When it comes to dating an Aries man, you need to know everything you can about him before you can successfully start your love affair. Unlike with other signs, Aries is an open book and when you understand what makes them tick, you will discover a very passionate partner indeed.

In this article, I’ve covered the most common questions I’ve seen about dating an Aries man and if you read it, you will have a much better idea of what you are in store for.

dating an aries man

Common personality traits of an Aries man

Most of what makes an Aries man the person who so intrigues you has been hard-wired into him from birth. It is thanks to the accuracy of modern birth charts that we can tell you exactly what to expect and how to interact best with any Aries man.

Aries men are often blunt and straightforward, but authentic. They set goals for themselves that they don’t stop until they get what they want in the way they want it motivated by their obsessive determination which is a very relevant trait in them.

The Aries man has great self-confidence to the point where he admires himself, making him think first of himself before anyone else with virtues such as honesty, loyalty, and fidelity being highly valued. A woman born under this sign will find herself attracting many different types due to her no-nonsense attitude towards life

This Aries man is very passionate and sexual in love relationships. He likes the receptivity of his partner, but he also wants to see a reflection of himself in them; he loves it when they are sure about themselves and respects him as well. This guy can be attracted to feminine intelligence: women who have solid values and sensitive tendencies towards other people’s problems.

Differences between Aries men and Aries women

The Aries woman and the Aries man are different in several ways. The stubbornness of both will be a clash impossible to solve, she tries to dominate him while he likes making his own decisions.

The Aries woman loves her independence, which would make the arrogance of an Arian man not be able to see qualities in women that are born under this sign. The selfishness of both men and women prevents them from seeing what is around them

Communication: how to text an Aries man

The impulsivity and the wanting things ‘right now’ of an Aries man, make that when communicating they like actions more than words. The coarseness is what creates problems for him to write because it’s not as direct which he likes better. He isn’t patient enough to send text messages or wait long periods of time so if there are any disagreements they will be communicated face-to-face rather than over texts.

The intensity level between himself and a woman who might have caught his eye would rise even higher with in-person communication.

Despite the fact that they tend to be rude at times when these people fall in love with someone their romantic side comes out. They can use things like texts messages to keep a person’s interest if it is lost and will do anything necessary for them not to feel distant from each other. Of course, Aries men much prefer to do this face to face when possible.

The best way to keep them active in messaging is to make yourself seem important in his eyes by stimulating him and encouraging him to talk about his achievements. They will be so interested that they’ll want you to have their attention, no matter what it is he’s talking about- from opinions, aspirations or desires.

Once there’s empathy with a person of the opposite sex, Aries men will not rest until getting what they want using anything to achieve it. This is a highly desirable situation to be in when you are trying to hook an Aries man!

Do you want to know exactly what to say to an Aries man to keep him interested? The secrets to this and more are revealed in this guide.

How should you talk to an Aries man to make him wild?

Showing yourself an independent woman is a way to drive an Aries man crazy – be bold, determined and live intensely in the present. Express your ideas while also listening carefully to his approaches but plan for your future with loyalty and fidelity so he will know you’re trustworthy.

An avid lover of action rather than words himself, you’ll find that one thing all Air-signs have in common is their high value on morals and values: show him how much he means by being loyal & faithful; tell him about what great things you’ve done together (even if they were just imaginary!), like helping others or talking passionately about these achievements!

Talk to him openly about sex, arts, music. Talk to him about his plans and achievements but also take the initiative of proposing new experiences and adventures. Show a woman-style of good conversation by being educated, restless, creative as well as romantic and discreet so he knows that you are your confidant who listens with attention patience & serenity

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5 Signs an Aries man is not interested anymore

Uninterested Aries man sign #1 – He’s no being direct with you

One of the main characteristics of men of the Aries Sun sign is how direct and frank they are. This is their go-to move and how they interact with people they are most comfortable with. So it becomes very easy to know if he feels some kind of interest in you, or if on the contrary does not feel anything at all.

Uninterested Aries man sign #2 – he doesn’t show you

When you are together and he behaves in a very normal way, as you might with an acquaintance. and does not show any gesture of kindness, forget it, he is not interested in you. An Aries who in the initial stages of love and attraction likes to treat his woman like a princess and can be very sweet indeed.

Uninterested Aries man sign #3 – he doesn’t talk about you

If he doesn’t say anything to you in a direct way the first few times you see each other and if the surrounding group of friends hasn’t heard him talk about you, it’s a clear sign that he isn’t interested in you. When an Aries man is in love, the object of his affection is at the forefront of his mind and he just can’t help talking about them. Being direct in the way he speaks is also a sign that his barriers are down and he’s letting you in.

Uninterested Aries man sign #4 – he doesn’t take notes

If he does not remember any details about your personal life since he has known you, it is clear that he does not like you enough to listen and learn. It can be anything from the type of coffee you like to drink, your hometown, or the name of your pet. As obsessed with their own success as Aries men are, they are equally interested in the lives of their sweethearts.

Uninterested Aries man sign #5 – he only think about ‘I’

When he talks to you, he starts his sentences talking about him and not about you. It’s probably time to call it quits. You may be friends, but the chances of a budding romance starting are slim in these cases.

If you have ever felt that you don’t know what a man is thinking, you aren’t alone. There is often a lot that can be revealed by just knowing what signs you should be picking up on. If you want to crack this code, I recommend you read this article here.

5 signs an Aries man secretly likes you

There are 5 main ways in which an Aries man will show that you are all he thinks about and is ready to start something special with you.

Sign an Aries man likes you #1 – he tells you

These guys are direct. When an Aries man likes you, he will tell you straightforwardly. Obviously, this is the best way for you to realize how he feels. Usually, they will take you slightly away from the crowd and just blurt it out amid smiles and a sizzling sexy stare.

Sign an Aries man likes you #2 – he gets chatty

An Aries man, when he likes a woman, will turn all his attention onto her, the frequency of his conversations with you and the personal details he gives away. You’ll know when this is happening because even if they are in the company of other people he will only focus on you.

Sign an Aries man likes you #3 – he remembers the details

Aries men only focus on what is really important to them, and hopefully, that includes you. When in love, these men will retain a lot of trivia about a woman. He may remember how you were dressed the last time you met, and how many times you smiled or looked at your cell phone, and minute details about the day he met you. You can really tell this is happening because he will drop these comments into the conversation at every moment possible, and will not miss an opportunity to mention how many times you have, say, passed together in a street, or at the gym.

Sign an Aries man likes you #4 – There’s no ‘I’ in team

Every time he talks to you, you will notice, how he openly starts his sentences with a ‘we’. Even though you aren’t in an official relationship yet, in his mind you are already taking on the world together. If you are into it, then you should participate in this cute little game where you start to see the world as something you can explore together as a team.

Sign an Aries man likes you #5

As Aries men become more obsessed (in a passionate way) with a woman, he just wants to be near her. This leads to him surprising you with unexpected visits. He might bump into you on the street or at your local coffee shop or gym, all on purpose, of course. The excuses will likely be thinly veiled and obvious that he just wanted to have another chat with you to learn more about the woman he can’t stop thinking about.

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What are the best zodiac love matches for an Aries man?

As you may know, certain zodiacs hit it off better than others. Although love can triumph all, if you have the universe on your side, you are going to have a much more compatible relationship in the long run.

Let’s see the best zodiac matches for Aries men.


Aries men match perfectly with a woman born under Sagittarius. The secret here is that both these Sun Signs give the person a lot of energy as well as making them full of passion. Basically, this is going to be an explosive match in terms of love. Aries and Sagittarius are just great together, the one feels great respect for the other, and they understand and complement each other in a magical way.


Although different from an Aries- Sagittarius match, A Leo woman is also a great partner for an Aries man. This combination lends itself well to the Aries’s love of living in the moment and instantaneous gratification. the impulsiveness of both of them gives a lot of fieriness to their unbridled passion.


Another very good match for any Aries man is an Aquarius. We could say that they are almost the perfect couple given the numerous common traits between these two personalities. It’s the blend of independence and authenticity that the Aries man will love, and the connection this creates is so intense that this couple could even melt the poles with their fiery emotions.

What are the worst matches for an Aries man?

Not a Sagittarius, Leo, or Aquarius woman reading this? Well, let’s look at the less favorable matches for Aries men.


Although not a complete no-go, an Aries -Virgo match really involves a lot more work and determination to stay together. These two signs go down two different paths in life as they want slightly different things from their time on earth. Despite being two energetic signs, their style of energy isn’t always productive together.


Although we have all heard that opposites attract, this doesn’t hold true for these two horned Sun signs. There is no way to overcome the differences between an Aries man and a Capricorn woman without a lot of tears and heartache. You may have a physical attraction, but in terms of thriving in a relationship, you will find it very difficult with an Aries-Capricorn match.


In terms of love, Aries and Scorpio just don’t do well together. It is one of the almost impossible unions in terms of zodiac compatibility, there is no compatibility between them and you can quickly tell this the longer a relationship goes on. It’s sometimes better to cut your losses and just accept that a better match is out there for you.

In conclusion

An Aries man can be a forthright but thrilling partner for the right gal. Understand why and how he approaches life and you can find a mate for life who will push you and challenge you to be the best version of yourself. Remember, don’t stop celebrating each other’s accomplishments and make plans for the future as a couple.

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