpose” was released in 2015 and it was preceded by the single “Where Are Ü Now”, a collaboration with Jack Ü which saw Bieber EDM. The album won the Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording at the 58th Grammy Awards, and became his third consecutive number-one album in Canada. At the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, Bieber won four awards, including Top Artist of the Year, marking his first win in that category. He is currently nominated for three World Music Awards.

Bieber has sold an estimated 160 million records, making him one of the world’s best-selling music artists. Bieber has released an estimated seven number-one singles on the US Billboard Hot 100: “What Do You Mean?”, “Sorry”, “Love Yourself”, “Where Are Ü Now”, a collaboration with Skrillex and Diplo, “Cold Water”, a collaboration with Major Lazer, and “Despacito”. He is tied with Elvis Presley as the male soloist who has topped the Billboard Hot 100 the most number of times. In 2016, Bieber became the first artist to surpass 10 billion streams on Spotify.

Birth details

Justin Bieber

Date of birth: March 1, 1994

Place of Birth: London, Canada

Time of birth: 0:56

Natal chart calculations

10 Pis 2522 Cap 32
24 Lib 3828 Sco 04
23 Aqu 32TEXT
20 Pis 5015 Vir 25
25 Aqu 070 Cap 38
14 Sco 398 Aqu 13
3 Pis 4515 Ari 53
24 Cap 529 Tau 34

Tropical Placidus Standard time observed

GMT: 05:56:00 Time Zone: 5 hours West

Lat. and Long. of birth: 42 N 59 81 W 14

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Natal chart interpretation

Note: The following birth chart interpretation is for entertainment only and should not be viewed as a criticism or attack on the subject of the study. No offense is intended and no slight to character is meant.


The Sun is in Pisces from approximately February 9 through March 20. Key words are compassion, universality, and renunciation. Key phrase is “I believe”. Pisces is a water sign ruled by the planets Neptune and Jupiter. It is a sensitive sign and those born under it are extremely responsive to the thoughts and feelings of others.

Llewellyn George in his “A to Z Horoscope Maker and Delineator” (Llewellyn Publications, Thirty-sixth Printing, 1974) has this to say: “In Pisces the Sun generally gives a kind and loving nature, confiding, honest, amiable, sympathetic and especially kind to dumb animals or people in distress.

Neat, particular and a lover of order and completeness; modest, often timid and lacking self-confidence. As a rule Pisceans are industrious, methodical and logical in their conclusions; idealistic, imaginative, inspirational; often gifted with mediumistic faculty and usually fond of secret, occult or psychic investigation.”

Max Heindel in his book, “The Message of the Stars” (Rosicrucians, 1927), writes: “Gives a retiring disposition and favors success in occupations removed from the public gaze such as prisons, hospitals, institutions for the poor, etc.

If the person incur enmity of others, he will be vindicated whatever they may do to hurt his reputation. People with the Sun in Pisces have a strong tendency towards psychism, mediumship and the occult in general.”

The Sun in Pisces generally provides a kind and loving nature: confiding, honest, amiable, sympathetic, and especially kind to dumb animals or people in distress. Justin Bieber is neat, particular and a lover of order and routine.

Justin Bieber is modest and often timid, and could be lacking in self-confidence. As a rule, Pisceans are methodical and logical in their conclusions: idealistic, imaginative, inspirational. They are often gifted with mediumistic faculties and are usually fond of secret, occult or psychic investigation.

He may unconsciously absorb the ideas and mental outlook of those around him. Justin Bieber is easily influenced by external factors, and even though he desperately wants to do the right thing at all times, his willpower may be easily overcome. The symbol for Pisces is two attached fishes swimming in opposite directions, which signifies the drastic duality of emotions of persons born under this sign.

He needs to learn to stand alone, and to practice making up his own mind. Procrastination is one of his biggest handicaps, though what seems like pure luck may often save the situation, even though he dallies about making decisions.

In marriage, relationships, and other partnerships, he may let the significant other truly believe that he or she is the boss. He will allow the other to handle the mechanical, technical things and initiate most of the activity. People will just naturally want to help him out. Justin Bieber is good at delegating, but they are really likely to rule with an iron hand in a velvet glove. If things get too far out of hand he can express his displeasure very effectively with sarcasm and rancor.

His charm, humor, and sympathy can open the gates of opportunity to him. However, his kindly, moderate nature makes it quite easy for him to let things drift, which can be extremely annoying to others who are more practical. On the other hand, given the duality of his sign, he can be efficient and exact.

His temperament varies from strongly optimistic to acutely pessimistic. He feels he must follow that still, small voice within, and will be extremely unhappy if he finds himself in situations where his spiritual uniqueness is inhibited.

Justin Bieber is sensitive to other people’s suffering and has an overactive imagination. He feels their pain and sincerely wants to initiate healing and relief. He may choose to work in some of the most sordid positions he can find if he could lighten the loads of those less fortunate. He will devote his strength and time to the sick and the desolate, with no sense of reward. Justin Bieber is blind to all defects in those whom he loves and trusts.

His greatest character defect may be in his sense of fatalism. He needs to realize Justin Bieber is not chained to any destiny not of his own making. He has to face himself realistically in order to bring forth what he can become. He really does make the world seem like a better place.


Scorpio rising is the sign of extremes. Even the symbol for the sign is a combination of two extremes–the soaring eagle and the slithering serpent–and Scorpio Rising bestows the awesome power of both. The most difficult lifetime task of the natives of this Rising sign is learning to understand the most effective utilization of that power.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, which was believed by the ancients to be the Planet of the Underworld (literally, beneath the world: Satan, the dead, hidden crime, buried). Scorpio is a water sign and, here, again, it can bestow destructive turbulence as contrasted to hidden calm.

It is in the fixed mode, creating still more difficulties for change. However, modern astrologers see Pluto as a planet of regeneration and grand change, thus it emphasizes the need for spiritual sublimation of the physical lower self for those with Scorpio Rising.

Other people see him as a person who takes nothing lightly, and who has a tendency to see to the very depths of a situation. He appears to be extremely strong-willed and proud, but intensely private and not easy to know. Behind his quiet exterior others sense a great deal of sensitivity and emotional depth.

When he wants something he goes after it rather quietly but determinedly–and he usually gets it. This intensity of purpose can give him a drive which will help him to succeed in endeavors where almost anyone else would fail. He just doesn’t recognize obstacles to his progress, especially those of his own making which can arise from the baser instincts of his nature.

This can cause others to misunderstand his personality and judge him rather harshly. If he allows his negative side full reign, he may justify a reputation of being difficult to be around. He may be accused of being oversexed, full of evil, angry and revengeful.

At such times he CAN be manipulative and hateful, demanding the center of attention. Her main purpose in life is to rise above the baser instincts of his nature and to direct this awesome power and intensity into constructive channels. Many world leaders, including Mahatma Gandhi, have coaxed the eagle of their nature to soar high above their serpentine instincts, thus making their part of the world a little better place.

Justin Bieber is very intuitive about other people: especially about their unspoken feelings and hidden motives. Some could feel threatened by him. He usually has strong, immediate gut reactions, either positive or negative, most of which prove to be correct. There is a risk when he makes an instant diagnosis of a person or situation however, that he may forever follow that first impression. He may like someone immediately, or forever shut them out.

This can work both ways as he can be extremely cautious of others until he gets to know and trust them–and trust doesn’t come easy with him. However, when he does commit himself emotionally to someone, be it friend or lover, Justin Bieber is intensely loyal and devoted to them. He applies this same intensity to any cause he might espouse, sometimes even to the point of fanaticism.

Other people sense his power. Justin Bieber is not a person who lives lightly or superficially. He wants to live passionately and intensely and is not afraid of challenge and danger, or of facing the darker side of life. He functions well in crisis situations and often seeks them out, for he enjoys the feeling of living at full capacity. He approaches life very instinctively and is not always fully conscious of why he feels or acts as he does. He also has a very strong affinity with animals.

As he gets older, he will have a growing concern for the condition of others. He will work hard to help those less fortunate. Hers will be a strict and “tough love”, with rather high expectations (but, then he has those same high expectations for himself). He may be restricted to helping on a one-to-one basis, but his glory would be greater if he could do good on a grand scale.

Because of his natural reserve, others may see him as something of an enigma. Justin Bieber is quite self-protective and often defensive. Justin Bieber is also very magnetic, especially to members of the opposite sex. He needs to work at avoiding acting out from the negative side of his nature. Excesses would come easy for him.

He should avoid overindulgence, especially in drugs and alcohol. Rather, a true spiritual relationship should be found and nurtured so that the great potential powers of his higher nature can be developed and bestowed upon a needy world.

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Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn. When this sign is on the second house of money and worth, it influences him to be practical, responsible, and ambitious concerning money. He will not want to spend it foolishly. Capricorn is the “business” sign, and he could earn money from his own business. He can be very conservative with his money, and feel that it should be used for things of lasting value.


Uranus rules Aquarius and this combination of the third house of communications, higher mind, study, travel, and writing is likely to add excitement and flashes of intuition to his ideas. He could find unique and ingenious ways to communicate his messages. Justin Bieber is progressive in thought, with an underlying sense of the humanitarian coloring his vision.


When Pisces, ruled by Neptune, is in the fourth house of home life and domesticity, Justin Bieber is inclined to use his home as a retreat. Privacy in his domestic environment is very important to him with this configuration. It can also be a place where he receives his greatest inspiration.


Mars, planet of action, is ruler of Aries, sign of energy and action. When they are on the cusp of the fifth house of love, sex, children, entertainment, and speculation, creative activity is likely to develop in some (or all) of these areas. He can be passionate and aggressive in love and romance, and competitive in his attitudes about entertainment

especially sports. He can be generous with children, but, at the same time, wants to dominate them.


Venus rules Taurus and when they are in the sixth house of work and service, practical work is important. Beauty and talent is important, too, but if there is no monetary gain, there will be a lack of enthusiasm. This is a good sign for robust health as long as he does not overeat.


Venus rules Taurus, bringing the aesthetic Venus aspects “down to earth” in the Taurus fashion of dependability. In the seventh house of partners, this practicality relates to partners. Marriage is likely to contain financial considerations, as well as with any other partnerships. Justin Bieber is cooperative in partnership activities and expects practical gain to result. He will have the tendency to spend money on his partners, and to be sure they look good.


Cancer is ruled by the Moon, giving this an emotional “double whammy”. This is the house of primal instincts (needs), other’s resources, and death. With Cancer on the cusp, the influences are toward others adding to his financial gain, possibly through inheritance. Justin Bieber is likely to be very emotional about death his own, as well as others’. He will want his own affairs to be in order when that time comes.


The Sun is the ruler of Leo and when they are in the ninth house of the higher mind, religion, philosophy, and publishing, the subconscious mind may be intensely tuned into a need for fame and recognition. Justin Bieber is likely to be constantly looking at distant goals. There is a desire for leadership in philosophic studies or endeavors.


Mercury, planet of communications and intellect, rules Virgo. In the tenth house of profession, honors, and recognition, they can provide order and efficiency to professional efforts. He can be very particular about his public image, but can be so intellectual and perfectionistic that he appears aloof and critical.


Venus rules Libra, and when they are found on the cusp of the eleventh house of friends, hopes, and love received, the elements of beauty, art, and practicality are indicated. Her friends are likely to be stable, prosperous, attractive, artistic, and gracious.


Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio. When this sign is on the cusp of the twelfth house of hidden meanings, limitations, and the subconscious, his greatest resources are his hidden supports. Justin Bieber is able to recognize value in things that others overlook. He can also help others to develop their hidden talents. He can find much spiritual strength in his own subconscious.


The following planetary sign and house positions are determined by HIS birth data. There are 384 variations of these positions, as well as many other variables, but only 25 of them apply to each individual. The possibility of another person having the same combination of positions is practically non-existent.

The Sun and the Moon are known as the “Lights” and are not planets in the technical sense of the word. However, they are the most visible and perhaps more influential in affecting man’s awareness than all of the other heavenly bodies put together. The blend of the Sun-Moon influences, from the signs they are in, and whether they are in aspect or not, are extremely significant to the personality profile of the new life.

The relationship of the Sun and Moon to each other by their position, sign, and aspect and their relationship to the Ascendant can sometimes provide us with an extremely accurate mini-interpretation of the chart. The interpretation of his Sun-Moon combination is printed next. Study it carefully as well as the next three Sun and Moon sign delineations.


Pisces is a Mutable, Water sign. Libra is an Air sign in the Cardinal mode. Justin Bieber is intuitive, artistic, and will gain his aesthetic expression primarily through other people. His emotions may work overtime to adapt to social situations and to his own temperamental needs. It may be difficult to adapt his emotional needs to those of others. His ideas are good, but he will need to keep in touch with reality. He needs other people to encourage him, and perhaps needs a strong, practical person to help motivate him to achieve his best.


The Sun in the houses represents the departments of life most strongly affected by individual will and power potential. His Sun in the third house shows a strong drive to achieve distinction through intellectual brilliance and mental accomplishments. He may have a scientific approach with an urge to know and understand the inner workings of life’s processes.

Justin Bieber is eager to investigate new things and explore all the possibilities in areas where they function. He will also want to travel. It is important for him to be able to express himself and communicate his ideas clearly. He needs to watch for tendencies toward intellectual arrogance or snobbery, and be careful not to force his ideas on others.


In mythology the Moon is always female as the Sun is always male. In most ancient religions and cults, the Moon represents the female force which reflects the male force of the Sun. In astrology, “she” bestows her indiscriminative influences upon both male and female alike, though each sex might respond to the influences in different ways. The Moon in the signs indicates the emotional responses to life’s situations. It determines how they are likely to react to external influences and to the actions of others.

In Libra, it indicates a strong sensitivity to the attitudes and reactions of others, especially marriage partners and close working partners. He dislikes vulgarity, and there is a charm, grace, and elegance about his personal appearance and mannerisms. Justin Bieber is idealistic about what is fair and just and can get extremely emotional when conditions appear otherwise.

Justin Bieber is probably a domestic person: he likes a home life, and the home can become a “Home-base” for the rest of his activities. His tastes are aesthetic and his home will be attractive if not downright elegant.

He likes people and constantly makes new friends. He will not abide prejudice and enjoy companionship with people who share those traits with him. Intimate relationships are important to him, and he will be seeking emotional balance from them. He may have difficulty ending relationships which are not good for him, but if they don’t work, he will need to learn how to let them go. Inharmonious relationships can actually have an adverse effect upon his health, for he needs the approval of others.

His ambitions may wax and wane from hot to cold. Justin Bieber is a good communicator and mediator. Human services could be his field. Many judges have Libra strongly placed in their Natal chart. He may need to be careful about becoming a little fanatic about what is fair and just.

Justin Bieber is likely to be courteous, gracious, and kind to everyone and he wants the same from them. He can excel in public relations, and his home is likely to be the gathering place for social activities. He needs to watch for excessive dependence upon others for emotional security.


The Moon in the houses indicates the areas of daily activity through which his feelings are manifested, and gives clues to the type of activity on the domestic scene. In the Eleventh House, it indicates a powerful emotional need for friendship and group activities. He will have many acquaintances, but they may not all be friends.

His hopes, his objectives, and motivations can fluctuate with his moods, which can be emotionally influenced by the opinions and reactions of his friends. He does not like to be alone. He needs companionship for a feeling of emotional well-being, and his home is likely to be the center of group activities. He needs to cultivate self-reliance, and practice being alone in order to learn to stabilize his feelings.


Mercury in the signs gives clues to the kinds of concerns that occupy his mind, and reveals his psychological approach to making decisions and conveying his ideas to others. Justin Bieber is likely to have a fondness for science, generally, as well as the occult and the metaphysical. He should be apt in study, mathematics, inventiveness, and business methods.

Probably a great reader, deep thinker, sociable and kind, he can expound greatly on humanitarian principles. This position of Mercury indicates a mind that is open to new experience; truthful, unbiased and objective. He seeks mental stimulation through friendship, and conveys his ideas well in group and organizational work.


Mercury in the houses deals with the practical affairs that occupy his mind, and shows what areas of activity will be influenced by his thoughts and communications. In the Third House, the mind is inclined to investigate whatever tends to increase his consciousness and broaden his understanding reading, study, speaking, teaching, lectures, literature, new thought, science, news. It should enhance successful travels, mental development, and matters of correspondence.


Venus in the signs indicate how he expresses his emotions in personal relationships, especially in love and marriage. It also provides clues to his attitudes toward money, personal possessions, creature comforts, and social and aesthetic values. Venus is in its exaltation in the sign Pisces, and the love principle reaches its highest evolutionary development. His deep compassion and sympathy verges on spirituality and may be expressed that way.

Justin Bieber is romantic and sensitive, and unless he recognizes clear demonstrations of love and affection from others, he may feel lonely and disappointed. He needs to avoid letting disappointments develop into martyrdom. His extreme emotional sensitivity can make him afraid of being hurt by rejection, which can cause him to hesitate to express his feelings. The clear message here is to practice risking expression to avoid missing friendships and romantic opportunities. Try not to allow his strong emotions stand in the way of objectivity in his perspective of reality.


Venus in the houses indicates how he expresses himself socially, romantically, and artistically in the various areas of his life. In the fourth house, emotional attachment to his home and domestic scene are emphasized. Justin Bieber is likely to be emotionally close to his parents, and possibly may receive an inheritance from them. He would like to entertain his close friends in his home where he can create a warm, personal environment for them. He loves the land flowers, vegetation, and gardening.


Mars in the signs provides information about his characteristic modes of action and type of ambition. Mars is the action planet and in the sign Aquarius, his actions may be inspired by a superior level of intelligence. He will demand the freedom to do things in his own way. His strong desire for independence may cause him to pursue unusual or unorthodox courses of action. He will learn most from his own mistakes, but he does need to learn to practice teamwork and cooperation with others.


Mars in the houses indicate the areas of life in which he expresses his actions and desires, and where he needs to use energy and initiative in order to get results. In three, it deals with intellect and indicates quick thinking in emergency situations. He may assert himself aggressively in order to get his communications across

he will be direct and can be caustic. He can be impulsive in daily movements and in short-distance traveling. He may be tempted to drive carelessly patience is not related to this position. He needs to avoid sarcasm and argumentative tendencies.


Jupiter in the signs indicates his ethical, religious, and philosophical standards and beliefs, and how he may express these interests. Jupiter in Scorpio gives him a powerful will and deep emotions. His mind is active and analytical, proud and aggressive, and can function both constructively and destructively with the same amount of enthusiasm.

The message here is the strong need for discipline and positive direction. Follow his inclination toward metaphysical and occult studies, seeking positive directions in the psychic regions of his mind. Avoid any attempts to enforce his beliefs upon others and moderate his tendencies to control their social conduct and principles.


Jupiter in the houses indicates the departments of life and the types of activity through which he expresses his philosophical, educational and religious ideas. In the twelfth house it encourages an inner spiritual search. Deep intuition and a great degree of mysticism will guide his interests, which he will pursue through meditation and introspective study in seclusion.

Be always aware of his true spiritual Source, and beware of negative psychic influences. He has much sympathy for those in need, and will derive deep satisfaction from helping others. He has the Source for much creative work and productivity in his hidden powers when they are positively applied. Avoid flights of fancy and the use of alcohol and drugs.


Saturn in the signs indicates the areas in which he must accept responsibility, and the ways in which he must practice discipline and develop maturity. This can be a difficult position because the deep emotional feelings and intuition which are identified with the sign Pisces do not lend themselves well to the order and disciplinary influences of Saturn.

These influences can cause anxieties and feelings of guilt from unknown, or subconscious sources. There can also be obsessions with past behavior, some known and some unknown, with a tendency to dwell in the past and not to be able to let it go. However, when the influences of Saturn can be applied positively to these anxieties and emotional discomforts, the thinking mind can help organize his thoughts in therapeutic and progressive ways. He will require time alone for meditation and spiritual direction.

With spiritual growth and greater spiritual understanding, this planetary position can provide great power for understanding and helping others. He can uncover the sources of confusion and reveal subliminal methods of dealing with many of the hidden lower forces which are detrimental to man’s spiritual progress.


Saturn in the houses indicates the areas of life in which we must learn to act with discipline; how to build structure and express practical ambition through maturity. In the third house, it deals with mental discipline and the practicality of ideas. It can bestow scientific and mechanical ability, with patience in the thinking process. It is a good position for accountants, secretaries, researchers, librarians, writers, and teachers.

Justin Bieber is careful where contracts are concerned and is likely to exercise great caution when signing papers or making agreements. He needs to watch out for a tendency toward negative thinking and undue worry; for complaining and fault-finding. He should also avoid alcohol and drugs.


Uranus in the signs indicates ways in which he expresses his urge for freedom and individuality, and how he establishes his link with the Universal Mind. In Capricorn, it gives him good reasoning facilities and a profound, penetrating mind. He will wish to change the status quo in order to have more freedom and security for the future.

Justin Bieber is likely to have strong “hunches”, or prevision, in public trends, thus putting him in a unique position to affect change. However, he needs to encourage naturally progressive methods not change for the sake of change, which could be destructive. He will need to try to curb a restless and impatient nature.


The house position of Uranus indicates the type of activity through which he expresses his urge toward freedom and individuality. In the second house, focus is on financial affairs and worldly goods. Avoid speculation in unproven schemes, and beware of fraud in business associations. Justin Bieber is likely to be ingenious in his approach to vocation, with unusual talents for making money.

Practice rigorous honesty in all business affairs, and seek direction from positive psychic sources. He can succeed in artistic endeavors and efforts dealing with the occult. Avoid borrowing or lending money among friends.


Neptune is more generational than personal. While it is in Capricorn, world governments will be in chaos. Economic and political structures will be brought down, and practical solutions will be sought. New forms of government and politics will emerge, with more and more emphasis upon one world government. Neptune vibrates at a high spiritual level, and in the life of the native, these influences will encourage the blending of the oneness of self with the Oneness of the Universe. Avoid mood altering drugs.


Neptune in the houses indicates how he expresses his mystical potential, and may reveal some of the karma produced by his past actions. The second house focus is on money and the use of material resources. Neptune here will influence him to give generously to those less fortunate, and to support humanitarian and spiritual causes.

It may give him intuitive insight for making money and material gain, but it will be extremely important for him to use it wisely to “keep up the flow”. Past karma is likely to become evident in his demonstration of that flow. One risk money may come too easily. Beware of laziness and impracticality. Know from whence these gifts come and keep up the positive flow.


Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, and its influences are also generational. During the time Pluto is in this sign, the Piscean age comes to an end. All of the things that are wrong with our world will come into focus, and the message is “regenerate or die”.

The human race will have no choice but to clean up the environment, to deal with sickness and famine, to establish viable world economic and political bases, and to implement effective social reforms. At the personal level, it encourages both physical and psychological health maintenance, and the establishment of positive personal values.


Pluto in the houses indicates in which areas of life he needs to exercise conscious creative willpower to regenerate himself and his surroundings. Twelfth house focus is on the subconscious and unconscious mind, with the need to bring its contents into the conscious realm. Justin Bieber is likely to have profound insight and clairvoyant ability.

He will have sympathy and empathy for the less fortunate, and will be able to tap into positive psychic forces to help them. However, his extreme sensitivity to the thoughts and feelings of others leaves him vulnerable to feeling their pain, and he needs to exercise restraint in his involvement. He will need seclusion for regenerating his own resources by means of prayer and meditation. Justin Bieber is especially vulnerable to the effects of alcohol and mood-changing substances. Also, avoid negative occult influences.


Following are the interpretations of the planetary aspects to each other. Aspects are angular relationships between two or more planets that have been found to modify the influences bestowed. Significant angles are: Conjunction (same degree), Sextile (60 degrees), Square (90 degrees), Trine (120 degrees), and Opposition (180 degrees). Don’t worry that some of these individual interpretations seem to conflict. Remember we look at the whole person, and the separate parts can modify, reinforce, or nullify each other.


This conjunction saddles the Sun’s power and will with discipline. This is not all bad, but it is not often pleasant. However, it is a powerful aspect and provides for growth opportunities. Unlimited power can be dangerous, and Saturn provides limitations. Learn to live with them, and take advantage of all available opportunities. Saturn also bestows the satisfaction of fulfillment, which can always be the result of self-discipline.


This aspect can sometimes create a conflict between him and his authority figures. It indicates ambition for power, and obstacles to overcome in realizing his ambition. He needs to restrain himself from aggressive self-expression, and practice cooperation with those who represent authority to him.


This aspect confers honesty and ethical standards of conduct. Justin Bieber is positive and altruistic in his attitudes to others; consequently, he gains their respect and cooperation. He seems to be always protected by spiritual forces, and Justin Bieber is not likely to ever be completely “down and out”.

He has good insight into the future almost bordering on prophecy, and Justin Bieber is able to profit by proper timing. He needs to keep in mind where these gifts come from by expressing gratitude and seeking guidance for using them to the best advantages for he and his fellowman.


This aspect can cause sudden and unexplained mood changes. He craves excitement and will move on to another activity if the one Justin Bieber is involved in bores him. There can be unstable domestic situations, and sudden misfortunes accidents, ill health, other catastrophes

can occur without warning. He may have a strong desire to wipe out the past and strike out in new directions. Emotional excitement is important to him. Justin Bieber is likely to have a fertile and unusual imagination, and to be exceptionally talented for new endeavors.


Some of the obstacles produced by this square include confusion, unreasonable fantasies, muddled home life, and a lack of grip on reality. It can indicate emotional indulgence with the risk of addiction to alcohol and drugs.

There can be mediumistic tendencies with which he needs to be extremely careful, always seeking appropriate spiritual guidance. The message here is to practice getting himself out of the way and focus on doing good for others. Seek true spiritual guidance through prayer and meditation.


This trine between the planet of emotions and the planet of intellect can give him a good memory and a good working relationship between his conscious and his unconscious mind. Justin Bieber is likely to be a good conversationalist because Justin Bieber is truly interested in whomever Justin Bieber is communicating with. He can emotionally and logically understand and communicate the ordinary, daily life affairs, and he probably has a good business sense. This is a rare supportive aspect.


This trine provides an abundance of psychic energy. Feelings are likely to be strong but controlled and positively applied to action. Justin Bieber is likely to be emotionally active and stand up for what he feels is right. He has a good imagination and the ability to apply it to positive action. He could have a unique approach to business and domestic affairs.


This conjunction gives him a sharp mind and lots of mental energy. Justin Bieber is likely to say exactly what he thinks, and let the chips fall where they may. Justin Bieber is mentally competitive, and will like nothing better than a debate in which he can demonstrate his superior intellect.

He would make a good detective, or investigator, as Justin Bieber is very good at obtaining difficult information. Beware of heated arguments, and the temptation to express himself too strongly. Cultivate diplomacy, objectivity, and reasonableness.


This square permits him to see through any situation, and may make the firm and direct in speech. He will “say what he means, and mean what he says”. He may be secretive and suspicious until Justin Bieber is ready to make his move, so he comes across as cunning and quiet. He can alienate others by his harsh words, and it could be better if he remains silent until the facts reveal themselves. Justin Bieber is strong-willed with this aspect, and he must use caution so that it is not mis-directed.


This configuration is likely to set his expression and communications in conflict with the prevailing attitudes of society. He can be misunderstood and met with social disapproval because he speaks out at the wrong time or place. The key is to hold back his opinions when in doubt.


This configuration can cause difficulties in marriage, partnerships, and in communications in general. He may project his thoughts in speech or writing in such a manner that others misinterpret them and disagree. Squares are obstacles toward growth. The message here is to mean what he says and say what he means. Be sure the brain is engaged before the mouth is opened.


This configuration influences a love of domestic beauty and harmony. The significance of a good home to marriage and family will influence choices made in that direction. Much money, time, and effort will go into the attempt for domestic tranquility.


This trine should give him a happy, optimistic, sociable disposition. It favors success in music and the arts. He should find harmony in domestic and marital affairs. He probably has a pleasing voice and potential to be an excellent singer. Perhaps the greatest gift of this aspect is the ability to spread joy to others. He has much sympathy for the unfortunate. He has good control of the social graces, and is in good company. Know from whence these gifts came, and don’t give way to indolence and lazy living.


This configuration indicates Justin Bieber is socially refined his actions in social situations meet with the establishment standard of approval. Because of this, he is likely to be popular, but beware of shallowness toward the sensibilities of others.


This aspect indicates highly original artistic and/or musical ability, if not as a performer, then certainly as an enthusiast. He may earn his money in unusual ways, perhaps involving electronic devices or electronic media, and usually with a group endeavor.

Justin Bieber is likely to be very popular and to have many friends, as Justin Bieber is capable of communicating sparkling emotional expressions. He will want emotional freedom and may resist conventional romantic relationships. Justin Bieber is likely to be lucky in friendship, love and marriage.


This aspect can provide imagination and inspiration to all areas of life especially in artistic endeavors. The highest form of expression is likely to be spiritually motivated, and the feelings are elevated from non-specific sources. Justin Bieber is likely to choose associates from those interested in religion or other psychic phenomenon. Success can come from unexpected directions, but he does need to use these gifts and not let them waste away because of laziness or lack of motivation.


His willpower is highly developed but may lack direction. He will have a tendency to use force to gain his objectives. He finds conflicts between his will and his desires from his spiritual aspirations. He needs to learn to practice careful planning and to cultivate diplomacy and love. This is a very powerful aspect and when combined with reason, discipline, and diplomacy, it can provide the energy for great achievements.


This configuration can set him up to express aggressive tendencies at the wrong times. Justin Bieber is likely to find it difficult to contain his actions and impulses within the current social standards. He needs to practice patience and harmony with those around him.


This position of Mars could cause him to project himself aggressively in his personal relations as well as in dealing with the public. Although aggressiveness, per se, is not negative, when carried to extremes, negative reactions can result. This could manifest itself in marital or relationship problems, and could even be carried to the point of angry scenes and paranoia, causing unpopularity. The lesson here is to check his impulsiveness; to cultivate gentleness and diplomacy in dealing with others.


This configuration confers professional success and excellent professional reputation, possibly military. Career and public standing will make it possible to provide a good home environment. It is good for domestic and family affairs.


This square ties his condition to mass karma, and Justin Bieber is likely to feel that he has the weight of the whole world upon his shoulders. Actually, it is beyond his powers and responsibilities to help Saturn “discipline” the “underworld” of Pluto! However, he may feel he has to resort to strong measures to achieve professional goals. Beware of the temptation to use occult forces to attain power over others. Use his psychic connections to keep his own house in order.


This aspect can cause him to express aggressive tendencies at inappropriate times and places. His attitudes and impulses are likely to be different from accepted standards of society. He will need to practice acceptance of and harmony with his environment.


This position of Saturn can cause some blockage in his ability to relate to others with friendliness and warmth. It can cause a reserve in the expression, which can be interpreted by others as a sour disposition, or cold and unresponsive. It could certainly create marital problems. The lesson here is communication and consideration. Think how others see him and practice awareness.


This aspect happens about every 170 years. It will be exact on February 2, 1992, but these two planets orbited within one degree of each other for several years in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. The aspect indicates a time of major progress for the generation it is transiting. Personal influences in the natal chart bestows a search for Divine wisdom and love.


This aspect can indicate a natural attunement with the forces of nature. He could be extremely psychic, and will need to develop these powers in positive ways. Justin Bieber is likely to make new discoveries in Nature or metaphysics. He could become involved in some movement toward regeneration of the earth as a result of personal discoveries.


This configuration could give him the insight to take advantage of changes in public opinion and society. He will also be able to influence changes in societal attitudes, especially where they involve the environment. Justin Bieber is intuitive and probably psychic. Use it well.


This configuration gives the intuitive ability when interacting with others, helping him gain their cooperation. He can be very original in his self-expression, and can be expected to do and say things out of the ordinary. He could be sought out as an interesting speaker, teacher or disciplinarian.


This configuration provides intuitive ability to understand and function in harmony with social trends and customs. If he doesn’t agree, Justin Bieber is likely to go with the flow in such a way that he will not rock the boat, even when pursuing his own course.


This configuration provides a special knack for seeing through prevailing social trends and provides the necessary drive and willpower to take advantage of them. His approach may be very deliberate and calculated in making changes for his personal advantage. He should take care not to overestimate his power and try to avoid getting in over his head.


This aspect endows much usable intuitive ability. It also grants willpower and stamina, and the ability to tap natural regenerative forces. However, some of this can be expressed as obstinacy and self-will, causing him to appear to be cold and unreachable. The intuitive and universal powers should be used only for the greater good of all.

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