Common traits of Aries Woman 

As a fire sign, Aries women are bold, daring, and will make their opinions known. Aries women have a great sense of style, are confident, loud, and prideful. Although they are independent, they remain childlike at heart and know how to have a great time. If you’re interested in dating an Aries woman, expect her to be passionate, fiery, and dramatic. 

Aries women are assertive so they will want someone who can hold their own. Often looking for someone with a similar fire, Aries women will love it if you can keep up with her banter. A sweet and timid person will not strike the interest of an Aries woman. She’s looking for a person who will always be up for the next adventure and is rarely intimidated.

How to make an Aries Woman fall for you

Aries women love the thrill of the chase. They will be excited by flirting and will want their attention to be held at all times. These women are very physical and will want someone who’s equally so. Staying home in front of the TV won’t cut it with them, active dates will be much more effective. She will want someone who matches her wits and isn’t turned off by forwardness. 

Keeping it new is a great way to excite an Aries woman. They are risk-takers who love sexual tension and the chase of early romance. She loves things that are new, so change up your date ideas. Take her to the beach, an amusement park, or a ski trip – anything as long as it isn’t the usual dinner and a movie date night.

If she suggests date ideas go along readily. Aries women love to be in charge and sometimes that means taking a back seat when it comes to planning dates. Luckily, however, if you embrace them, they may turn out to be some of the most thrilling dates you’ve ever been on.  

Aries women love an adventurer and will find stories of the unknown fascinating. Tell her all about your favorite memories of exotic trips or obstacles you’ve overcome and basically what makes you tick.

It is ultimately in her nature to test the limits, for better or worse, so be sure to stick with her when the going gets tough.

It may not all be sunshine and roses with this girl as she might tease you to try to get a reaction. Even when she’s not playing nice, be sure to remain confident and not too flustered, and it will pay off big time. 

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How does an Aries woman test a man?

An Aries woman will sound out a new partner simply by seeing if they fit into her lifestyle and the way that she needs to tread her own life path.

The good news is that an Aries woman will be fully committed to a relationship, but only if she feels she has found the right match. This isn’t because she’s overly romantic but rather because naturally, Aries Women are passionate beings. Also lucky is that she’s direct, so when she tells you she’s happy she means it! 

Aries women love to be in charge and are not pushovers. They also have long memories. As it’s in her DNA to take you at your word, she’ll be less than amused if plans don’t work out.

Make sure you follow through with what you say because she will remember everything. It’s not worth suffering a long-held grudge just because you couldn’t set an alarm or check your calendar for a clash. 

If you’re a big couch potato or thrive in following the same routine day in and day out, don’t date an Aries woman!

She’s no housecat and won’t want to hang out in front of the TV day after day, this will just get her feeling antsy and bored. This girl needs to be out and about experiencing what life has to offer.

She also likes her space to do her own thing. As a prospective mate, you need to be sure to tell her you care about her while also giving her enough alone time. This can be one of the most tricky Aries traits for other zodiacs to deal with, she just doesn’t want to be tied down so learn to give her her freedom.

She will come to you when she’s ready, and you will be gain her full focus when she does. 

Signs an Aries woman likes you through text 

An Aries woman’s communication style is very much dictated by her approach to life, and once you understand this you will be better able to unlock deeper understanding with them.

Aries women tend to be self-centered, so if she is empathetic towards you and gives you a shoulder to lean on she is definitely interested. They are also by nature independent, so if she is going to you for life advice you know she trusts your opinion greatly. 

Because they like their independence, don’t be alarmed if an Aries woman doesn’t reply right away to your message. However, experience shows that if she really, really likes you she’ll never leave you hanging, but she will take her time to craft a witty message to you.

Your Aries woman might also seem hot and cold at times, which can be worrying when you don’t understand the full picture.

She loves to hate, especially to test those she likes the most. She might lash out at you either in anger or jest, but that just means she’s comfortable enough around you to show you her vulnerable side. Once this is achieved, you can use this to really cement a long and fruitful relationship with her. Just remember to stand your ground and show that you can stand up to her outbursts.

Aries woman texting style – What to say

Aries women aren’t glued to their phones (well, less so than others), so keep your messages short to appease her attention span. If you know the right things to say you’ll be sure to win her over.

Aries love risqué subject matter, so be sure to flirt with her by text. She loves a good thrill so be direct with her without putting everything out on the table too quickly. This should be romantic rather than pornographic! 

Aries are famously impatient and can get grumpy easily. When you’re texting her, cut to the chase right away. Don’t open with a simple “hi”, or “wyd” because she’ll be annoyed you’re not making more of an effort and engaging in idle chit-chat. She’ll want something meaty or more interesting than that.

Instead, personalize your messages. Such as “Hi! Just saw something that made me think of you!” Or, “check out the crazy location of our next date”.

The aim of the game is to pique her interest or curiosity and this will make sure that she replies. 

Signs that an Aries woman has lost interest 

If you don’t get a text back or you feel forgotten, you’ll know your Aries woman has moved on to something more interesting. Bluntly, she easily forgets things that don’t matter to her. If you notice the time it takes for her to text you back gets increasingly longer or she is canceling plans with you more often, her attention has moved on. 

Aries women love their alone time and will only set time aside for their closest companions.  If she’s lost interest she’ll start to avoid hanging out with you and won’t want to make an effort. She’ll start trying to adjust to not having you around as much before she breaks the truth to you. When you feel that you haven’t seen her in an age, it probably means that the relationship is near the end. 

If you’re on the rocks she will also be hyper-critical of you. She may nitpick you for how your hair looks or the way you did the dishes. If you make a small mistake she will blow it out of all proportion and will complain you don’t understand her. She will start to create a clear divide between you and her, showcasing your differences and making sure you know that you’re the one who messed up, not her. 

Luckily if she has lost interest, she won’t keep you guessing for too long. Because of Aries’ direct nature, she will tell you when she has lost interest (if you can nail her down to a meeting or text).

She likes to make the final call and there will be no going back once she does. She is decisive and acts quickly, so expect honesty. She may not understand she is hurting you, so try to keep an open mind and kind heart when she is breaking the bad news, if you are able to that is.

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