Spiritual Sapiens Mission

Life is a gift, but it didn’t always seem that way to me.

If you have tried so hard to achieve your ambitions in life only to see them fall by the wayside or remain beyond your grasp, you were just like me.

I spent years thinking the cause of all my troubles was bad luck. When I found out the real reason, everything changed almost overnight.

In only a few short years I’ve gone from a dead-end job, a string of failed relationships and a self-abusive perspective of life to, well, a Spiritual Sapien.

My name is Charlie Hawes, and you can find out more about my journey here.

I didn’t figure out how to lead a more fulfilling and successful life all on my own.

This is why I’ve started to spread the word and share the tools and concepts that have really turned my own life around.

Please feel free to get in touch to learn more and see if you can do the same thing in your own life!