My Story

If you are reading this, let me start first by introducing myself. My name is Charlie Hawes and until about a year ago I would have called myself a complete loser.

Things are very different now and I’ve honestly never been as happy in life as I am now. I have a new job, a new sense of financial freedom as well as a new appreciation for my wife and the relationship I share with her.

But, it wasn’t always that way.

For most of the 36 years of my life, I was unhappy and stuck in a rut. Maybe that sounds melodramatic, but honestly, I really did feel that was true.

Up until about a year ago, I was in a dead-end job which completely sapped my self-confidence and made me feel that I deserved to be unhappy. I had no self-worth and nothing felt like it would ever change.

Of course, this feeling affected almost every part of my life, especially my relationship with my wife. Although I have always loved her, I also felt that I didn’t deserve her and, I’m ashamed to say, she must have been pretty messed up to love someone like me. I felt doomed to failure.

I felt doomed to failure

This led me down a pretty dark path of deep depression fueled by regular binge drinking and even suicidal thoughts. Each day was another reminder that I sucked and I was a worthless person.

When I looked at the friends I had, and even my siblings, I felt I’d been cheated. Everyone else seemed to have been given fantastic opportunities in life.

Why hadn’t I?

It’s not that I thought I should sit back and expect things to happen. I’d worked hard to try and reach my goals, chief among them becoming financially independent and able to support my wife properly.

Everything I tried seemed to fail. I was always the last to know about the next big opportunity and never seemed to get anywhere with anything I did. I was even unable to give my wife what she wanted most, a baby.

I’d always been interested in business and had even done an online course about marketing. But, I just didn’t know how to take that forward into a career that could give me the financial security I needed.

And then, one day after another particularly bad day at work, I found this service where you can talk to professional psychics.

At first, I was very skeptical

At first, I was very skeptical about this, but then I started having several friends recommend that I speak with one. One of my friends even said they’d spoken to one for over 10 years and that they were always spot on.

After a bit of research, I realized there was some very convincing evidence online about the benefits of psychics. So, I decided to give it a try one night after work.

It wasn’t what I expected at all.

I spoke to a woman called Roma who just seemed to understand who I was, what I really wanted in life, and why I wasn’t living the life of my dreams. She explained in clear terms exactly what I needed to do in order to kickstart my true path in life.

First, she helped me to see where my passions lay and the skills that I would be able to most easily develop. This encouraged me to take a few evening classes and get qualified in some essential skills for a new career in marketing. Once I had landed my first freelance position, my self-confidence started to return.

I quickly started to make a steady income from this new venture. Not millions of dollars, but a lot more than I had in my dead-end office job. This changed my perspective on life almost overnight. My wife says she saw a big change in my approach to everyday tasks. I now wanted to socialize, explore new pastimes and I was just smiling more often.

A miracle birth

What’s more, since those first few weeks of success, my wife fell pregnant and we have just welcomed our first child into the world. Our doctor said that the clear reduction of stress in our lives is more than likely the result of this miracle birth.

Since then, I’ve found several different professionals who have each helped to expand my understanding of the course my life is taking and what I need to do in order to take advantage of each and every opportunity I now face.

Speaking with this psychic really changed my life; I still think back now and wonder how could I have even considered myself happy. I now have a better idea of where my life should take me and real actionable steps to take to ensure it happens.

You can do it too!

If anything from my story resonates with you, then you may also benefit from talking to the same people who helped me.