Logan Paul is a Youtuber and Podcaster with over 23 million followers. He is known as an actor for roles in Law and Order and films such as the thinnings. He also competed in a white-collar boxing match against the YouTuber KSI.

Birth details

Date of birth: April 1, 1995

Place of Birth: Cleveland, Ohio

Time of birth: 3:10 AM

Natal chart calculations

11 Ari 08  25 Cap 21
25 Ari 290 Sag 23
28 Pis 1428 Cap 40
4 Pis 56 22 Sco 26
13 Leo 31 15 Pis 29
15 Sag 2324 Ari 42
18 Pis 11 14 Gem 12
0 Aqu 00 4 Can 38

Tropical  Placidus   Standard time observed

GMT: 08:10:00   Time Zone: 5 hours West

Lat. and Long. of birth: 41 N 29 58 81 W 41 44

Natal chart interpretation

Note: The following birth chart interpretation is for entertainment only and should not be viewed as a criticism or attack on the subject of the study. No offense is intended and no slight to character is meant.


The Sun is in Aries from approximately March 21 through April 9. It is in its “exaltation” here. Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, is the sign of new beginnings. Key words are initiative, activity, and enterprise. The key phrase for Aries is “I am”. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars.

In his book, “The Message of the Stars”, Max Heindel (Rosicrucians, 1927) writes: “Aries is the exaltation sign of the Sun and hence this is the most powerful position of the central orb. There it radiates a vital force of unexampled strength which gives to the person a wonderful fund of energy wherewith to withstand the onslaughts of disease and should he be taken ill his powers of recuperation will quickly free him from the clutches of sickness”.

Llewellyn George in “A to Z Horoscope Maker and Delineator”, (Llewellyn Publications) writes: “In Aries the Sun gives much mental energy and quick wit. Natives of this sign are natural leaders, more or less headstrong or impulsive, ambitious, full of enterprise and new ideas. They do not like to be under the direction of a master and are inclined to be fiery and quick-tempered, quick to resent abuse or imposition but forgiving and do not hold a grudge long.

liable to go to extremes through indignation, hasty speech or lack of discretion. They possess penetrating will-power, are persistent, determined and not easily discouraged.” (Circa 1908.)

His Sun in Aries makes him a person who thrives on challenge, and he often feels that he must stand alone and battle his way through life, depending upon nothing but his own strength and courage. He also wants the freedom to do things in his own way, and he works very well by himself. Logan Paul is often impulsive, and if others are not ready to move, he will take off on his own. He loves action and if things get too quiet, he gets impatient and will think of something to shake up the status quo.

Logan Paul is spontaneous, impulsive, enthusiastic, and assertive. He believes in the power of positive thinking and positive action, and he sometimes feels that Logan Paul is invincible. He may often “Walk where angels fear to tread”. He hates being ill and his pride makes it difficult for him to depend upon anyone for anyTHING. Accepting his own human limitations and emotional needs is always difficult for him.

Logan Paul is impatient, and when things don’t go the way he wants them to Logan Paul is likely to react with anger, often to the point of throwing a childish temper tantrum. Logan Paul is naturally aggressive in his attitudes and may not take the time to realize how others feel about what is going on. Logan Paul is just so enthusiastic about his own projects and goals that he assumes everyone else is too. This can cause those around him to feel that they are harsh and over-bearing, and that he doesn’t care about how they feel.

The first lesson the Arian needs to learn in life (whether he likes it or not) is that no one walks alone: that his life will become fuller, richer, and more successful in direct proportion to the number of other persons he permits to share it with him. He will need to learn that “Honey works better than vinegar” in getting the cooperation of others, and that others do NOT automatically share his feelings

OR his energy. He will need to cultivate sensitivity to their feelings and learn to express appreciation for their contributions and ideas.

Logan Paul is aggressive and direct in expressing himself. Logan Paul is full of creative energy and enthusiasm and likes to initiate new activities, which may only hold his interest until the novelty wears off.

He has a tremendous need to prove himself through action. Logan Paul is highly competitive and wants to be first and best at everything he does. His energetic nature can enable him to accomplish much, but his impulsiveness and his reluctance to listen to the advice of others can cause difficulties.

Logan Paul is a natural leader, and fame and recognition are more important to him than comfort and wealth. The desire for authority and superiority could cause him to be overly aggressive and prone to use force, rather than reason and diplomacy, in dealing with others. He had rather visualized the overall picture than to deal with minor details.

Arians must be first! But much of their strength arises out of their refusal to admit defeat. He will never be destroyed by failure for he will always seek new avenues of expression and endeavor. Logan Paul is likely to possess great willpower, good regenerative ability, and spiritual self-confidence.

Arians need to learn the difference between love and sex in their lifetime. He especially needs to learn the lesson of spiritual love, so that he can better relate to others and reach out to them with empathy and consideration.


The personality of the individual with Capricorn rising can be one of the most intriguing of any other in the Zodiac because of its very depth and complexity. The symbol of Capricorn is the mountain goat, which takes one sure-footed step at a time and reaches the top of the mountain in his own sweet time.

Capricorn is ruled by the Planet Saturn, the “Great Malefic”. The ancients believed Saturn was the Planet of bad luck, but modern Astrology sees its influences as more disciplinary, indicating areas of stability, determination, and practicality

teaching through experience. It also manifests spiritual qualities on the earth plane. Capricorn is an Earth sign in the Cardinal mode, bestowing earthy sensitivity.

To others he seems mature, serious, quiet, and emotionally detached. They see qualities of solidarity, security, caution, and reliability. He may always appear poised and in control, for he does hate to show any weakness or vulnerability. He dislikes sloppy sentimentality and won’t openly display his feelings, especially the softer ones. Others also see stability and determination in his personality.

He can be extremely serious, and find it difficult to take matters lightly. He may exhibit a stoic demeanor to the world, especially if he feels pain or unfulfilled needs. He may actually be dying for someone to see behind this facade, even when he appears most judgmental, cool and aloof.

Some people may be in awe of him, for he was born with the sense that Logan Paul is destined for something important. He wants his life to count for something. He may procrastinate, for he has a strong perfectionist quality, and may want to wait until the “time is just right”. He feels safest when Logan Paul is in total control, and may have difficulty in trusting others. He may have an unreasonable fear of failure.

Logan Paul is likely to be considered for vocations and professions which demand the ultimate in responsibility, since he displays such a gravity and seriousness of demeanor to the world. He has the “workaholic” tendency and works best under pressure. Her constant need to prove himself can motivate him to excel in almost anything he sets out to do. He needs to set realistic goals for himself, learn to accept less than perfection, and to work at his tendency to procrastinate. Ease up on himself a little, and there can truly be no limits to his achievements.

He could seem “stand-offish” to others. He may have difficulty understanding why anyone would love him, and could set up constant tests for others to prove their affection for him. This could make fulfilling relationships difficult to come by and, here again, he needs to learn to ease up on himself and others too.

He craves intimacy, but fear of rejection can be stronger, and he may act especially cool and aloof just at the time when he craves love and affection the most. He must learn to take care of himself in a healthy emotional way by learning self-love and acceptance. Loosen-up and lighten-up on himself and make time for a little fun in his life.

Life seems to get better as he gets older. He may have just held back until Logan Paul is ready to fulfill his ultimate destiny. Choices are important for him, especially the letting go of judgments of “rights and wrongs”. Learning to live and let live will propel him to the top of the mountain. Logan Paul is to be relied upon, depended upon, and respected.

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The mystical sign of Pisces is ruled by Neptune, planet of mystery and confusion

or imagination and inspiration. On the second house of money, worth, and finances, it can indicate money coming from unusual efforts and occupations. He will be drawn toward work in the people-helping-people category, possibly through hospitals, or other human services organizations.


Aries is ruled by Mars, planet of action.  On the third house of communications, short journeys, and siblings, all exchanges are likely to involve restlessness and action. Communications and decisions can be so rapid that details are skipped over. There is a strong need to develop patience.


Taurus is ruled by Venus, planet of the arts, aesthetics, love, etc. In the fourth house of home and domesticity it influences him to make the home environment as pleasant and as secure as possible. He will want to own his home, and may even conduct a business from there. He will entertain at home, and the home will provide a strong emotional base of operations for all that he does.


Gemini, ruled by Mercury on the fifth house of love, sex, romance, children and (other) entertainment, can give he the intellectual approach to these fifth house affairs. Children are likely to be intelligent, and the Gemini influences can provide some duality in all the other affairs of the house.


Cancer is ruled by the Moon. When found in the sixth house of work, service, and health the influences they provide will all have an emotional overtone. He will be caring and sincere in all approaches to work and service, but he could also be prone to emotional disorders and burnout. He may need to watch out for tendencies to hypochondria.


The Moon rules Cancer on this seventh house of marriage, relationships, and other partnerships. Logan Paul is strongly attached emotionally to his spouse and/or partners. However, partners are likely to be emotionally dependent upon him, which can sometimes be burdensome. He can also be emotional about public relations and dear friends.


Mercury, sign of communications and intellect is ruler of the sign Virgo. On the eighth house of Death, insurance, inheritance, and other people’s money, the combined influences of Virgo and Mercury gives an intellectual, orderly, and detailed approach to the affairs of the house. Logan Paul is likely to prepare ahead of time for all eventualities, and will be exact and precise in dealing with the eighth house affairs.


Libra, the sign of balance, is ruled by Venus, planet of love, talent, and possessions. When in the ninth house of philosophy, religion, higher education, publication, and travel, the approach will be sensitive, fair and responsible. He will seek justice, but he needs to be sensitive to the shortcomings of others and avoid unrealistic expectations.


Scorpio is ruled by Pluto. When it is in the tenth house of career, honor, profession, and vocation it can provide an intensely passionate drive for success. Since Pluto is also the planet of regeneration, he could be interested in careers that involve healing of mankind. He also might become involved with environmental issues regarding regeneration of the earth.


Jupiter rules Sagittarius on this eleventh house of friends, goals, and love received. He will be drawn to the type of friends who are idealistic, yet practical. Logan Paul is likely to seek group activities relating to philosophy and other subjects for the higher mind. He will be able to give love, as well as receive it.


Saturn, planet of order and discipline, rules Capricorn. With this sign on the twelfth house of limitations and the subconscious, the result can cause subconscious fears and add to the limitations. However, if he can bring forth the subconscious to the conscious, this can be an extremely powerful asset. It would certainly bolster his self-confidence if he could discipline and “order” his intuition and subconscious thoughts!


Astrology recognizes ten major “heavenly bodies” in the Universe that radiate various influences toward earth, and thus manifest themselves in the lives and affairs of mankind. The Sun and the Moon influences are most recognizable because some of them are visible and tactile, such as light and heat. They also provide the base for mankind’s calculation of time

the calendar and the clock. Influences distributed by the other eight planets may be less visible and more subtle, but not less real.

These emanations are constant, but the intensity of their influences can be tempered by the sign they are in, the house of his chart in which they are located, and by their angular aspects to each other. We touched upon this in the introduction to the Ascendant when we also introduced the term “synchronicity”. In the following pages we will print the individual interpretations of each planet in his chart with respect to the sign it is in, and its house position.

Following that we will print the interpretation of the planetary aspects to each other. Aspects are specific angles between two or more planets that have been found to modify the influences bestowed. Technically, every angle between planets creates an aspect, but some angles are more significant than others.

Astrology divides these aspects into “Major” and “Minor” categories. Minor aspects are used primarily in astrological research and for very precisely directed work, so we stick to the Major aspects in our general work. The major aspects are: Conjunction (same degree), Sextile (60 degrees), Square (90 degrees), Trine (120 degrees), and Opposition (180 degrees). Don’t worry that some of these individual interpretations may seem to conflict with others. We look at the whole person, and the separate parts can modify, reinforce, or nullify each other.

We have pulled all this data together for him as it is displayed in his birth chart. This whole configuration can not be repeated or duplicated during his lifetime. Although the earth in its rotation around the Sun each year goes through all the twelve sign constellations and returns the Sun to its natal position, it takes Neptune 165 years and Pluto 248 years to complete their orbits. The planets are constantly moving their positions throughout the universe so that it is not possible for all the planetary positions and aspects to repeat themselves in their lifetime.

That leaves it up to us as individuals to deal with those influences imprinted upon us at birth and revealed through the horoscope. It is our hope, through astrology, that we may explain what those influences are and thus understand ourselves better.

We have free will to make choices choices which can affect those birth imprints in positive or negative ways. Probably no one of us will ever fulfill the “promises” of the natal chart in our lifetime, but hopefully, knowing what the influences are could help us to make some better choices.

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The following planetary sign and house positions are determined by HIS birth data. There are 384 variations of these positions, as well as many other variables, but only 25 of them apply to each individual. The possibility of another person having the same combination of positions is practically non-existent.

The Sun and the Moon are known as the “Lights” and are not planets in the technical sense of the word. However, they are the most visible and perhaps more influential in affecting man’s awareness than all of the other heavenly bodies put together. The blend of the Sun-Moon influences, from the signs they are in, and whether they are in aspect or not, are extremely significant to the personality profile of the new life.

The relationship of the Sun and Moon to each other by their position, sign, and aspect and their relationship to the Ascendant can sometimes provide us with an extremely accurate mini-interpretation of the chart. The interpretation of his Sun-Moon combination is printed next. Study it carefully as well as the next three Sun and Moon sign delineations.


Aries is a Fire sign in the Cardinal mode, ruled by Mars. With the Mars energy, the Aries influences will be in extremely strong focus. Some descriptive words and phrases are: independence, self-confidence, self-awareness, extreme individualism, ready expression, impulsiveness, and possibly egocentrism. Action is combined with creative impulses, especially in the domestic scene.

The union of the will and the feelings can cause emotional impulsiveness and concentration of all of his energy in one area of expression. He needs to beware of overactivity and overstimulation to avoid depleting his physical vitality.


The Sun in the houses represents the departments of life most strongly affected by individual will and power potential. In his second house of finance, it indicates he needs to learn the lesson of stewardship in the correct use of his material resources. He needs to learn to use money and property constructively in ways beneficial to life, and not merely for his own satisfaction.

He will definitely want to earn money because of his strong need to attain financial independence, and Logan Paul is most likely to succeed in those efforts. Logan Paul is very ambitious, but he needs to avoid the trap of believing that he can gain prestige through wealth alone. Beware of a tendency to squander money just for ego gratification and show.


In mythology the Moon is always female as the Sun is always male. In most ancient religions and cults, the Moon represents the female force which reflects the male force of the Sun. In astrology, “she” bestows her indiscriminative influences upon both male and female alike, though each sex might respond to the influences in different ways. The Moon in the signs of the Zodiac indicates the emotional responses to life’s situations. It determines how they are likely to react to external influences and to the actions of others.

When the Moon is in Aries, Logan Paul is inclined toward a volatile, emotionally impulsive nature. He could behave in precipitous ways without considering the consequences. He can have sudden flare-ups of temper, but they are temporary and soon over. Logan Paul is very independent, going it his own way, right or wrong, and will not tolerate interference from others. He could even try to dominate others, and Logan Paul is likely to take the reactions of others personally.

Women with an Aries Moon in their birth chart are likely to show many of the more traditional male personality traits. They could be more independent and self-sufficient, and may tend to choose careers over the traditional “housewifely” roles. He needs to be able to use his initiative, and would not tolerate a tyrannical or prejudiced boss. He could assume the leadership role quite naturally. He will expect the same kind of consideration in all his relationships.

The Aries Moon may enhance the “maleness” of the traditional personality of the man, but it will help to modify the male machismo with some emotional softness. There could still be a temper, but it will be short-lived. This position can give a man a greater measure of warmth and kindness.

For all people, male and female, the Moon here is likely to provide ambition, drive and assertiveness. He will want what he wants right now. He will need to practice patience and tolerance. “Lighten-up” should be his keyword.


The Moon in the houses indicates the areas of daily activity through which his feelings are manifested, and gives clues to the type of activity on the domestic scene. In the Third House, it indicates Logan Paul is prone to daydreaming and fantasy, and his thinking is strongly influenced by his imagination. He has an insatiable curiosity, tires quickly of routine, and is constantly moving about. He relates well with siblings, and considers family to even include the neighbors. He needs to watch out for emotional biases, and allow for the reasonable ideas of others.


Mercury in the signs gives clues to the kinds of concerns that occupy his mind, and reveals his psychological approach to making decisions and conveying his ideas to others. When it is found in Pisces, the native is likely to learn more from “osmosis” than through disciplined study. He arrives at conclusions on the basis of intuitive perceptions from the unconscious mind rather than through logical reasoning. This is not to say Logan Paul is not capable of logical and disciplined thought, however.

It is just that he has a vivid imagination and an almost photographic ability to visualize thoughts and ideas. Logan Paul is likely to find he has telepathic powers and may be able to communicate with others on a subconscious level. Be aware that his emotions are likely to fluctuate, and could be easily played upon. There will also be periods when he will find decision-making difficult. Logan Paul is probably secretive with his private thoughts. The key here is to share with others openly and practice trust in others. He will probably automatically know whom he can trust because of his empathy and intuition.


Mercury in the house deals with the practical affairs that occupy his mind, and shows what areas of activity will be influenced by his thoughts and communications. In the second house it indicates preoccupation with business and monetary affairs. His value system from this position is based upon production of concrete, practical results. Logan Paul is likely to pursue education as a means toward increasing his earning power, and could be successful in any field requiring good communications skills. He is likely to plan methodically, and may have very original ideas for making money.


Venus in the signs indicate how he expresses his emotions in personal relationships, especially in love and marriage. It also provides clues to his attitudes toward money, personal possessions, creature comforts, and social and aesthetic values. Venus is in its exaltation in the sign Pisces, and the love principle reaches its highest evolutionary development. His deep compassion and sympathy verges on spirituality and may be expressed that way. Logan Paul is romantic and sensitive, and unless he recognizes clear demonstrations of love and affection from others, he may feel lonely and disappointed.

He needs to avoid letting disappointments develop into martyrdom. His extreme emotional sensitivity can make him afraid of being hurt by rejection, which can cause him to hesitate to express his feelings. The clear message here is to practice risking expression to avoid missing friendships and romantic opportunities. Try not to allow his strong emotions stand in the way of objectivity in his perspective of reality.


Venus in the houses gives us information about how he may express himself socially, romantically, and artistically in the various areas of his life. In the first house it influences him to be socially outgoing, with a pleasing manner and friendly appearance. It could confer a striking physical beauty as well. He should generally have a happy outlook on life, and his natural ability to mix well with other people should contribute to both good business and exciting romantic opportunities. Artistic talent is also indicated.


Mars, planet of energy, gives us information about modes of action as a result of the desire principle. It influences ambition and indicates some forms of expressing our emotional behavior. In Leo it makes him feel free, fearless, independent, enterprising, honest, and very conscientious.

Logan Paul is capable of rising to positions of responsibility, trust, authority, and control. His ambition is likely to take him into public service where he certainly can become a leader. Logan Paul is also likely to have some musical talent. He is warm-hearted and sociable; ardent in affection, love, and pleasure, but often hasty and impulsive in love and too unrestrained in the emotions and passions.


Mars in the houses indicate the areas of life in which he expresses his actions and desires, and where he needs to use energy and initiative in order to get results. Seventh house position indicates aggressive partnership activities or working with the public. Logan Paul is likely to be attracted to people with the same nature, and strife can be part of the relationships. With energy and single-mindedness of purpose, Logan Paul is able to achieve much through cooperative efforts. He will need to beware of serious disagreements and marital discord.


Jupiter in the signs indicates his ethical, religious, and philosophical standards and beliefs, and how he may express these interests. In Sagittarius, Jupiter influences a love of philosophy, religion, education, travel, and foreign cultures. It bestows tendencies to good fortune and general success. Logan Paul is likely to have far-reaching metaphysical thoughts, seeking that ultimate Creative Force by which to guide his life. Logan Paul is likely to receive recognition for study in the psychic and occult, and may have prophetic insights into the future. Avoid narrow-minded views, and pressure upon others to conform to his ideas. Seek positive directions through prayer and meditation.


Jupiter in the houses indicates the departments of life and the types of activity through which he expresses his religious, philosophical, and educational ideas. When found in the eleventh house, Logan Paul is likely to achieve his goals through group activities and friendships. Logan Paul is concerned for humanity, kind to friends, and will attract friends who are generous and helpful to him. Inspirational, spiritual, and moral support and information is freely exchanged, and the efforts are toward humanitarian endeavors. Be careful never to take friends for granted.


Saturn in the signs indicates the areas in which he must accept responsibility, and the ways in which he must practice discipline and develop maturity. This can be a difficult position because the deep emotional feelings and intuition which are identified with the sign Pisces do not lend themselves well to the order and disciplinary influences of Saturn. These influences can cause anxieties and feelings of guilt from unknown, or subconscious sources.

There can also be obsessions with past behavior, some known and some unknown, with a tendency to dwell in the past and not to be able to let it go. However, when the influences of Saturn can be applied positively to these anxieties and emotional discomforts, the thinking mind can help organize his thoughts in therapeutic and progressive ways. He will require time alone for meditation and spiritual direction.

With spiritual growth and greater spiritual understanding, this planetary position can provide great power for understanding and helping others. He can uncover the sources of confusion and reveal subliminal methods of dealing with many of the hidden lower forces which are detrimental to man’s spiritual progress.


Saturn in the houses indicates the areas of life in which we must learn to act with discipline and to express practical ambition through maturity. In the second house it means ambition and hard work to acquire money, material possessions, and the status that goes with them. There is a tendency to frugality, which helps him get his money’s worth in most transactions.

Logan Paul is likely to have anxiety regarding finances and a strong urge to save for advanced age. There is a possibility of inheritance with Saturn in this house, or material gain through his father, employer, or people in positions of power. He needs to watch for selfishness and possessiveness of material things.


Uranus in the signs indicates ways in which he expresses his urge for freedom and individuality, and how he establishes his link with the Universal Mind. Uranus in Aquarius is a very powerful position, giving him a penetrating, intuitive insight into scientific and occult truths. He has a strong will and mental independence.

His love of freedom is paramount, and he will seek it with a pleasant, sociable, but determined disposition. He can work well through groups and organizations and may seek to reform society through cooperative efforts. However, avoid interpreting freedom as a license to follow his own will and desires, which could lead to eccentricity.


The house position of Uranus indicates the type of activity through which he expresses his urge toward individuality and freedom. In the first house, there is a strong drive for freedom in his personal behavior. Logan Paul is likely to have some unusual scientific or athletic talents, and is very intuitive. This position produces restlessness, a constant desire for change and excitement.

Many professional athletes have Uranus in this house. His strong desire for freedom for the self may sometimes result in the need for freedom from the self. There is also a desire for leadership in groups that promote reforms and new ideas. He will seek to become involved with the new, the untried, and the inventive.

This position indicates superior intelligence and intuitive insight, but he may tend to vacillate between extreme viewpoints. He needs to cultivate positive spiritual guidance for his intuition, and to practice moderation in his demands for freedom and individuality.


Neptune is more generational than personal. While it is in Capricorn, world governments will be in chaos. Economic and political structures will be brought down, and practical solutions will be sought. New forms of government and politics will emerge, with more and more emphasis upon one world government.

Neptune vibrates at a high spiritual level, and in the life of the native, these influences will encourage the blending of the oneness of self with the Oneness of the Universe. Avoid mood altering drugs.


Neptune’s position in the houses indicates the way he expresses his mystical potential and how he uses his ability to visualize. It also indicates what areas of his life could be affected by premonitions, dreams, clairvoyance, and deeper intuitive insights. In the Twelfth House there is an intuitive link with his subconscious mind. He has a need for periods of privacy and seclusion to get in touch with positive communications and inner spiritual search.

He may be a natural psychologist, and is likely to be extremely sensitive to poetry, music and art. He needs to be alert to negative psychic influences, and avoid dwelling on problems of the past. Excessive use of alcohol or other drugs could short-circuit this spiritual gift, and distort it in a dangerously negative way.


Pluto in the signs is also historical and generational, but on the personal level it indicates permanent change. In Sagittarius it indicates a very expansive and philosophical generation. His age group enjoys travel. Faster modes of transportation, proliferation of strong religious views, and the expansion of the Internet are symptoms of his generation’s love of new horizons and broader, more global perspectives.


The house position of Pluto shows in which departments of life he needs to exercise conscious creative will power to regenerate himself and (possibly) his surroundings. In the tenth house it bestows a highly developed willpower and strong drive to succeed.

Logan Paul is good at dealing with those in power, and can be adept in forcing reform in existing power structures. Logan Paul is likely to be involved with the public possibly politics. He may feel alienated from others because of his awesome responsibilities. He needs to watch out for dictatorial tendencies and selfish ambitions.


Following are the interpretations of the planetary aspects to each other. Aspects are angular relationships between two or more planets that have been found to modify the influences bestowed. Significant angles are: Conjunction (same degree), Sextile (60 degrees), Square (90 degrees), Trine (120 degrees), and Opposition (180 degrees). Don’t worry that some of these individual interpretations seem to conflict. Remember we look at the whole person, and the separate parts can modify, reinforce, or nullify each other.


This aspect bestows courage, decisiveness, willpower, and leadership ability. It is often accompanied by physical strength and endurance. Logan Paul is likely to be very competitive and can function at high levels of energy for long periods of time. He can put theory into practice and perform difficult tasks. However, Logan Paul is likely to apply all these attributes only in areas of his own choosing, shutting others out. Also, he needs to watch for burnout. The keyword is moderation.


This aspect confers honesty and ethical standards of conduct. Logan Paul is positive and altruistic in his attitudes to others; consequently, he gains their respect and cooperation. He seems to be always protected by spiritual forces, and Logan Paul is not likely to ever be completely “down and out”. He has good insight into the future almost bordering on prophecy, and Logan Paul is able to profit by proper timing. He needs to keep in mind where these gifts come from by expressing gratitude and seeking guidance for using them to the best advantages for he and his fellowman.


This aspect can cause sudden and unexplained mood changes. He craves excitement and will move on to another activity if the one Logan Paul is involved in bores him. There can be unstable domestic situations, and sudden misfortunes

accidents, ill health, other catastrophes

can occur without warning. He may have a strong desire to wipe out the past and strike out in new directions. Emotional excitement is important to him. Logan Paul is likely to have a fertile and unusual imagination, and to be exceptionally talented for new endeavors.


Some of the obstacles produced by this square include confusion, unreasonable fantasies, muddled home life, and a lack of grip on reality. It can indicate emotional indulgence with the risk of addiction to alcohol and drugs. There can be mediumistic tendencies with which he needs to be extremely careful, always seeking appropriate spiritual guidance. The message here is to practice getting himself out of the way and focus on doing good for others. Seek true spiritual guidance through prayer and meditation.


Squares present obstacles to be overcome, and this one is no exception. It can create emotional difficulties with self-expression and in converting energy into action. Unconscious habit patterns are likely to interfere with his ability to act with decision. It can set the stage for annoyances in partnerships and close relationships. The keyword here is “Awareness”. Cultivate patience, and try to understand his personal mannerisms, body movements, and habit patterns.


This trine gives him the ability to get to the bottom of things. He has good powers of concentration and can use his willpower intelligently, giving him the ability to increase his mental abilities and improve his mind in the areas of communication. He probably likes mystery stories, and could write them as well. He has a sensitivity to nuclear science, but this can also be interpreted as an interest in the occult.


This trine indicates an unusually close connection between intelligence and professional ambition. It can give the ability to write well on professional matters, and to communicate well with those in authority. He thinks well at home and is likely to have a quite sizable home library. He wants to share his intellectual and educational interests with his family as well as using them in his profession. Relatives are likely to play a big part in his domestic affairs and his profession. This aspect promotes harmony through good communications.


This aspect bestows independence. He thinks for himself and has a quick, intuitive, inventive mind. Solutions to problems may come to him in sudden flashes of inspiration after logical reasoning takes place in the subconscious mind. He may express himself in an original, dramatic manner. Logan Paul is likely to work with electronics, physics, atomic energy, or in other advanced areas of science. He could also have occult and astrological interests.


This sextile adds the support of the mystical to the intelligence of Mercury. His perceptions are likely to be keen and delicate and may sometimes come through by way of clairvoyance. This aspect is favorable for creative writers and photographers. Financial or military strategists can utilize the ability to anticipate their opponent’s moves. He has the ability to work in secret and bypass intervention and opposition.


This configuration inclines him to be frank, direct, and forceful in his self-expression and in his dealings with others. It is likely to bring him much approval and respect. It can enhance communications skills and add intellectual dimensions to the feelings of Self. It is also favorable for gaining cooperation with others in partnerships and in marriage.


This square can indicate intense emotional and sexual involvements. There is often karma involved in the romantic life, giving the appearance of unavoidable fate. (However, we must remember, we still have free will to make choices.) Sexual urges may appear to be too strong to be controlled and can even cause feelings of humiliation, based upon certain moral judgments. Social conditions or cosmic events can interfere with personal happiness and emotional fulfillment. This could involve a relationship between persons of extremely different cultural backgrounds, separations because of military obligations, or loss of a partner through accidental death. This aspect can also indicate sex and romance for financial gain, such as marriage for money and security rather than for love. On the positive side, the aspect can provide a high degree of artistic inspiration and power of expression, which could be used to sublimate the strong emotional influences it generates. Remember, there are no “bad” aspects only challenges to be overcome.


This configuration indicates Logan Paul is socially refined His actions in social situations meet with the establishment standard of approval. Because of this, he is likely to be popular, but beware of shallowness toward the sensibilities of others.


This trine gives the supportive action of Mars to the expansive philosophic and humanitarian influences of Jupiter. He will act upon his beliefs in a big way, whether religious, philanthropic, or psychic (or all three). Logan Paul is enthusiastic and practical, and will gain understanding and wisdom through positive action. He will be interested in humanitarian causes, and will practice what he preaches. His enthusiasm will attract the kinds of friends he will need to support his humanitarian efforts. This aspect indicates good karma already worked out.


This square can cause difficulties in business and financial affairs. He may have difficulties in planning and pursuing long-range goals, especially in relation to finances. He may have the tendency to initiate activities and take on responsibilities without sufficient preparation. He may feel as if Logan Paul is never at the right place at the right time. He must learn to pursue long-term goals steadily and responsibly. Avoid the tendency to be overly ambitious while reluctant to take on responsibility. Remember that Jupiter is the planet of “luck” and Saturn is the planet of discipline. When they square off against each other, take the discipline first and apply it to all the fortunate circumstances that occur. This square can provide a positive learning experience.


This configuration contributes to a considerable desire for professional success and recognition. That can be gained through hard work, since a slow, steady climb to the top is indicated. All this will contribute toward a secure and orderly domestic life.


This aspect happens about every 170 years. It will be exact on February 2, 1992, but these two planets orbited within one degree of each other for several years in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. The aspect indicates a time of major progress for the generation it is transiting. Personal influences in the natal chart bestows a search for Divine wisdom and love.


This configuration indicates Logan Paul is alert and quick in his responses. He has strong interests in the unusual, either scientific or the occult. His intuitive faculties are likely to be very highly developed, and he could be able to tap a super-conscious level of knowledge, gaining insights beyond ordinary understanding. It even indicates a possibility of the study of Astrology.

He could lead a very unusual, adventuresome life, but it could include a great deal of nervous tension. He demands personal freedom, and will not tolerate interference with his chosen way of life. He needs to watch out for a tendency toward personal arrogance and superiority over those less fortunate and less intelligent than he. He also needs to avoid excesses, especially alcohol and other drugs, as Logan Paul is likely to get more bounce to the ounce than others do.


This indicates his extreme desire for freedom, but warns against allowing nonconformist tendencies to conflict with social standards to the point where he may try to ride roughshod over the mores of his culture establishment.


This aspect can indicate a natural attunement with the forces of nature. He could be extremely psychic, and will need to develop these powers in positive ways. Logan Paul is likely to make new discoveries in Nature or metaphysics. He could become involved in some movement toward regeneration of the earth as a result of personal discoveries.


This aspect indicates a definite psychic quality. His eyes could even have a mysterious hypnotic quality so that he appears to be living in “another world”. He has a highly developed imagination, but he can also have a superior grasp of factors of reality that others cannot understand.


This configuration can give him a sensitive awareness of hidden factors relating to his career or ambitions. Intuition and sensitivity in the home helps maintain domestic tranquility. He may live near the ocean or another large body of water.


This sextile gives him good powers of concentration and indicates spiritual insight and clairvoyance. Logan Paul is very aware of personal consciousness and the consciousness of others. He has skills in cooperating with others and can act decisively with others or alone.

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