Biography: A$AP Rocky

Rakim Athelaston Mayers, better known by his stage name ASAP Rocky, is an American rapper and record producer from New York City. He’s a member of the hip hop collective ASAP Mob, from which he adopted his moniker.

In 2011, Rocky’s single “Peso” was leaked online and garnered significant airplay. That year, he released his debut mixtape Live. Love. A$AP to critical acclaim. The mixtape led to a record deal with Polo Grounds Music, RCA Records, and Sony Music Entertainment. His debut studio album Long. Live. A$AP debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 and was certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. The album spawned the singles “Fuckin’ Problems” (featuring Drake, 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar), which received Grammy nominations for Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance.

Rocky’s second album At. Long. Last. A$AP was released in May 2015 to critical acclaim. It also became his second consecutive number one on the Billboard 200. In June 2018, Rocky released his third studio album, Testing. It debuted at number four on the Billboard 200 and received a positive critical response.

Rocky has won a BET Award, two BET Hip Hop Awards, an MTV Video Music Award Japan , and an MTVU Woodie Award, as well as being nominated for two Grammys. His third album, Testing, is set to be released in June 2018.

Birth details

A$AP Rocky

Date of birth: October 3rd, 1988

Place of Birth: New York, New York

Time of birth: 12:00

Natal chart calculations

10 Lib 39 7 Cap 29
21 Can 3711 Sco 16
25 Lib 409 Sag 56
28 Leo 59 28 Vir 26
3 Ari 38 13 Cap 18
6 Gem 0022 Aqu 01
26 Sag 5227 Ari 27
27 Sag 2320 Tau 18

Tropical  Placidus   Daylight Savings Time observed

GMT: 16:00:00   Time Zone: 5 hours West

Lat. and Long. of birth: 40 N 42 51 74 W 00 23

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Natal chart interpretation

Note: The following birth chart interpretation is for entertainment only and should not be viewed as a criticism or attack on the subject of the study. No offense is intended and no slight to character is meant.


The Sun is in Libra from approximately September 23 through October 22. Key words are harmony, companionship, and balance. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, giving its natives grace, charm, and a desire for popularity and the approval of others. The symbol for Libra is the scales, and those born under this sign are constantly seeking balance in their lives–the key phrase is, “I balance”. Libra is a Cardinal sign, referring to the present, or the now.

Llewellyn George, in about 1908, said: “In Libra the Sun gives love of justice, peace and harmony. The native is courteous, pleasant, agreeable and as a rule even tempered, affectionate, sympathetic and sensitive to surroundings and conditions of friends. Is a natural pacemaker, just, kind, amiable and generous. Modest, neat, particular; loves art, refined pleasure and amusements; artistic and dislikes unclean work. Is intuitive and has objective foresight. Usually marries heng and generally more than once.” (Llewellyn Publications, thirty-sixth printing, 1974.)

Max Heindel in his book, “The Message of the Stars” (Rosicrucians, 1927), writes: “Libra is ruled by Venus and is the seventh sign, hence the Sun in Libra combines the influence of Venus with that of the Sun and the Seventh house, with the result that the person loves the marriage partner so devotedly that he excludes everyone else; for of a person with that position it may truly be said that `the Sun rises and sets’ in the marriage partner.

Libra is also the exaltation sign of Saturn and his influence is there at its best, giving an element of construction to the art of Venus. This is brought about as an ability for architecture and the finer branches of decorative construction when the Sun is in Libra. This position also gives a fine, sonorous voice and vocal talent.”

Harmony and balance are the keynotes with his natal Sun in Libra. He instinctively understands the need to accommodate the interests and desires of others, and A$AP Rocky is always fair and willing to meet the other person half way.

Tactful, diplomatic and socially aware, he does all he can to avoid conflict and discord. He expresses a spirit of cooperation and compromise, and often achieves his goals through charm and discretion which would have been impossible to accomplish by a more direct, forceful approach.

Material things are not as important to him as is the human condition, but A$AP Rocky is likely to accumulate material things, nevertheless. He also has a strong need for beautiful, harmonious surroundings and a natural sense of artistic style and grace, which is reflected in the way he dresses, and the way he furnishes and arranges his home and work-space, etc.

Everything must be aesthetically pleasing and appropriate. Working with people as a counselor, advisor, consultant, negotiator, or in an artistic field such as design or photography would be fulfilling for him.

He is probably quick to initiate new projects or ideas, but usually seeks the cooperation of others rather than continue alone. He has a special need for companionship in order to be fulfilled, yet he needs to maintain his own individuality within the framework of a relationship. Marriage and partnerships could be a primary concern.

Getting along with others and pleasing them may be TOO important to him. He can become too dependent on others’ approval and opinions to be effective in making his own decisions. He will rarely act without getting the counsel and feedback of other people. He prefers sharing and doing things together rather than on his own.

Being alone feels very unnatural to him, especially early in life. He has a strong need for a partner and for intimate one-to-one relationships. He has a special need for companionship in order to be fulfilled, yet he needs to maintain his own individuality within the framework of a relationship. Marriage and partnerships are a primary concern, but as he gets older he may become extremely self-sufficient.

When he does look for love, he invests a great deal of his energy into it, and A$AP Rocky is very idealistic and romantic about marriage. He seeks a partner who is his equal intellectually, and who is capable of a mental relationship as well as a physical and emotional one.

A$AP Rocky is a thoughtful, considerate friend or lover, and he enjoys the traditional symbols of love–romance, dating, courtship, flowers, etc. Relationships are like an art to him: one that requires time, attention, and creative effort. He appreciates a partner who is subtle and polished, never coarse or dull or blunt.

Fairness and equality, both in his personal life and in the world, are extremely important to him. If he fights about anything, it is often about something he feels is unfair and unbalanced. Balance is crucial to him, but he believes in moderation in all things, avoiding fanaticism and extremism of any sort.

He has a strong sense of justice and fair play, and will expect his partner(s) to work as hard as he does. He may find his profession in the law, public relations, art, performing arts, or any partnership which requires tight, close cooperation.

He is intellectual and actively seeks knowledge, new ideas, and mental stimulation. A$AP Rocky is especially interested in analyzing what is going on in the society around him, and frequently plays the role of peacemaker.

He seldom expresses his own anger, but when he does–look out! He leaves nothing unsaid. His anger blow-up is soon over, but it usually leaves him shaken and ill. He has the strength of his convictions, but he cares for others and doesn’t like to be the cause of their hurt.

He needs to learn to accept that the real world will seldom live up to his expectations for justice and fair play. Life itself is just not always smooth, fair, and equal.


People with Sagittarius rising may appear very practical and idealistic at the same time. The ruler of Sagittarius rising is Jupiter, the “Great Benefic”. According to the ancients, Jupiter is the planet of “Luck”, and even modern Astrologers relate its influences to optimism, good humor, and a happy-go-lucky manner. It also bestows a philosophical attitude and strong religious nature. Sagittarius is a Fire sign, indicating great enthusiasm. It is in the Mutable mode, signifying adaptability.

Other people see him as a good sport and a good friend, but possibly one who is not always consistent and dependable. He may also be seen as a wise person, since he does not get bogged down in pettiness and trivialities.

He appears to be able to communicate a larger way of looking at situations and for ways of opening up new pathways. Others see him as a person who believes in miracles and grace, or just plain good luck: as someone who never gives up on life, and who will inspire and encourage others to keep looking forward.

Others may feel that he has his feet planted firmly on the ground, but with his eyes in the skies. He needs constant challenges and goals to stimulate him. A$AP Rocky is only comfortable with a positive, enthusiastic, and happy outlook, even when the facts are contrary.

He needs to feel that everything will turn out okay in order to deal with life as it is. He may go his way with a happy-go-lucky manner, showing great enthusiasm and adaptability. He has a philosophical attitude and strong religious nature. Most of all, he wants to experience life. He never wants to be limited–he cannot stand shackles of any kind. He may hesitate to settle into any kind of lifestyle for this reason.

He is a nature lover, and his religious nature may find great expression through meditation on universal nature. A$AP Rocky is likely to get the same kind of feeling from a beautiful sunset as some others get from more traditional religious experiences. He can wax philosophical, and is firmly convinced that better things are just around the corner.

Others will expect much from him, for his natural optimism is likely to make him an overachiever, constantly setting unrealistic goals for himself (and others), which, with luck, he just might be able to pull off. Her enthusiasm will inspire others, but he needs to be aware that he tends to expect them to adopt his attitude lest he be disappointed in them. He also needs to watch his tendency to exaggerate in order to make reality seem more desirable and goals more easily achieved.

He could be successful in more than one career. When he has truly mastered something he needs to go on to new activities. Her natural optimism coupled with his curiosity and ability to influence and inspire others are all leadership traits. Her best vocational choices are probably in human services areas, such as teaching or social services. He have difficulty understanding man’s inhumanity to man, and A$AP Rocky is likely to get involved with causes relating to intolerance and discrimination.

Though some people may see him as a “good catch”, he needs to be especially careful in relationships. A$AP Rocky is likely to be attracted to those who promise a challenge, to someone who is out of reach, or about to get away. If he should conquer such a possible flighty, insincere person, he could then become disenchanted. A$AP Rocky is only interested in someone who intrigues him, but he needs a stimulating, truly intellectual partner for any kind of long term companion.

Her need for freedom will make her miserable if she feels trapped in a relationship. He cannot tolerate being caged for very long, and friends and loved ones must respect his need for freedom of movement. Binding commitments and responsibilities often weigh heavily upon him and he may resist “growing up” and taking on the limitations of adult life.

He probably will appear heng and fresh all his life. It is difficult to get him down, but when this happens A$AP Rocky is likely to hide it very well with his natural optimism. He seldom loses anyone from his life unless he walks away, for A$AP Rocky is usually forgiven even for unforgivable behavior. He seems to do everything with wild abandon, and can outlast almost everyone around.

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Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn. When this sign is on the second house of money and worth, it influences him to be practical, responsible, and ambitious concerning money. He will not want to spend it foolishly. Capricorn is the “business” sign, and he could earn money from his own business. He can be very conservative with his money, and feel that it should be used for things of lasting value.


Uranus rules Aquarius and this combination of the third house of communications, higher mind, study, travel, and writing is likely to add excitement and flashes of intuition to his ideas. He could find unique and ingenious ways to communicate his messages. A$AP Rocky is progressive in thought, with an underlying sense of the humanitarian coloring his vision.


When Pisces, ruled by Neptune, is in the fourth house of home life and domesticity, A$AP Rocky is inclined to use his home as a retreat. Privacy in his domestic environment is very important to him with this configuration. It can also be a place where he receives his greatest inspiration.


Mars, planet of action, is ruler of Aries, sign of energy and action. When they are on the cusp of the fifth house of love, sex, children, entertainment, and speculation, creative activity is likely to develop in some (or all) of these areas. He can be passionate and aggressive in love and romance, and competitive in his attitudes about entertainment especially sports. He can be generous with children, but, at the same time, wants to dominate them.


Venus rules Taurus and when they are in the sixth house of work and service, practical work is important. Beauty and talent is important, too, but if there is no monetary gain, there will be a lack of enthusiasm. This is a good sign for robust health as long as he does not overeat.


Mercury rules Gemini. With this sign on the seventh house of marriage, partnership, and the public, the first indication is that there will be more than one marriage. He attracts people who are multi-talented and who express themselves well. If things are not going well in a relationship, he can detach intellectually much easier than he can emotionally. He sometimes prefers to let others do the talking for him in public situations.


Cancer is ruled by the Moon, giving this an emotional “double whammy”. This is the house of primal instincts (needs), other’s resources, and death. With Cancer on the cusp, the influences are toward others adding to his financial gain, possibly through inheritance. A$AP Rocky is likely to be very emotional about death his own, as well as others’. He will want his own affairs to be in order when that time comes.


The Sun is the ruler of Leo and when they are in the ninth house of the higher mind, religion, philosophy, and publishing, the subconscious mind may be intensely tuned into a need for fame and recognition. A$AP Rocky is likely to be constantly looking at distant goals. There is a desire for leadership in philosophic studies or endeavors.


Mercury, planet of communications and intellect, rules Virgo. In the tenth house of profession, honors, and recognition, they can provide order and efficiency to professional efforts. He can be very particular about his public image, but can be so intellectual and perfectionistic that he appears aloof and critical.


Venus rules Libra, and when they are found on the cusp of the eleventh house of friends, hopes, and love received, the elements of beauty, art, and practicality are indicated. Her friends are likely to be stable, prosperous, attractive, artistic, and gracious.


Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio.  When this sign is on the cusp of the twelfth house of hidden meanings, limitations, and the subconscious, his greatest resources are his hidden supports. A$AP Rocky is able to recognize value in things that others overlook. He can also help others to develop their hidden talents. He can find much spiritual strength in his own subconscious.

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The following planetary sign and house positions are determined by HIS birth data. There are 384 variations of these positions, as well as many other variables, but only 25 of them apply to each individual. The possibility of another person having the same combination of positions is practically non-existent.

The Sun and the Moon are known as the “Lights” and are not planets in the technical sense of the word. However, they are the most visible and perhaps more influential in affecting man’s awareness than all of the other heavenly bodies put together. The blend of the Sun-Moon influences, from the signs they are in, and whether they are in aspect or not, are extremely significant to the personality profile of the new life.

The relationship of the Sun and Moon to each other by their position, sign, and aspect and their relationship to the Ascendant can sometimes provide us with an extremely accurate mini-interpretation of the chart. The interpretation of his Sun-Moon combination is printed next. Study it carefully as well as the next three Sun and Moon sign delineations.


These are two Cardinal signs in square to each other. Libra is an Air sign, Cancer is Water, and the Moon rules the sign Cancer. Emotions are strong, with an overriding desire for justice and fair play. He has a desire to please others, but he needs to close off from others from time to time. He would do well as a personnel manager or an accountant, especially in one of the care-giving occupations.

A$AP Rocky is intuitive and caring, sometimes to the point of neglecting Self. His need to please could become a handicap, and he needs to develop ego and Self-confidence. Setting definite goals could be the way to start, with a follow-through to feelings of accomplishment. Self worth will follow. A$AP Rocky is kind and pleasant, and he will make a nice home. A$AP Rocky is a good, caring family member, and family is important to him. Take time for self and practice prayer and meditation.


The Sun in the houses represents the departments of life most strongly affected by the individual will and power potential. Tenth house position generally indicates persons who are ambitious to attain positions of responsibility, power, and authority. A$AP Rocky is likely to be rather dignified and he has a strong will to succeed.

He desires honor and recognition and will work hard to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve his goals. A$AP Rocky is probably a good manager and demands respect. He also wants to set a good example for others. He needs to watch out for an excessive love of power and for dictatorial attitudes.


In mythology the Moon is always female as the Sun is always male. In most ancient religions and cults, the Moon represents the female force which reflects the male force of the Sun. In astrology, “she” bestows her indiscriminative influences upon both male and female alike, though each sex might respond to the influences in different ways. The Moon in the signs indicates the emotional responses to life’s situations. It determines how they are likely to react to external influences and to the actions of others.

The Moon is ruler of Cancer, and in this sign it indicates depth and intensity of the emotions. Cancer is a water sign, and a wide range of his emotions can best be expressed by tears. He also probably likes to live or at least to spend time by a large body of water: river, lake, or ocean.

He has a sensitivity to the moods and feelings of others that can border on the psychic. His extreme sensitivity to others’ feelings can put him in a position to be emotionally ripped off by those less healthy. He needs to choose his friends and associates carefully, trying to keep optimistic, enthusiastic, up-beat people around him as much as possible.

Cancer is the sign of the mother whether A$AP Rocky is male or female. Family is important to him and A$AP Rocky is strongly connected to family pride and tradition. A$AP Rocky is likely to have extended family ties and interests. Home is a basic need for him, a safe haven from which most of his interests and activities originate.

He may be slow to fall in love, but when he does, it could be “forever”. He will be very protective of those he loves, and maybe a little bit jealous. It will make him happy to be able to serve those he loves and to give to them freely and often. He will remember birthdays and special occasions and be driven to acknowledge them.

He is inclined to withdraw and brood. He needs time to himself to release and rest his emotions. Domestic security and marriage are important to his emotional well-being. He may be a good cook/homemaker if they’re interested, and he is likely to be a good parent, with the exception of a tendency to smother his offspring with love.

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The Moon in the houses indicates the areas of daily activity through which his feelings are manifested, and gives clues to the type of activity on the domestic scene. In the Eighth House it often gives a strong psychic sensitivity and intense emotional reactions to unseen forces. He may have a strong interest in spiritualism.

A$AP Rocky is concerned with financial affairs, such as inheritance, insurance, and taxes, which are likely to be affected through marriage and partnerships. A$AP Rocky is probably very sensual in his domestic scene activities. He needs to cultivate positive spiritual practices.


Mercury in the signs gives clues to the kinds of concerns that occupy his mind, and reveals his psychological approach to making decisions and conveying his ideas to others. In Libra, it indicates a mind that is primarily concerned with psychology and the well-being of mankind.

A$AP Rocky is likely to want to work with others, and could seek his career in fields such as philosophy, astrology, public relations, sociology, theology, and law. He will seek harmony and justice. He likes to associate with others who have refined minds, good manners, and honest reputations.

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Mercury in the houses deals with the practical affairs that occupy his mind, and shows what areas of activity will be influenced by his thoughts and communications. In the tenth house it indicates A$AP Rocky is likely to pursue education for reasons of professional ambition. A$AP Rocky is likely to have a good organizational ability and the capacity to plan for the future. His career is not likely to be accidental.

A$AP Rocky is able to communicate with people of power and prestige, and with the public, so that politics would be natural for him. Whatever his occupation, it will involve communications media. Ambition is the keyword in this position, but beware that it could take precedence over principles.


Venus in the signs indicates how he expresses his emotions in personal relationships, and influences his attitude toward material things, creature comforts, and his social and aesthetic values. In Leo it bestows a love of life and can produce rather theatrical behavior. His affections are likely to be strongly fixed, with a great deal of social pride.

Many actors and actresses have Venus in Leo. He has a keen color sense and is likely to have talent in painting, sculpture, or other art forms. A$AP Rocky is likely to be warmhearted, outgoing, sunny, affectionate, and fond of children. He needs to beware of snobbishness, selfishness, possessiveness, and jealousy because of his great social pride.

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Venus in the houses indicates how he expresses himself romantically, artistically and socially in the various areas of his life. Ninth house position gives him a love of art, religion, and philosophy. He will love to travel and will be especially receptive to people of other cultures. He could marry someone from a foreign country, and much happiness can come from in-laws’ relationships. He could become a scholar in foreign cultures.


Mars, the planet of energy, gives us information about modes of action as a result of the desire principle. It influences ambition and indicates some forms of expressing our emotional behavior. In Aries it bestows force, self-assurance, originality, combativeness, and mechanical ability. A$AP Rocky is enthusiastic and inspiring, philosophic and idealistic in spirit, and very frank and open. He likes sports, pleasure and adventure.

He will have a strong self-interest and will push on toward his goals and ambitions with very little outside encouragement. He dislikes limitations and restraints, and will more than likely be his own boss in his profession or vocation. He needs to watch out for overwork and burnout also for a hasty temper.

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Mars in the houses indicate the departments of life in which he expresses his actions and desires, and where he must use initiative and energy to achieve results. In the fourth house position, it indicates that much of his energy will be expended in the home, with vigorous efforts to improve the domestic scene.

He will actively seek to acquire property for his later years. He has much energy and a strong constitution, which is likely to be sustained through old age. There could be some conflict with parents, and better family relations can be attained if he moves away from his place of birth. He needs to work on his emotional self-control in order to achieve domestic harmony.


Jupiter in the signs indicates his ethical, religious, and philosophical standards and beliefs, and how he may express these interests. In Gemini, it gives a friendly disposition; courteous, truthful and trustworthy. A$AP Rocky is able to express sympathy, charity, and benevolence. He has an intellectual curiosity that leads to mental development.

A$AP Rocky is able to express new ideas in fields related to travel, writing, and study. He will be attracted to the history of religion, education, law, and philosophy. He will have tendencies toward mental restlessness and “dabbling” in many areas of study and interests, so he needs to ground his knowledge in practical experience in order to avoid going off on tangents.

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Jupiter in the houses deals with the departments of life and the types of activity through which he expresses his religious, philosophical, and educational ideas. In the sixth house, it influences him to seek practical ways of service and constructive work to contribute to the welfare of others and the social order.

A$AP Rocky is likely to be interested in healing of the body and mind, with an innate understanding of the relationship of the mental and emotional states to the physical. He will probably explore the various methods of spiritual healing as a result of that intuitiveness. He will be respected and well-liked in his philosophical efforts. He needs to avoid overindulgence in food, drink, or drugs lest addiction and/or health problems develop.


Saturn in the signs indicates the ways in which he must accept responsibility and develop maturity and discipline. In Sagittarius it indicates A$AP Rocky is serious in his pursuit of philosophy, religion, and higher education. He probably has developed strict moral codes, or a strict adherence to certain religious or philosophic disciplines. A$AP Rocky is probably thorough, with a great depth of concentration.

A$AP Rocky is likely to develop a desire for power and leadership in some of these areas, and a need for some intellectual, philosophical, or spiritual achievement which brings honor or distinction. His personal reputation is probably very important to him, and if it should go sour, or he should fail to live up to his own expectations in these areas, he will suffer greatly. Spiritual guidance is indicated.



Saturn in the houses indicates the areas of life in which we must learn to act with discipline and to express practical ambition through maturity. In the first house, it usually gives him a dignified personal manner, which could seem cold and unfriendly. However, he can be loyal to friends, and needs to develop a sense of humor and learn how to have fun.

A$AP Rocky is serious-minded and hard-working and feels that he must shoulder great responsibilities. With proper discipline, these attributes will help him to achieve much. He will need to practice cooperation with others and cultivate love, however, before he can achieve personal fulfillment and happiness.


Uranus in the signs indicates the ways in which he expresses his urge for freedom and individuality, and how he establishes his link with the Universal Mind. In Sagittarius, these influences will focus on philosophy, education and religion. He will seek his own TRUTH, and will not be inclined to accept the traditional limits that have been set by earlier generations

especially in religion. A$AP Rocky is likely to be drawn to the renewal of more ancient philosophies, such as astrology, numerology, and other fore-runners of modern day sciences, seeking to combine the validity of all into a concept that he can accept in his own search for truth. He may travel to foreign countries and sometimes embrace the concept of one world government for all of mankind.



The house position of Uranus indicates the type of activity through which he expresses his urge toward individuality and freedom. In the first house, there is a strong drive for freedom in his personal behavior. A$AP Rocky is likely to have some unusual scientific or athletic talents, and is very intuitive. This position produces restlessness, a constant desire for change and excitement. Many professional athletes have Uranus in this house.

His strong desire for freedom for the self may sometimes result in the need for freedom from the self. There is also a desire for leadership in groups that promote reforms and new ideas. He will seek to become involved with the new, the untried, and the inventive. This position indicates superior intelligence and intuitive insight, but he may tend to vacillate between extreme viewpoints. He needs to cultivate positive spiritual guidance for his intuition, and to practice moderation in his demands for freedom and individuality.


Neptune is more generational than personal. While it is in Capricorn, world governments will be in chaos. Economic and political structures will be brought down, and practical solutions will be sought. New forms of government and politics will emerge, with more and more emphasis upon one world government. Neptune vibrates at a high spiritual level, and in the life of the native, these influences will encourage the blending of the oneness of self with the Oneness of the Universe. Avoid mood altering drugs.



Neptune in the houses indicates how he expresses his mystical potential, and may reveal some of the karma produced by his past actions. In the first house, it gives him a sensitive, intuitive awareness of self and environment. He may express himself through music and art as a promoter or participant (or both). He may be able to provide positive applications of clairvoyance, and, possibly of spiritual healing.

A$AP Rocky is likely to be closely in tune with psychic forces. Unfortunately, they are not all positive, and he may be extremely sensitive to the others, too. Avoid alcohol and drugs, since they enhance his sensitivity to negative forces. Also, practice discipline so that he lives in the real world. Avoid drifting and dwelling too much in a fantasy world.


Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, and its influences are also generational. During the time Pluto is in this sign, the Piscean age comes to an end. All of the things that are wrong with our world will come into focus, and the message is “regenerate or die”.

The human race will have no choice but to clean up the environment, to deal with sickness and famine, to establish viable world economic and political bases, and to implement effective social reforms. At the personal level, it encourages both physical and psychological health maintenance, and the establishment of positive personal values.

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Pluto in the houses indicates in which departments of life he needs to exercise conscious creative willpower to regenerate himself and his surroundings. In the eleventh house, it relates to friends and group associations. Motivation will be extremely important here, for associates to sense whether A$AP Rocky is helping them or using them.

If his motivations are positive, he will attract powerful friends and associates who can help him achieve enormous good for the benefit of all. He certainly needs to learn how to use his enormous willpower in cooperative ways. Practice discipline, seek positive spiritual guidance, and avoid excess in alcohol and drugs.

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Following are the interpretations of the planetary aspects to each other. Aspects are angular relationships between two or more planets that have been found to modify the influences bestowed. Significant angles are: Conjunction (same degree), Sextile (60 degrees), Square (90 degrees), Trine (120 degrees), and Opposition (180 degrees). Don’t worry that some of these individual interpretations seem to conflict. Rememberwe look at the whole person, and the separate parts can modify, reinforce, or nullify each other.


This square aspect can create complete self-deception, or at best, a misinterpretation of self-identity. To offset this, he needs to develop humility, practicality and discipline. He may have peculiar emotional desires and romantic tendencies, and are likely to have a strong sensuality. Again, the need for practicality and discipline is indicated.

He has a strong imagination, and this aspect indicates he should not let it include distorted perceptions of reality. There will be a tendency toward escapism to avoid individual responsibility and discipline. Train himself not to entertain negative psychic influences in order to avoid risking self-destructive activities.


This aspect confers honesty and ethical standards of conduct. A$AP Rocky is positive and altruistic in his attitudes to others; consequently, he gains their respect and cooperation. He seems to be always protected by spiritual forces, and A$AP Rocky is not likely to ever be completely “down and out”.

He has good insight into the future almost bordering on prophecy, and A$AP Rocky is able to profit by proper timing. He needs to keep in mind where these gifts come from by expressing gratitude and seeking guidance for using them to the best advantages for he and his fellowman.


This configuration indicates a harmonious blend of basic consciousness and self-expression. It can make him creative, enthusiastic, and dramatic in his personal relationships, marriages, partnerships, and relations with the public. He should have lots of creative energy.


Squares present obstacles and this one can be very obvious in “squaring off” the emotions against the reasoning process and communications. It is difficult for him to be objective, and preoccupation with trivial things can block progress in worthwhile goals. A$AP Rocky is likely to show a very nervous demeanor, which may be demonstrated by constant chatter.

Domestic concerns can be an obsession and the subject of endless conversation. He needs to build on his natural loyalty and caring feelings for friends, cultivating empathy with their responses to him and developing positive attitudes about himself. Seek spiritual guidance and build up his self-esteem. Practice patience.


This sextile gives grace and skill to thoughts, speech and writing. Literary talent, often poetry, is likely. He probably has a very pleasant voice, and may have a talent for singing. Many composers and songwriters have this aspect. He should have a calm disposition, but serenity often comes only with discipline.


This aspect bestows organizational ability in job or vocation, and indicates a disciplined mind. A$AP Rocky is a good communicator, saying what he means and meaning what he says. May be a good lecturer or writer, and his profession or vocation is likely to reflect his communications skills. He usually knows what he wants and will plan and prepare himself to achieve his goals. He will leave very little to chance. A$AP Rocky is likely to be disciplined and organized in health matters as well.


This aspect bestows independence. He thinks for himself and has a quick, intuitive, inventive mind. Solutions to problems may come to him in sudden flashes of inspiration after logical reasoning takes place in the subconscious mind. He may express himself in an original, dramatic manner. A$AP Rocky is likely to work with electronics, physics, atomic energy, or in other advanced areas of science. He could also have occult and astrological interests.


This aspect is often found in the horoscopes of musicians and artists; it gives a sense of rhythm and structural relationships in time and space. It indicates a sense of order, balance, and proportion in art and music. A$AP Rocky is also likely to have a good business sense, also with order and balance.

A$AP Rocky is sensitive to justice and fair play and understands the needs of others. A$AP Rocky is eager to help others, but he likes to do it in a way that will inspire them to help themselves. A$AP Rocky is a good friend and good partner, providing beauty and harmony to relationships.


This aspect indicates an effervescent, fun-loving nature that is full of surprises and tends to see the bright side of life. It is especially favorable for the performing arts or professional sports because it bestows a spontaneous quality to his personality.

He will have a distinctive style in any artistic endeavor which should lend itself well to the electronic media radio, TV, and recording. Whether he performs or not, A$AP Rocky is likely to possess the very best and most modern electronic media equipment. He have a johes outlook on life, and possess a lot of sex appeal.


This aspect could set up a spirit of competition as opposed to cooperation. Relationships, especially marriage, could be emotionally charged. Strong desires, usually unrecognized, could cause conflict. The keyword here is communication.


Squares create obstacles, and this one can temporarily block ambitions, cause resentments, and bring out selfish tendencies in those who have it in their charts. It could manifest itself in physical hardships, accidents, violence, and broken bones.

He needs to be especially careful regarding physically dangerous risks, and also extremely patient in partnerships and marital relationships. Be wary of occupational hazards, but avoid tendencies to drop things before their conclusion. He may experience repressed anger, which causes him to appear harsh and austere in his disposition.


This aspect can cause recklessness and dangerous sudden action. He could easily be too impulsive for his own good. The square indicates willfulness and eccentricity, and he needs to cultivate patience and practice willingness to cooperate with others.

A$AP Rocky is idealistic and wants to improve on the status quo, but has impulses toward drastic means to overthrow the established order of things. He craves excitement and can be encouraged to take risks to create unusual experiences. This aspect can be dramatically reinforced by excessive use of alcohol or other drugs. Patience and tolerance are the lessons to be learned here.


This square produces “peculiar” emotional desires from deep levels of the subconscious. There is a tendency to self-deception, since A$AP Rocky is not always fully aware of his real emotions. The expression may take the form of alcoholism, drug abuse, and/or sexual excesses. There is very likely to be confusion in sexual identity which could result in unhealthy repression of sexual activity or, in the opposite direction, excessive sexual activity and potentially dangerous sexual experimentation.

Great energies are released with this aspect which can be directed to positive advantages in art, dance, drama, music, and other art forms requiring his active imagination. Moderation is the lesson here, but take control. Face the emotions by dredging them up from the subconscious, accept what is right for him, and harness the imagination, letting the Mars energy make it work for him in positive ways.


This aspect should provide him with a strong constitution, willpower and the ability to make decisions. He leads an active life, and inspires others with his strength and honesty. It is easy for him to gain the confidence and cooperation of others.


This aspect provides enthusiasm and energy in work, self-expression, and self-improvement. He will be optimistic and will not acknowledge defeat. His religious inclinations are likely to be very practical, and he will work hard for the underprivileged. A$AP Rocky is not lazy, and is likely to achieve a good degree of success in the material comforts.


This aspect could indicate either obstacles or “good fortune” through marriage. It could indicate difficulty in gaining necessary skills in public relations, diplomacy, salesmanship, and entertainment. However, it could favor the legal profession, education, and religious or philosophical endeavors. The key here is to seek spiritual guidance through positive prayer and meditation, and to realize that positive progress will not come without discipline.


This aspect creates a good balance between the impulsiveness of Uranus and the controlled discipline of Saturn. It bestows a gift for practical expression of original ideas which are intuitive in form. It can aid in the success of all endeavors requiring a combination of inspiration and practical application. The conjunction can be supportive in applying discipline to the spiritual yearnings, and order to educational and professional efforts.


This square can establish obstacles to his self-expression, domestic happiness, profession, and general well-being. Responsibilities are likely to seem heavy in all these areas, especially with family and career. Growth is overcoming obstacles; and patience, cooperation, and understanding are the keywords here.


This aspect can indicate a rebellious nature, especially against authority and the “establishment”. He could also be somewhat irresponsible and impatient in family matters, indicating a need to cultivate stability and practice patience.


This aspect has more general and historical connotations than personal, but in the personal interpretation it indicates unusual occult, intuitive, scientific, and aesthetic abilities. It could generate sudden and secret changes. He needs to concentrate on the positive occult powers.


This configuration indicates a strong awareness of prevailing social trends and institutions. He knows how to express himself and act effectively in order to gain social support of himself and partners.

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