Kevin Parker is an Australian singer, songwriter and producer who has released four Tame Impala albums. He’s won 13 ARIA Music Awards, two APRA Awards and a Brit Award as well as receiving 4 Grammy nominations for his work in the music industry.

As one of Australia’s most successful producers he also worked with Pond before they disbanded in 2011 but did not produce their latest studio album 9 (2021). As a producer Kevin has collaborated with artists such as Mark Ronson Lady Gaga Kanye West Travis Scott Melody’s Echo Chamber & The Flaming Lips

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Birth details

Kevin Parker

Date of birth: January 20, 1986

Place of Birth: Sydney, Australia

Time of birth: 12:00

Natal chart calculations

29 Cap 40  4 Cap 17
22 Tau 32 7 Sco 15
21 Cap 54  12 Ari 56
29 Cap 46 14 Cap 07
22 Sco 07 10 Tau 49
22 Aqu 30 11 Gem 35
7 Sag 00 16 Leo 33
20 Sag 33 16 Vir 38

Tropical  Placidus   Daylight Savings Time observed

GMT: 01:00:00   Time Zone: 10 hours East

Lat. and Long. of birth: 33 S 52 151 E 13  

Natal chart interpretation

Note: The following birth chart interpretation is for entertainment only and should not be viewed as a criticism or attack on the subject of the study. No offense is intended and no slight to character is meant.


He was born at a time when the Sun was about to move from one sign into the next

or had just done so. The astrological term for this is that he was “born on the cusp”, or that he was a “Cusp Baby”. The sign that the Sun was actually in at the time of his birth will always be his true Sun-sign, and its imprint upon his personality is usually the more dominant.

However, planetary influences do not change immediately like turning one light off and another one on. The transition is more gradual, as the influences of the sign the Sun is leaving diminish while the influences of the new sign increase.

We call that period of time the “Orb of influence” and for the cusp interpretation of the Sun-sign change, we use the span within the last three degrees of the sign which the Sun is leaving and the first three degrees of the sign it is moving into. The Sun moves through the signs at approximately one degree per day, so the total transition period we use is approximately six days.

The easiest way to interpret the Sun on the “cusp” would perhaps be to consolidate and intermix indiscriminately all the influences of both signs and print out a conglomerate of “one fits all”. Since this IS a transition period, such an interpretation would not fit everyone, and would create the risk of not portraying his true personality or individuality.

Consequently, he will need to use some self analysis in order to get the best of this section. We will print the dominant influences of both Sun-signs: first the sign the Sun is leaving and next the sign it is entering into. Remember, as the Sun moves further into the emerging sign, the stronger Kevin Parker is likely to recognize that Sun-sign’s imprint upon his personality.

Serious, disciplined, and deeply ambitious from his Sun in Capricorn, Kevin Parker is driven to prove himself and to achieve material success and recognition. His work, his position in the world, and his contributions to society are very important to him. He will persevere through many hardships and frustrations in order to achieve what he has set out to do, and he will sacrifice much in the way of home life and personal relationships in order to do so.

He is basically a realist, and though he may have all sorts of colorful theories and dreams, he feels that the ultimate test of anything is its practical usefulness. He has good business sense, but there is a bit of cynicism in him as well. He is clear-headed, detached and objective, and Kevin Parker is not always swayed by emotions.

He can be extremely authoritarian: strictly fair, but somewhat without mercy. He  has a great respect for tradition and even if he does not agree with certain laws, he will abide by them or work to change them rather than disobey them. Careful and conservative, he always tries to play by the rules.

Keeping body and soul together is never enough for him

He has a persistent feeling that he must amount to something. He needs some accomplishment to point to, some property to look after, or some obligation to fulfill: it could be in business, politics, or the social or intellectual fields.

Like the symbol of his sign, the mountain goat, Kevin Parker is steady and sure footed. He is not stopped by obstacles that stand in the way of his climb to the top. He believes that success is material security, and that it only comes from hard work (for which he has a great capacity) and he expects something in return for what he contributes.

He asks for mercy from no one and he has confidence in his own powers. He is good at finding solutions to the most difficult problems, and is probably an excellent troubleshooter. He wants his household managed with precision and everything in working order. He is executive material and remains in a subordinate role for a short time only. He never steps backward. He moves up by alternating security and ambition as his goals.

He wants everything to be sensible. Yet, he has excellent intuitions and he uses them in his struggle to achieve personal independence and economic security. He gains knowledge of practical affairs through reading and talking to people, and he utilizes everything he sees, hears, and learns.

He can be lonely at times, and very melancholy. He is subtle, understated, quiet, deep, and not easy to know intimately. But Kevin Parker is never superficial. He is a modest person and sometimes overly self-critical. Giving himself (and others) permission to feel, to play, to be spontaneous and silly, and to be weak and vulnerable sometimes, isn’t easy for him.

Fear of being dependent on someone else when Kevin Parker is old enhances his desire for money and security, possibly to the point of being stingy and greedy. Let’s just say he tends to be very frugal. He may seem to behave on the principle of “every man for himself”, but he has a sensitive personality and very much wants to be appreciated.

He needs to learn to accept the imperfections of others, to walk more slowly, lighten up, look at the trees, listen to the birds, and smell the roses. Unless he really ARE the legendary god, “Atlas”, he doesn’t have to carry the world and everything in it upon his shoulders.

In Aquarius the Sun gives him a quiet, patient, determined, unobtrusive and faithful nature. There is no affectation or snobbery in his personality, for he dislikes imitation and hypocrisy in any form. He operates as an equal among equals, but he sometimes feels that others are unreceptive to him or that they are incapable of comprehending his ideas. He can become annoyed when people fail to understand him. He can be determined and stubborn and may even appear eccentric to others.

His interests and pursuits are more intellectual than physical, and Kevin Parker is not likely to be very sports minded. He may long for material possessions, but Kevin Parker is never greedy. He loves the beauties of nature, but he likes to admire them in comfort. He should be aware of a tendency to exaggerate his problems, as this could shadow his brightness and charm which are the attributes that make the most attractive.

He does his best work when pursuing an ideal in which his excellent memory, creativity, knowledge, love of freedom, and humanitarianism can find their outlet. He can appear to be a tireless worker, but his appearance of calm can be deceptive. He takes work very seriously, so nervous tensions and apprehensions may seldom leave him. He is most comfortable when working within an organization and in group activities. His interest and sympathy for human problems win the respect and confidence of those around him.

He will insist upon living his own life as he sees fit, even if that means ignoring convention and tradition. In personal relationships he cannot be owned or possessed, and while Kevin Parker is willing to share himself with another, he does not always adjust easily to the emotional give and take of a close relationship. He gets honest enjoyment from meeting new people and exchanging ideas. He may be anything or nothing, but Kevin Parker is never lonely

his group instinct will always direct him to where the people are, or else they will come to him. He has friends of both sexes and sees no reason for giving them up, even after marriage.

He is forward-looking and progressive, and he harbors great hopes for the future. He stays up-to-date on current affairs, and responds to contemporary cultural trends, both in terms of personal style and in terms of ideas. As we enter the “Aquarian Age”, the ideals of his Aquarius Sun-sign personality will provide the inspiration and guidelines for the unification and regeneration of our planet, World, through a better understanding and application of universal love.

He is fair, intelligent, objective and rational, and he often lets his head rule rather than his heart. He may appear self-sufficient and emotionally detached because Kevin Parker is capable of putting aside his personal feelings and viewing things dispassionately. Consequently, when he makes up his mind on an issue, he can be quite determined and difficult to change.


Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, and those who were born with this sign rising always want to be first. The person with this Ascendant is a natural pioneer with the daring and courage to risk uncharted territory. This one fights the battles, breaks the ice, and paves the way for those who follow.

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, the planet of action. Mars indicates activity, ambition, determination, and antagonism. It is sexual energy and high creative energy at the same time. It can cause impatience and frustration, competitive spirit and temper, yet without Mars energy, new fields would never be conquered. Mars wants to go forward without thought of the risks involved. It is the planet of impetuosity and impulse. It is both volatile and stimulating.

Aries is a fire sign, denoting high enthusiasm and vitality. It is also a cardinal sign, showing sensitivity, an open quality, and a “take charge” attitude. The symbol for Aries is the Ram, who pushes through obstacles by butting his head against the walls and forcing the barriers to give way.

Aries, his Rising sign, is on the cusp of his first house, which is the house of self. He probably already recognized some of his personal characteristics in the above paragraphs. Beyond his dynamic energy and aggression is a real need for conquest and challenge. Her competitive spirit is so strong that he needs to channel it constructively or he will antagonize those around him. Kevin Parker is a natural fighter, but not naturally tactful, and he needs to learn diplomacy and cooperation. Kevin Parker is forceful, self-assertive, and often willful. He needs to learn to use his willpower wisely, for it is a tremendous asset.

To others, he appears direct, straightforward, assertive, and usually completely aboveboard in all his dealings. He projects a confidence that may sometimes appear arrogant to others. He often lacks tact and sensitivity, and he can seem to be completely oblivious to others’ needs. Kevin Parker is self-reliant and doesn’t depend upon social approval and reinforcement as much as other people do. He likes to be original and does not mind going it alone.

Others see him as being much stronger than He usually feels he really is. He may feel that he does not fit into groups very well, and that he does not naturally blend in and cooperate with others very easily. He appears to them to be either a leader or a loner. He may venture where angels fear to tread, for he loves the thrill of daily combat and he thrives on danger. Crisis motivates him to excel. Without action, he becomes impatient, bored and frustrated.

Others may not see that his anger turned inward can cause hostility, jealousy, and depression, which could cause him to seek release in destructive ways. There is certainly a risk involved with the use of alcohol and drugs at both the high and low ends of his cycles. He has strong sexual drives which can also create problems for he if not controlled. Rather than create a crisis or prepare for combat, he needs to learn to channel his high energy craving for action into more healthy physical activities.

Kevin Parker is a good starter, but not such a good finisher. Kevin Parker is daring and productive, but impatient with those who can’t keep up with him. He wants everything yesterday, immediate results, and has no tolerance for limitations and restrictions.

Others see him as a doer who thrives on freedom, challenge, and activity. He appears to think in clear black and white terms: to be somewhat simplistic in his outlook, which enables him to act in what other people perceive as a very decisive and self-assured manner. When inspired with an idea, he feels such a sense of urgency and excitement about it that he will often charge ahead and try to implement it in a rather bold way, but often with personal doubts and poor planning. Patience and careful attention to details are not his forte. However, he never accepts defeat and will have brilliant and unprecedented successes and discoveries as well as painful failures. To him, it is far better to make mistakes than it is to play it safe and never try.

Kevin Parker is scornful of what he sees as weakness or passivity in others and also of the human tendency to imitate and follow. Kevin Parker is not a follower. Others see him as a strong individual, and perhaps brash and brazen as well. He presents a strong front to the world and generally does not allow others to see his vulnerable or insecure side.

Much of the above may seem negative, but all of these characteristics can be tremendous assets. He needs to learn self-control, to practice patience, to plan ahead, and most of all, to cooperate with other people and accept their contributions to the effort. He needs to learn to love. He has strong spiritual yearnings which he needs to nourish.

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Venus, planet of talent, art, and aesthetics, rules Taurus, the sign of stability, stickability and stubbornness. This combination of the second house of money, worth, and personal finances can provide an awesome combination for making money. There will also be a desire for real property, and his own home. With this determination to make money, he may not be too generous with his personal resources. He may need to practice the art of sharing.


Gemini, the intellectual sign, is ruled by Mercury, the messenger. This sign and planet are at home in this house of communications, travel, study, writing and the thinking mind. Communications should be sharp, clear, swift, and to the point. The affairs ruled by this house will be executed quickly, intelligently, and efficiently. He may also speak more than one language. He may need to pause occasionally and let the rest of us catch up to him.


The Moon rules Cancer and when this emotional combination is in the fourth house of home and domestic activity, emotions will prevail. He will want friends to spend time with him in his home, but he will also need time alone. Her home will be his retreat where he can shut out the world and other unpleasant things.


Leo, ruled by the Sun and natural ruler of the fifth house, can make the affairs of the fifth house “shine”. It can add verve to love sex, entertainment and speculation. Children, both children of the body and “children of the mind” can be outstanding and unusual in some way. Love affairs are certainly extremely intense.


Virgo is at home in the sixth house of work, service, and health. Mercury is the planetary ruler of Virgo, and when this combination is found on this house they influence the native to be very organized and careful about details in sixth house affairs. The intellectual approach is practiced, and he can probably do more than one thing at a time. Kevin Parker is likely to be attracted to health foods and other health maintenance regimes.


Libra is ruled by Venus, planet of love, talent, art, and aesthetics. When it appears on the seventh house of relationships, marriage, business affairs and other partnerships, the focus will be on justice and fair play in all these affairs. He will be looking for balance to his own personality in the people Kevin Parker is associated with in the affairs of this house.


Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, is at home in the eighth house of death, taxes, inheritance, legal affairs, and other people’s money. These affairs will be approached in a passionate and powerful manner with this configuration. He will be responsible and direct. He needs to be sensitive to the feelings of others in all of these affairs.


Sagittarius is at home in the ninth house of philosophy, religion, education, travel, and publishing. Jupiter rules this sign of “down-to-earth” idealism. This configuration will influence dependability and wisdom in ninth house affairs. Her expectations may be too high for other common mortals, so he needs to have patience.


The sign Capricorn is “at home” on the tenth house of honor, profession, vocation, and career. With Saturn as ruler here, he will approach all career matters with order and discipline. Capricorn is often the “business” sign, indicating that he would probably be very successful in his own business. These matters will be extremely serious to him, and he needs to also consider the feelings of others while trying to achieve his own ambitions.


Aquarius is “at home” in the eleventh house of friends, goals, and love received. Ruled by the planet Uranus, Aquarius on the eleventh house can provide a mixture of the stable and the unusual among friends and group activities. Some friendships will be fleeting, but those that last are likely to be mutually rewarding. Freedom and love issues and love of freedom will be of great interest to him and friends.


Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the double octave planet of confusion-delusion and/or imagination-inspiration. Pisces is at home in the twelfth house of limitations, subconscious mind, and institutions. Karma here indicates lifetime goals are to bring out the subconscious into the conscious, and to use his intuition to work beyond his limitations. Working with others less fortunate in large institutions could be indicated. Develop empathy with and sympathy for others.

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Astrology recognizes ten major “heavenly bodies” in the Universe that radiate various influences toward earth, and thus manifest themselves in the lives and affairs of mankind. The Sun and the Moon influences are most recognizable because some of them are visible and tactile, such as light and heat. They also provide the base for mankind’s calculation of time

the calendar and the clock. Influences distributed by the other eight planets may be less visible and more subtle, but not less real.

These emanations are constant, but the intensity of their influences can be tempered by the sign they are in, the house of his chart in which they are located, and by their angular aspects to each other. We touched upon this in the introduction to the Ascendant when we also introduced the term “synchronicity”. In the following pages we will print the individual interpretations of each planet in his chart with respect to the sign it is in, and its house position.

Following that we will print the interpretation of the planetary aspects to each other. Aspects are specific angles between two or more planets that have been found to modify the influences bestowed. Technically, every angle between planets creates an aspect, but some angles are more significant than others.

Astrology divides these aspects into “Major” and “Minor” categories. Minor aspects are used primarily in astrological research and for very precisely directed work, so we stick to the Major aspects in our general work. The major aspects are: Conjunction (same degree), Sextile (60 degrees), Square (90 degrees), Trine (120 degrees), and Opposition (180 degrees). Don’t worry that some of these individual interpretations may seem to conflict with others. We look at the whole person, and the separate parts can modify, reinforce, or nullify each other.

We have pulled all this data together for him as it is displayed in his birth chart. This whole configuration can not be repeated or duplicated during his lifetime. Although the earth in its rotation around the Sun each year goes through all the twelve sign constellations and returns the Sun to its natal position, it takes Neptune 165 years and Pluto 248 years to complete their orbits. The planets are constantly moving their positions throughout the universe so that it is not possible for all the planetary positions and aspects to repeat themselves in their lifetime.

That leaves it up to us as individuals to deal with those influences imprinted upon us at birth and revealed through the horoscope. It is our hope, through astrology, that we may explain what those influences are and thus understand ourselves better. We have free will to make choices

choices which can affect those birth imprints in positive or negative ways. Probably no one of us will ever fulfill the “promises” of the natal chart in our lifetime, but hopefully, knowing what the influences are could help us to make some better choices.


The following planetary sign and house positions are determined by HIS birth data. There are 384 variations of these positions, as well as many other variables, but only 25 of them apply to each individual. The possibility of another person having the same combination of positions is practically non-existent.

The Sun and the Moon are known as the “Lights” and are not planets in the technical sense of the word. However, they are the most visible and perhaps more influential in affecting man’s awareness than all of the other heavenly bodies put together. The blend of the Sun-Moon influences, from the signs they are in, and whether they are in aspect or not, are extremely significant to the personality profile of the new life. The relationship of the Sun and Moon to each other by their position, sign, and aspect and their relationship to the Ascendant can sometimes provide us with an extremely accurate mini-interpretation of the chart. The interpretation of his Sun-Moon combination is printed next. Study it carefully as well as the next three Sun and Moon sign delineations.


Two Earth signs trine to each other. Capricorn is in the Cardinal mode and Taurus is Fixed. The Moon is “exalted”. This combination provides fixity of purpose

stubborn. Kevin Parker is a leader with strengths so self-assuming that no one realizes the power, but all are happy to yield to it. Kevin Parker is practical and sensible and will be able to achieve much in the artistic and the business world. Expression of talents will flow naturally, and he could be a super-star in the entertainment field. Guard against his stubbornness, and try to always take in consideration the other person’s point of view.


The Sun in the houses represents the departments of life most strongly affected by the individual will and power potential. Tenth house position generally indicates persons who are ambitious to attain positions of responsibility, power, and authority. Kevin Parker is likely to be rather dignified and he has a strong will to succeed. He desires honor and recognition and will work hard to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve his goals. Kevin Parker is probably a good manager and demands respect. He also wants to set a good example for others. He needs to watch out for an excessive love of power and for dictatorial attitudes.


In mythology the Moon is always female as the Sun is always male. In most ancient religions and cults, the Moon represents the female force which reflects the male force of the Sun. In astrology, “she” bestows her indiscriminative influences upon both male and female alike, though each sex might respond to the influences in different ways. The Moon in the signs of the Zodiac indicates the emotional responses to life’s situations. It determines how they are likely to react to external influences and to the actions of others.

In Taurus, the Moon indicates a need for financial and material security. He enjoys eating, drinking, making love, and listening to music. He likes nature the natural world

and wants to be out in it as much as possible. He probably likes gardening, even growing his own food. He will certainly want a “place of his own”, and will probably own his own home. He wants family around, and is strongly grounded in family traditions.

He won’t enter into romantic relationships easily, for when he does he will expect them to be permanent. If they prove otherwise, he will suffer greatly. Kevin Parker is a romantic at heart, and could be very jealous of a romantic partner. He wants to be the recipient of affection, and will appreciate a partner who is stimulating in the same way Kevin Parker is. This Moon position indicates very good parents and children are likely to be important to him.

Kevin Parker is ambitious and a hard worker. He likes the good things and is willing to do what it takes to get them. Women with this Moon position may be more influenced toward the older traditional female roles, but will be just as strong and determined to succeed in male oriented roles as well. Male or female, Kevin Parker is not likely to be a typical “job-hopper” he will prefer to find one job and stick to it.

His emotions tend to be steady and he shows good common sense when handling financial and domestic affairs. Kevin Parker is likely to have a “green thumb”, and is usually consistent in seeing things through to the finish. Kevin Parker is fond of good food and material comforts, and needs a stable domestic situation. Kevin Parker is not eager for change from established emotional attitudes, but he should watch out for a tendency towards laziness and complacency.


The Moon in the houses indicates the areas of daily activity through which his feelings are manifested, and gives clues to the type of activity on the domestic scene. The Second House position indicates that his general emotional well-being is dependent upon material comfort. It indicates a strong need for monetary security to establish a stable home and family situation. He probably has good business ability in matters dealing with food, home and real estate. He needs to watch out for tendencies toward unreasonable possessiveness and jealousy.


Mercury in the signs gives clues to the kinds of concerns that occupy his mind, and reveals his intellectual and psychological approach to making decisions and conveying his ideas to others. In Capricorn it indicates an interest in literature, science, chemistry, philosophy, and the occult. He can be careful and painstaking toward developing his intellect. Kevin Parker is likely to become acute, sharp, penetrating, tactful, curious, diplomatic, and critical. He needs to watch out for peevishness, fickleness, restlessness, discontent, and unreasonable suspicions.


Mercury in the house deals with the practical affairs that occupy his mind, and shows what areas of activity will be influenced by his thoughts and communications. In the tenth house it indicates Kevin Parker is likely to pursue education for reasons of professional ambition. Kevin Parker is likely to have a good organizational ability and the capacity to plan for the future. His career is not likely to be accidental. Kevin Parker is able to communicate with people of power and prestige, and with the public, so that politics would be natural for him. Whatever his occupation, it will involve communications media. Ambition is the keyword in this position, but beware that it could take precedence over principles.


Venus in the signs indicates how he expresses his emotions in personal relationships, and his attitude toward money, personal possessions, creature comforts, and social and aesthetic values. In Capricorn it bestows a sensual, sexual expression, but the relationships are likely to be serious and mature. In the other areas, it inclines his interest toward business, commerce, banking, investments, stocks, shares, professional sports, and executive positions which bring him contact with many people. Kevin Parker is likely to have a strong sense of composition in art forms with an attraction to classical music and the traditional art which survives the times. He could be very successful in businesses related to the arts, such as professional sports.


Venus in the houses indicates how he expresses himself socially, artistically and romantically in the various areas of his life. Tenth house position indicates social and artistic ambitions. He will probably choose a profession related to the arts and is likely to have the talent to achieve recognition. He will do well in dealing with the opposite sex, and are likely to seek marriage with someone who can further his artistic career. He is likely to receive status and wealth from a romantic partner.


Mars, a planet of energy, gives us information about modes of action as a result of the desire principle. In Scorpio the energy takes on an intensity of depth and determination. He will utilize his power in all areas of his life, especially in “getting ahead”, where he will let nothing or nobody get in his way. It would be healthy for him to channel some of this energy through sports activities, and he also needs to learn to be sensitive and considerate to the feelings of others.


Mars in the houses indicates the areas of life in which he expresses his actions and desires, and where he needs to use energy and initiative in order to get results. In the eighth house position, energy and initiative are emphasized, with strong desires and emotional intensity. He are likely to have a powerful sex drive with the aggressiveness to use it constructively. Psychic power, afterlife, and the occult will attract his study and consideration. He is likely to be secretive in many of his activities.


Jupiter in the signs indicates his ethical, religious, and philosophical beliefs. It shows the ways in which he expresses interest in higher education, and his relationship to the social order. With this planet in Aquarius, Kevin Parker is likely to insist on social, religious, and moral values that are universal, impartial, and democratic in every respect. He will be attracted to curious and mystical studies, out-of-the-ordinary philosophies, the occult, and astrology. Kevin Parker is humanitarian in a broad sense, and supports such activities publicly. He may be psychic in his understanding of the common good.


Jupiter in the houses indicates the departments of life and the types of activity through which he expresses his religious, philosophical, and educational ideas. When found in the eleventh house, Kevin Parker is likely to achieve his goals through group activities and friendships. Kevin Parker is concerned for humanity, kind to friends, and will attract friends who are generous and helpful to him. Inspirational, spiritual, and moral support and information is freely exchanged, and the efforts are toward humanitarian endeavors. Be careful never to take friends for granted.


Saturn in the signs indicates the ways in which he must accept responsibility and develop maturity and discipline. In Sagittarius it indicates Kevin Parker is serious in his pursuit of philosophy, religion, and higher education. He probably has developed strict moral codes, or a strict adherence to certain religious or philosophic disciplines. Kevin Parker is probably thorough, with a great depth of concentration. Kevin Parker is likely to develop a desire for power and leadership in some of these areas, and a need for some intellectual, philosophical, or spiritual achievement which brings honor or distinction. His personal reputation is probably very important to him, and if it should go sour, or he should fail to live up to his own expectations in these areas, he will suffer greatly. Spiritual guidance is indicated.


Saturn in the houses indicates the areas of life in which he must learn to act with discipline. In the eighth house it deals with his partner in the areas of finances, corporate money, insurance, taxes, and inheritance if applicable. He may be able to profit by using other people’s money through skillful and honest management. Marriage can be a financial burden, however. He could suffer losses through alimony settlements. There can be a deep spiritual insight into life’s mysteries, but distressing dreams and psychic experiences that have a disturbing psychological effect could also occur. He needs to seek positive spiritual guidance to work through these times.


Uranus in the signs indicates the ways in which he expresses his urge for freedom and individuality, and how he establishes his link with the Universal Mind. In Sagittarius, these influences will focus on philosophy, education and religion. He will seek his own TRUTH, and will not be inclined to accept the traditional limits that have been set by earlier generations especially in religion. Kevin Parker is likely to be drawn to the renewal of more ancient philosophies, such as astrology, numerology, and other fore-runners of modern day sciences, seeking to combine the validity of all into a concept that he can accept in his own search for truth. He may travel to foreign countries and sometimes embrace the concept of one world government for all of mankind.


Uranus in the houses indicates the types of activities through which he expresses his urge toward freedom and individuality. In the ninth house the emphasis is on religion, philosophy, and higher education. Kevin Parker is likely to have progressive and reformative ideas in these areas, and will seek his own methods of expression. He will be attracted to the occult, and are likely to have intuitive, prophetic faculties. He likes investigations, and will travel at the drop of a hat or of a handbag. Kevin Parker is interested in the remote past, far distances, and a utopian future. Beware of impractical ideas and fantasies, and avoid alcohol and drugs.


Neptune is more generational than personal. While it is in Capricorn, world governments will be in chaos. Economic and political structures will be brought down, and practical solutions will be sought. New forms of government and politics will emerge, with more and more emphasis upon one world government. Neptune vibrates at a high spiritual level, and in the life of the native, these influences will encourage the blending of the oneness of self with the Oneness of the Universe. Avoid mood altering drugs.


Neptune in the houses indicates how he expresses his mystical potential, and may reveal some of the karma produced by his past actions. Since the ninth house focuses on religion, the influences of Neptune are very strong here. Positive spirituality can be powerful and prophetic vision is possible. The interest will surely be in the mystical forms of religion, and much seeking through study, prayer, and meditation may be necessary for him to find what is right for him. Beware of cultism and negative influences. Take care to distinguish the real spiritual teachers from the false, and do not fall victim to his own spiritual pride. Kevin Parker is especially vulnerable to the influences of alcohol and other drugs.


Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, and its influences are also generational. During the time Pluto is in this sign, the Piscean age comes to an end. All of the things that are wrong with our world will come into focus, and the message is “regenerate or die”. The human race will have no choice but to clean up the environment, to deal with sickness and famine, to establish viable world economic and political bases, and to implement effective social reforms. At the personal level, it encourages both physical and psychological health maintenance, and the establishment of positive personal values.


The house position of Pluto shows in which departments of life he needs to exercise conscious creative willpower to regenerate himself and (possibly) his surroundings. In the seventh house, it indicates people whose lives are drastically altered by marriage, partnerships, and dealings with others. Kevin Parker is likely to attract a partner who is strong-willed and domineering and against whom Kevin Parker is likely to rebel. He may have deep insight into the thoughts of others, and need to seek spiritual guidance for appropriate uses of this gift. He needs to learn a balance between responsibility and initiative.


Following are the interpretations of the planetary aspects to each other. Aspects are angular relationships between two or more planets that have been found to modify the influences bestowed. Significant angles are: Conjunction (same degree), Sextile (60 degrees), Square (90 degrees), Trine (120 degrees), and Opposition (180 degrees). Don’t worry that some of these individual interpretations seem to conflict. Remember

we look at the whole person, and the separate parts can modify, reinforce, or nullify each other.


This conjunction gives energy and willpower to thoughts. He has lots of mental stamina and creativity in ideas, work, and friendships. Kevin Parker is likely to enforce his ideas and decisions with willpower. The risk here, with all this mental power, is objectivity. It is difficult to see himself as others see him, and his personal self-conception makes it difficult to differentiate between mind and ego. He needs to practice getting himself out of the way (ego) and letting his energetic mind solve the problems and make the decisions.


This conjunction gives power and energy to the emotions and artistic expression. It helps him to love life and himself, though he needs to watch out for narcissism. Kevin Parker is fond of fun and social activities. The aspect gives her beauty and ease in self expression, and the ability to bring happiness to others. He should get along especially well with children, and he has strong affections and romantic drives.


This square can inhibit his individual expression because of larger events in his society and his feeling out of phase with the times. It could especially affect his social and romantic life. The key here is a watchful and waiting attitude without force and impulsiveness.


This is a very strong aspect and provides some heavy obstacles to overcome: a potentially violent temper and tendency toward alcoholism. Mars provides action to Moon’s emotions without the process of thought. It can be especially upsetting in family relationships, where patience and caution should be cultivated. He will need to learn to develop serenity and self-control and to curb his impulsiveness. This is also one of the aspects that provides a warning about alcoholism. Drinking alcohol could bring out belligerence and argumentativeness.


This square produces emotional excess, especially in the area of generosity. Kevin Parker is likely to be over-indulgent and lack discrimination. The aspect may cause extremes in religion, or in other areas of expansion of the mind and perception where the emotions are concerned. Kevin Parker is likely to have trouble setting clear goals and proceeding steadily towards them. He could have difficulty settling down from aimless wandering. There also may be a tendency to overindulge in food and drink. The lesson here is, obviously, moderation. Practice self-control and restraint in any efforts which involve emotions. Strive for serenity and patience.


This trine between the planet of emotions and the planet of intellect can give him a good memory and a good working relationship between his conscious and his unconscious mind. Kevin Parker is likely to be a good conversationalist because Kevin Parker is truly interested in whomever Kevin Parker is communicating with. He can emotionally and logically understand and communicate the ordinary, daily life affairs, and he probably has a good business sense. This is a rare supportive aspect.


This aspect bestows a sharp mind and high mental energy. He can plan his action and work his plan. Kevin Parker is likely to be quick in making decisions, and his ideas work in practical applications. Kevin Parker is able to get his point across in communications because he says what he means and means what he says. He could have scientific abilities and engineering talent. He should be good at games requiring strategy and planning, such as chess.


This aspect can create problems in marriage and financial dealings. There is the temptation to flaunt personal social preferences against traditional mores.


Squares provide obstacles or stepping-stones to growth, depending on how we deal with their influences and this one is difficult. It pits two of the most motivating forces against each other: the active forces of our base desires (Mars) squared off against the philosophical urges of our higher self (Jupiter).

And both planets encourage expression of their influences in grandiose ways. There is the tendency to justify aggressive tendencies by engaging in them through some socially acceptable “holy” crusade. Kevin Parker is likely to be restless from constant activity, finding it very difficult to relax. The lesson to be learned is serenity. Avoid hypocrisy, seeking through prayer and meditation to reinforce the Jupiter influences toward a higher spiritual level.


This aspect provides innovative approaches to new conditions, optimism, and originality. There may be prophetic insight into the future, a foreknowledge of things to come. He could be lucky in unexpected ways. Kevin Parker is likely to be very interested in philosophical and religious ideas, with much interest in the occult. This is a good aspect for astrologers. It is also supportive in all the people-helping-people kinds of endeavors. He could profit from new industries and new opportunities.


This trine indicates a conservative, dignified, and somewhat cautious manner, which minimizes rash actions. Kevin Parker is both practical and honest. It is natural for him to gain the respect of others, although some may see him as being rather cold and calculating. In spite of this attitude, Kevin Parker is likely to gain cooperation with others, because he can be trusted to fulfill his obligations. It does seem to provide stability in marriage and partnership relations.


This configuration indicates an intuitive ability to understand prevailing trends in social attitudes and modes of conduct. Kevin Parker is in tune with the times, in other words, and are likely to profit through success and popularity with this rapport.


This aspect has more general and historical connotations than personal, but in the personal interpretation it indicates unusual occult, intuitive, scientific, and aesthetic abilities. It could generate sudden and secret changes. He needs to concentrate on the positive occult powers.


This opposition could cause alienation or difficulties with society. His feelings of being an “outsider” could be very intense, even if he does not agree with the societal mores. This could be a Karmic influence from a life when he made sweeping changes without considering the feelings of others, and now the shoe is on the other foot. His Karma in this lifetime could be to experience those feelings.

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