Biography: The Weeknd

The Weeknd, born Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, is a Canadian singer-songwriter and record producer. He first gained notoriety in 2010 by anonymously posting songs to YouTube. His music explores escapism, romance, and melancholy, and is often inspired by personal experiences.

He has released four studio albums: Kiss Land (2013), Beauty Behind the Madness (2015), Starboy (2016), and After Hours (2020). The Weeknd has also won numerous awards, including three Grammy Awards, nineteen Billboard Music Awards, fifteen Juno Awards, six American Music Awards, two MTV Video Music Awards, and an Academy Award nomination. He is considered an influential figure in contemporary popular music. He was listed by Time as one of the world’s 100 most influential people in 2020.

His music has been described as “cinematic” and having a “mysterious” vibe, which can be partially attributed to his enigmatic persona and obscure press photos. Themes that were explored within the album include: isolation and heartbreak, depression and substance abuse, as well as love. He has often described his artistic work as “cinematic” and compared the experience of listening to his music to watching an R-rated film (he titled his first album Kiss Land after the 1997 film The Kiss Land).

The Weeknd has released four studio albums, seventeen mixtapes, and sixty-four singles. As of February 2019, Tesfaye had sold over 81 million records worldwide.[5] On March 28, 2019 he released his fifth studio album “Dawn FM” to positive critical acclaim.

The album featured the lead single “Take My Breath Away” which became an instant hit topping charts around the world including the US Billboard Hot 100. His next single “Heartless” reached number one in the UK and broke a record for longest run on top of the charts with 22 weeks. In January 2020, he won Best Urban Contemporary Album at the Grammys for Dawn FM.

His music draws from a variety of genres and styles, including electronic rock, R&B, soul, reggae, and hip hop. Joseph Kahn directed the music video for “Can’t Feel My Face”, in which The Weeknd was doubled by French actor Laurent Claude Gaudette. The video was filmed along with the Toronto-Dominion Bank Tower. His 2015 single “The Hills” topped the charts in Australia and New Zealand also reaching number 1 in the US and Canada where it stayed at the top of the charts for six weeks.

Birth details

The Weeknd

Date of birth: February 16th, 1990

Place of Birth: Toronto, Canada

Time of birth: 12:00

Natal chart calculations

27 Aqu 46 13 Cap 40
16 Sco 0417 Sco 47
6 Aqu 3016 Gem 48
22 Cap 15 19 Aqu 38
13 Cap 08 7 Can 29
0 Can 5527 Can 03
20 Cap 5519 Vir 58
8 Cap 172 Sco 11

Tropical  Placidus   Standard time observed

GMT: 17:00:00   Time Zone: 5 hours West

Lat. and Long. of birth: 43 N 39 79 W 23  

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Natal chart interpretation

Note: The following birth chart interpretation is for entertainment only and should not be viewed as a criticism or attack on the subject of the study. No offense is intended and no slight to character is meant.


He was born at a time when the Sun was about to move from one sign into the next–or had just done so. The astrological term for this is that he was “born on the cusp”, or that he was a “Cusp Baby”. The sign that the Sun was actually in at the time of his birth will always be his true Sun-sign, and its imprint upon his personality is usually the more dominant.

However, planetary influences do not change immediately like turning one light off and another one on. The transition is more gradual, as the influences of the sign the Sun is leaving diminish while the influences of the new sign increase.

We call that period of time the “Orb of influence” and for the cusp interpretation of the Sun-sign change, we use the span within the last three degrees of the sign which the Sun is leaving and the first three degrees of the sign it is moving into. The Sun moves through the signs at approximately one degree per day, so the total transition period we use is approximately six days.

The easiest way to interpret the Sun on the “cusp” would perhaps be to consolidate and intermix indiscriminately all the influences of both signs and print out a conglomerate of “one fits all”. Since this IS a transition period, such an interpretation would not fit everyone, and would create the risk of not portraying his true personality or individuality.

Consequently, he will need to use some self analysis in order to get the best of this section. We will print the dominant influences of both Sun-signs: first the sign the Sun is leaving and next the sign it is entering into. Remember, as the Sun moves further into the emerging sign, the stronger The Weeknd is likely to recognize that Sun-sign’s imprint upon his personality.

In Aquarius the Sun gives him a quiet, patient, determined, unobtrusive and faithful nature. There is no affectation or snobbery in his personality, for he dislikes imitation and hypocrisy in any form. He operates as an equal among equals, but he sometimes feels that others are unreceptive to him or that they are incapable of comprehending his ideas. He can become annoyed when people fail to understand him. He can be determined and stubborn and may even appear eccentric to others.

His interests and pursuits are more intellectual than physical, and The Weeknd is not likely to be very sports minded. He may long for material possessions, but The Weeknd is never greedy. He loves the beauties of nature, but he likes to admire them in comfort. He should be aware of a tendency to exaggerate his problems, as this could shadow his brightness and charm which are the attributes that make the most attractive.

He does his best work when pursuing an ideal in which his excellent memory, creativity, knowledge, love of freedom, and humanitarianism can find their outlet. He can appear to be a tireless worker, but his appearance of calm can be deceptive.

He takes work very seriously, so nervous tensions and apprehensions may seldom leave him. He is most comfortable when working within an organization and in group activities. His interest and sympathy for human problems win the respect and confidence of those around him.

He will insist upon living his own life as he sees fit, even if that means ignoring convention and tradition. In personal relationships he cannot be owned or possessed, and while The Weeknd is willing to share himself with another, he does not always adjust easily to the emotional give and take of a close relationship.

He gets honest enjoyment from meeting new people and exchanging ideas. He may be anything or nothing, but The Weeknd is never lonely–his group instinct will always direct him to where the people are, or else they will come to him. He has friends of both sexes and sees no reason for giving them up, even after marriage.

He is forward-looking and progressive, and he harbors great hopes for the future. He stays up-to-date on current affairs, and responds to contemporary cultural trends, both in terms of personal style and in terms of ideas. As we enter the “Aquarian Age”, the ideals of his Aquarius Sun-sign personality will provide the inspiration and guidelines for the unification and regeneration of our planet, World, through a better understanding and application of universal love.

He is fair, intelligent, objective and rational, and he often lets his head rule rather than his heart. He may appear self-sufficient and emotionally detached because The Weeknd is capable of putting aside his personal feelings and viewing things dispassionately. Consequently, when he makes up his mind on an issue, he can be quite determined and difficult to change.

The Sun in Pisces generally provides a kind and loving nature: confiding, honest, amiable, sympathetic, and especially kind to dumb animals or people in distress. He is neat, particular and a lover of order and routine.

He is modest and often timid, and could be lacking in self-confidence. As a rule, Pisceans are methodical and logical in their conclusions: idealistic, imaginative, inspirational. They are often gifted with mediumistic faculties and are usually fond of secret, occult or psychic investigation.

He may unconsciously absorb the ideas and mental outlook of those around him. He is easily influenced by external factors, and even though he desperately wants to do the right thing at all times, his willpower may be easily overcome. The symbol for Pisces is two attached fishes swimming in opposite directions, which signifies the drastic duality of emotions of persons born under this sign. He needs to learn to stand alone, and to practice making up his own mind. Procrastination is one of his biggest handicaps, though what seems like pure luck may often save the situation, even though he dallies about making decisions.

In marriage, relationships, and other partnerships, he may let the significant other truly believe that he or she is the boss. He will allow the other to handle the mechanical, technical things and initiate most of the activity. People will just naturally want to help him out. He is good at delegating, but The Weeknd is really likely to rule with an iron hand in a velvet glove. If things get too far out of hand he can express his displeasure very effectively with sarcasm and rancor.

His charm, humor, and sympathy can open the gates of opportunity to him. However, his kindly, moderate nature makes it quite easy for him to let things drift, which can be extremely annoying to others who are more practical.

On the other hand, given the duality of his sign, he can be efficient and exact. His temperament varies from strongly optimistic to acutely pessimistic. He   feels he must follow that still, small voice within, and will be extremely unhappy if he finds himself in situations where his spiritual uniqueness is inhibited.

He is sensitive to other people’s suffering and has an overactive imagination. He feels their pain and sincerely wants to initiate healing and relief. He may choose to work in some of the most sordid positions he can find if he could lighten the loads of those less fortunate. He will devote his strength and time to the sick and the desolate, with no sense of reward. He is blind to all defects in those whom he loves and trusts.

His greatest character defect may be in his sense of fatalism. He needs to realize The Weeknd is not chained to any destiny not of his own making. He has to face himself realistically in order to bring forth what he can become. He really does make the world seem like a better place.


Life is never dull around a Gemini rising. People with this Ascendant can be entertaining for hours because they cannot stand to be bored themselves. They need constant mental stimulation because their active minds simply will not rest.

Mercury rules the sign Gemini. This is the planet of mentality, thought, speech, and communication. The person with this Ascendant is a fascinating conversationalist, as words and ideas are his or her specialty.

The word “mercurial” describes the mentality to a tee. Gemini is an air sign, making swiftness of the intellect even more pronounced, and it is in the mutable mode, emphasizing changeability. The symbol of Gemini is the twins. Those with this sign rising are accused of having a dual personality.

Others may feel that he talks out of both sides of his face, and follows a rather erratic course of action. He can appear irresponsible at times, for he will not allow himself to be trapped under heavy and dampening pressures.

Drudgery or routine can squelch his spirit more than anything else. He needs to be valued and appreciated, but may shun obligation. Eventually, however, this very behavior will lead him to his highest expression.

He may be accused of having a dual personality, and he may actually feel safer if he has two situations in his life at once–be it personal or business. In reality, The Weeknd is only exhibiting the duality of the human condition.

Each person is body and soul and the tug of both is heavy. The pull of the pair of polar opposites can be intense, causing him to swing rapidly like a pendulum until he understands the necessity of bringing the spiritual and the physical together within himself.

When he doesn’t feel safe with a situation, he can remove himself without ever leaving the scene. If he decides to shut someone out, his warmth can disappear as if behind a cloud and the chill that is left can be very penetrating.

Part of his appeal may be that people just never know exactly where they stand with him. He can outtalk, outthink, outsmart and outmaneuver them all the time. He will respect them if they CAN keep up with him, but will not like it if they should get ahead of him.

Others may see him as “spacey”. If he cannot express his true curiosity and interest, he can readily escape into a fantasy world. The Weeknd is not able to take much punishment or heavy judgment, for The Weeknd is deeply sensitive.

If he holds a ball of mercury in the palm of his hand gently, it nestles in one spot, but if he pushes his finger down on it, it just simply slides away. As a very childlike person, he does the same thing. He slides into his rich imagination and retreat inside himself.

He is always questioning and learning. He will always appear heng and alive no matter what his chronological age, for his mind is always alert, curious, flexible, and open to new experiences. He has a childlike enthusiasm for anything new and he learns easily, but he also gets bored rather quickly.

He can appear to be something of a scatterbrain, for he tends to have so many ideas and irons in the fire that it is hard to keep track of them all. The Weeknd is actually able to do at least two things at once, especially something with his hands while The Weeknd is doing something with his mind. He needs and craves variety, change, mental stimulation, and an active social life.

He may seem frivolous to other more serious souls. He has a sense of humor and a sense of perspective that prevents him from taking himself (or life) too seriously. In fact he may seem flippant or unconcerned about matters that others consider very important. However, he responds to life mentally and objectively, rather than emotionally, and he may not empathize with serious people very much. But no matter how badly he may be feeling, he never appears heavy or somber.

He will achieve true fulfillment only when he can pull the spiritual and physical aspects of his being together by eliminating the so-called “split” personality.

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The Moon rules Cancer and when this sign is on the second house of money and worth, he will relate to financial affairs in an emotional way. Both making and spending money is likely to be affected by emotional needs. The ideal way for this person to earn money is by supplying what others need for growth and nourishment.

Nurturing human services would fill the emotional balance. The Weeknd is likely to have a nest egg tucked away to which The Weeknd is emotionally attached and which he will protect at all costs.


When this emotional sign with the Moon ruler is on the cusp of the third house of communications, thinking mind, travel, and writing, The Weeknd is likely to travel in connection with business and financial affairs. He can express himself on an emotional level with understanding of how the recipient feels about his communications. This would serve him well if he should try his hand at writing. Her intuitions are well tuned, but intellectual objectivity could be a problem because it is difficult for her to think unemotionally.


The Sun rules Leo and, when in the fourth house of domesticity and the home, it can truly make the home a place for him to “shine”. Her home may be a showplace where he can express his creativity and status. He can express his power most comfortably through home and family. He probably loves to entertain, and his guests are treated with warmth and love.


Mercury, planet of intellect, rules Virgo, the sign of order and organization. In the fifth house of children, romance, and creative expression, they encourage careful, analytical thinking with close attention to detail. The Weeknd is likely to be a perfectionist in social affairs and overly critical in affairs of the heart.

He wants everything (and everyone) in its (their) proper place. He will have very high expectations for both lovers and his children (whether they be physical children or “children of the mind”). Loved ones could become ill at ease with his scrupulous organizational tendencies.


Pluto rules Scorpio and when they are in the sixth house of work, service, and health, the powers can be overwhelming. Regeneration of health is likely to be needed in the isas of the nervous system, and the expression and/or repression of desires need to be positively balanced for the body’s needs to be healthy. Work and service could be attempted on a grand scale, and will be approached with unusual intensity.


Jupiter, planet of expansion, philosophy, and “good fortune”, rules Sagittarius, which is the sign of optimism and ideals. When this combination is found in the seventh house of relationships, marriage and other partnerships, the results can be mutually rewarding. The marriage partnerships could become a business partnership, and either is likely to include financial reward.


Saturn, planet of discipline and limitations, rules Capricorn, which can influence dedication and the serious approach. When this combination is found in the eighth house of needs, other’s resources, and death, they can cause extremely heavy feelings of responsibility. He can readily share his resources with others, but unless he earns his own he will be uncomfortable with others sharing their resources with him.

Capricorn is a good business sign, and he could be a good financial advisor concerning other people’s money. This can also indicate an inheritance of some kind, but if so, it is likely to be limited and very structured more like a trust.


Capricorn with Saturn ruling on the ninth house of the higher mind, religion, philosophy, travel, publishing, etc., will encourage a conservative approach to all these matters. The philosophical outlook can be restricted by materialism, and perhaps the most comfortable way of expressing humanitarian instincts is through the profession. The Weeknd is likely to be attracted to the more traditional types of religion and education, but any efforts he begins in these areas will be serious and determined.


When Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, is found on the tenth house of ambition, career, profession, and esteem, there will be a mixture of the unusual and the stable or a fluctuation between the two. He will bring unusual insights into his work, which could be performed within a large organization, corporation, or a structured institution. This favors the human service careers doctors, nurses, social workers, counselors, etc.


Pisces, on his eleventh house of friends, goals, and love received, is ruled by Neptune, planet of vision and mystery. He will have many friends, some of whom may be very unusual. The Weeknd is able to establish empathy and insight with friends and groups in which he becomes involved. However, he can tend to be rather indiscriminate in accepting friendships. As a result, he runs the risk of sometimes getting hurt and disappointed by friends or groups that he becomes involved with.


Venus, planet of beauty, art, and material possessions rules Taurus, sign of the bull. In the twelfth house of hidden meanings, limitations, and the subconscious, there is a tendency to be affected by conditions from the past which do not change easily. He can try to dwell in the subconscious level more than the conscious level, especially in the isa of materialistic desires. He may feel his emotions much more strongly than The Weeknd is able to verbalize them.

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The following planetary sign and house positions are determined by HIS birth data. There are 384 variations of these positions, as well as many other variables, but only 25 of them apply to each individual. The possibility of another person having the same combination of positions is practically non-existent.

The Sun and the Moon are known as the “Lights” and are not planets in the technical sense of the word. However, they are the most visible and perhaps more influential in affecting man’s awareness than all of the other heavenly bodies put together. The blend of the Sun-Moon influences, from the signs they are in, and whether they are in aspect or not, are extremely significant to the personality profile of the new life.

The relationship of the Sun and Moon to each other by their position, sign, and aspect and their relationship to the Ascendant can sometimes provide us with an extremely accurate mini-interpretation of the chart. The interpretation of his Sun-Moon combination is printed next. Study it carefully as well as the next three Sun and Moon sign delineations.


Uranus rules Aquarius and Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio. The two signs are square to each other, which inclines him to feel constantly striving for the right balance in his life, but this combination also bestows self-confidence and leadership. He will have very little patience with fools and phonies. Working with others proves that his own ego is important. He will not allow feelings of low self-worth to linger very long before he takes some positive action. The Weeknd is an original thinker, but he needs to consider the feelings of others so that he doesn’t come down too hard on them. He will seek his place in the big picture by gaining perspective, direction and recognition.


The Sun in the houses represents the departments of life most strongly affected by the individual will and power potential. Tenth house position generally indicates persons who are ambitious to attain positions of responsibility, power, and authority. The Weeknd is likely to be rather dignified and he has a strong will to succeed.

He desires honor and recognition and will work hard to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve his goals. The Weeknd is probably a good manager and demands respect. He also wants to set a good example for others. He needs to watch out for an excessive love of power and for dictatorial attitudes.


In mythology the Moon is always female as the Sun is always male. In most ancient religions and cults, the Moon represents the female force which reflects the male force of the Sun.

In astrology, “she” bestows her indiscriminative influences upon both male and female alike, though each sex might respond to the influences in different ways. The Moon in the signs indicates the emotional responses to life’s situations. It determines how they are likely to react to external influences and to the actions of others.

In Scorpio it indicates strong, biased emotions based on willful desire. The inclination toward brooding can be a serious character trait which is usually present in persons with this sign, and he needs to avoid allowing himself to harbor negative feelings. This is not an easy sign to live with, but when self is conquered he can find that no sacrifice is too great to achieve a worthwhile objective. Scorpio is a dual sign in which man’s higher instincts are striving to rise above his baser desires.

He does nothing half-way. The emotional Moon is totally indentured to support what his intellect is convinced is true. He will let nothing or no one stand in his way of accomplishing that which he set out to do. Because of this determination and drive he can accomplish just about anything he wishes. He does need to be extra careful that his goals are worthwhile and positive.

His romantic and sexual drives are strong and demanding. The Weeknd is not the shy one, and will certainly let them be known. Relationships are important to him, but he will tend to dominate them at least to want them on his own terms. He will contribute much: AND expect much in return.

At some point in his life there is likely to be a drastic change in the way he sees things. His focus will change from personal interests and desires to world vision.

He has much to give the world. His power to make changes are enormous, possibly through politics and statesmanship. He will not be swayed. Selfish desires, stubbornness, and the wish to control can be turned into a positive drive to accomplish good deeds. The Weeknd is likely to be significant in some way of making the world a better place.

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The Moon in the Houses indicates the areas of daily activity through which his feelings are manifested, and gives clues to the type of activity on the domestic scene. Sixth House position can indicate a fluctuating state of health strongly influenced by his emotions in some cases, hypochondria and psychosomatic illnesses.

His emotional states will also influence performance in his work area, and could cause many job changes. He needs to practice harmony in all areas of his life, and discipline in his dietary and work habits. He likes pets and small animals.


Mercury in the signs gives clues to the kinds of concerns that occupy his mind, and reveals his psychological approach to making decisions and conveying his ideas to others. The Weeknd is likely to have a fondness for science, generally, as well as the occult and the metaphysical. He should be apt in study, mathematics, inventiveness, and business methods.

Probably a great reader, deep thinker, sociable and kind, he can expound greatly on humanitarian principles. This position of Mercury indicates a mind that is open to new experience; truthful, unbiased and objective. He seeks mental stimulation through friendship, and conveys his ideas well in group and organizational work.



Mercury in the houses deals with the practical affairs that occupy his mind, and shows what areas of activity will be influenced by his thoughts and communications. In the ninth house position, it indicates an interest in higher education, or professions requiring advanced degrees. Many teachers and professors have Mercury in this house.

Interest in philosophies can be strong. His decisions include moral and ethical considerations as well as the practical. He needs to guard against intellectual pride and snobbery, and not allow himself to become dogmatic and sectarian in his opinions and beliefs.


Venus in the signs indicates how he expresses his emotions in personal relationships, and his attitude toward money, personal possessions, creature comforts, and social and aesthetic values. In Capricorn it bestows a sensual, sexual expression, but the relationships are likely to be serious and mature.

In the other areas, it inclines his interest toward business, commerce, banking, investments, stocks, shares, professional sports, and executive positions which bring him contact with many people. The Weeknd is likely to have a strong sense of composition in art forms with an attraction to classical music and the traditional art which survives the times. He could be very successful in businesses related to the arts, such as professional sports.

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Venus in the houses indicates how he expresses the Venus attitudes in the various areas of his life and how he may be affected by those things Venus rules. In the eighth house it indicates financial gain through marriage, other partnerships, and social relations. It often indicates an inheritance, or that he might even marry for money.

He could have a highly sensuous nature with an emphasis on sex, so that the physical side of a relationship could be very important to he. His emotions are likely to be very intense, and he will need to guard against jealousy and possessiveness.


Mars in the signs indicates how desire affects his modes of action and through what types of expression action will be taken. In Capricorn it channels great energy into professional ambition. His actions are likely to be well organized and carefully calculated to achieve professional success. He will have an intense desire for status and recognition, and can be extremely materialistic.

Capricorn provides the most practical and effective use of the Mars energy he needs practical reasons for everything he does, so the energy he uses is usually highly effective. The Weeknd is likely to possess extraordinary self control and discipline. He has no sympathy for laziness and lack of ambition and he takes pride in doing a job correctly. He needs to balance his materialistic desires with understanding of human values and the consideration of others, lest he appear selfish, cold and calculating.

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Mars in the houses indicate the areas of life in which he expresses his actions and desires, and where he needs to use energy and initiative in order to get results. In the eighth house position, energy and initiative are emphasized, with strong desires and emotional intensity. He are likely to have a powerful sex drive with the aggressiveness to use it constructively. Psychic power, afterlife, and the occult will attract his study and consideration. He is likely to be secretive in many of his activities.


Jupiter in the signs gives information concerning his ethical, religious, and philosophic standards and beliefs; and how he may express those interests. In the sign Cancer, it indicates deep influences instilled by his parents in these areas possibly enforced so strongly that he will find it necessary to rebel in later years when his own beliefs mature.

He will try hard to establish a secure, friendly, and open ethical, religious, and philosophic environment in his own home for his own family. He loves good food and is probably a very good cook. He needs to beware of emotional idealism and utopian dreams, as well as self indulgence in food and drink.

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Jupiter in the houses indicates the departments of life and the types of activity through which he expresses his religious, philosophic, and educational ideas. In the first house, it gives him an optimistic, sociable disposition. The Weeknd is honest and trustworthy; friendly and benevolent. He tends to focus on the brighter side of life, and is popular and well liked.

The Weeknd is likely to pursue studies in social, religious, and educational fields, and have the capacity for leadership. He may have very strong moral and religious convictions, and could become a spiritual leader. He needs to watch out for self-indulgence and self-importance, and try not to promise more than he can deliver.


Saturn in the signs indicates the ways in which he must accept responsibility and develop maturity and discipline. In Capricorn, there can be strong ambitions for worldly power, status, and authority. He feels compelled to achieve in his career, and mainly for very practical reasons. He probably began the struggle early in life, and he knows that success has its price.

The Weeknd is a good organizer, is able to accept and carry out orders, and expects the same from those who may work for him. When he reaches the top (and he probably will) he will seek to help others to help themselves. He probably has a strong sense of family pride and honor, expecting and probably receiving respect from his community. He should avoid letting his desire for status get out of hand, as well as a tendency to get rigid in his attitudes and beliefs.



Saturn in the houses indicates the areas of life in which he must learn to act with discipline. In the eighth house it deals with his partner in the areas of finances, corporate money, insurance, taxes, and inheritance if applicable. He may be able to profit by using other people’s money through skillful and honest management. Marriage can be a financial burden, however. He could suffer losses through alimony settlements.

There can be a deep spiritual insight into life’s mysteries, but distressing dreams and psychic experiences that have a disturbing psychological effect could also occur. He needs to seek positive spiritual guidance to work through these times.


Uranus in the signs indicates ways in which he expresses his urge for freedom and individuality, and how he establishes his link with the Universal Mind. In Capricorn, it gives him good reasoning facilities and a profound, penetrating mind. He will wish to change the status quo in order to have more freedom and security for the future.

The Weeknd is likely to have strong “hunches”, or prevision, in public trends, thus putting him in a unique position to affect change. However, he needs to encourage naturally progressive methods not change for the sake of change, which could be destructive. He will need to try to curb a restless and impatient nature.



Uranus in the houses indicates the manner in which he expresses his intuitive faculties and occult interests. It highlights the lasting qualities of spiritual values as compared to the material. In the Eighth house, the focus is on the mysteries of life beyond, telepathy, and the occult.

In the material world, he could have sudden changes in fortune through marriage, inheritance, business partnerships, insurance, taxes, and corporate finances. He may need to exercise emotional detachment toward the material things and toward sex.


Neptune is more generational than personal. While it is in Capricorn, world governments will be in chaos. Economic and political structures will be brought down, and practical solutions will be sought. New forms of government and politics will emerge, with more and more emphasis upon one world government.

Neptune vibrates at a high spiritual level, and in the life of the native, these influences will encourage the blending of the oneness of self with the Oneness of the Universe. Avoid mood altering drugs.



Neptune in the houses indicates the ways in which he may express his mystical potential his ability to visualize. The eighth house position focuses on his psychic tendencies, his interest in the occult, and indicates the potential for clairvoyance. Be warned against attempts to manipulate occult forces for personal materialistic gain. Seek positive spiritual guidance to determine the best ways in which to apply these spiritual gifts for the good of him and others.


Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, and its influences are also generational. During the time Pluto is in this sign, the Piscean age comes to an end. All of the things that are wrong with our world will come into focus, and the message is “regenerate or die”.

The human race will have no choice but to clean up the environment, to deal with sickness and famine, to establish viable world economic and political bases, and to implement effective social reforms. At the personal level, it encourages both physical and psychological health maintenance, and the establishment of positive personal values.

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Pluto in the houses indicates in which departments of life he needs to exercise conscious creative willpower to regenerate himself and his surroundings. Sixth house position relates to work and employment. He could be employed in projects with environmental or personal health risks.

He must apply his will in order to better his health through positive thinking and correct diet and hygiene. Spiritual healing power is likely to be available to him, and, if so, must be shared with others. He needs to practice conscious cooperation with co-workers, employers, and employees.

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Following are the interpretations of the planetary aspects to each other. Aspects are angular relationships between two or more planets that have been found to modify the influences bestowed. Significant angles are: Conjunction (same degree), Sextile (60 degrees), Square (90 degrees), Trine (120 degrees), and Opposition (180 degrees). Don’t worry that some of these individual interpretations seem to conflict. Remember we look at the whole person, and the separate parts can modify, reinforce, or nullify each other.


This aspect gives him the potential for tremendous influence through his career, profession, and reputation. Ambition will be high and success will be important. Personal honor will certainly be a factor in career choices, which are likely to be in the public eye, such as teaching, politics, etc.


This aspect confers honesty and ethical standards of conduct. The Weeknd is positive and altruistic in his attitudes to others; consequently, he gains their respect and cooperation. He seems to be always protected by spiritual forces, and The Weeknd is not likely to ever be completely “down and out”.

He has good insight into the future almost bordering on prophecy, and The Weeknd is able to profit by proper timing. He needs to keep in mind where these gifts come from by expressing gratitude and seeking guidance for using them to the best advantages for he and his fellowman.


This is a strong aspect, providing intense feelings and combining a powerful will where emotions are concerned. It is likely to motivate interest in spiritualism and all matters pertaining to life after death. It will encourage positive change and regeneration, sometimes through drastic measures. Emotional courage and willingness to take risks to improve his conditions are indicated.


This configuration may make him feel out of step with the rest of society. He may have difficulty in gaining recognition or fulfilling ambitions where women play a major part in the endeavor.


This square can indicate some emotional problems and/or difficulties with family. This could apply to the parental family, spouse, children’s families, or extended families. It can also cause hidden emotions to affect the career or profession.


This sextile gives him an abundance of emotional force and the energy to use it. It provides strong incentives for profitable enterprises, especially when they are in the general areas of providing homes for family and others. The Weeknd is very protective of family and domestic interests.


This sextile supports integrity and good organization in professional and domestic affairs, as well as patience and practicality. In the Progress chart it indicates a “level head” rather than the inspired approach. The Weeknd is likely to keep his financial affairs in order, but if he is unable to do so, he could be prone to depression.


This aspect provides strong psychic potentials. The Weeknd is likely to be intuitively in tune with the occult, and transcendental communications will come easily to him. His memory of the distant and karmic past is extensive, and he may learn to bring it up to his present consciousness at will.

His intuition will help him in decision making, especially where financial matters are concerned. He can be especially attuned to family matters and needs. His imagination is expansive, and he is likely to become involved with group(s) in practicing positive occult activities.


This a very powerful conjunction, providing discipline, form and structure to his artistic tendencies, as well as some degree of patience to help in artistic expression. If music be one of his artistic talents, Saturn will provide rhythm, harmony, and melody. He may not be as socially outgoing as other people, but are likely to form lasting friendships.

A sense of loyalty, justice, and fair play is indicated. However, he needs to watch out for tendencies to depend upon others to gratify his emotional needs, and be forewarned that there may be periods when he could feel unloved and unappreciated. When that happens, look at the positive influences of this aspect.


This aspect provides strong feelings, keen perception, and deep understanding. The Weeknd is able to tap into the transforming power of love, and the laws of harmony and balance work for him. He has strong insights into regeneration of self and those around him. There could be feelings that his marriage was ordained from the beginning of time.


This aspect could provide a rebel attitude. It could influence impulsiveness and sudden action. Courage and decisiveness are indicated, but prudence can be lacking. He may crave excitement enough to take foolish chances which could result in accidents.

The Weeknd is likely to understand things mechanical or technical, but may expect too much from them. He will need to practice “Look before he leap” as a way of dealing with this powerful aspect. Mars is the planet of action and Uranus promotes sudden change, and together immediate action! Practice patience and timing.


This conjunction bestows tremendous psychic energy and magnetism. The Weeknd is, or will become, strongly interested in occult power. He needs to channel his desires and ambitions in positive directions to reach high spiritual achievements, which is his real purpose in life. Avoid impractical, unrealistic, and overly romantic motivations which could lead to misguided activities.

He needs to be aware that his motivations in these areas are often determined almost entirely by unconscious impulses that could end in disaster. His first impulses are to secrecy and subterfuge, and he can have a tendency to surround his activities with an air of mystery. This could result in him winding up being the one most confused.

The Weeknd is likely to be extremely susceptible to the influence of drugs, drug reactions, poisoning, or infectious diseases. He needs to constantly cultivate positive spiritual direction for the use of his psychic energies, assuring that his occult power will be power for good.


This aspect can provide tremendous energy and willpower. It can enhance regenerative changes, especially in the muscular system. The Weeknd is likely to be tuned into natural forces which bring about beneficial changes in he and his environment.


This aspect supports his ability to regenerate himself through discipline and hard work. It will help him to organize and control the awesome power of his will. He will be able to draw upon psychic and occult forces for positive direction. The Weeknd is likely to have scientific talents and understand physics and mathematics. Seek spiritual love and understanding.


This aspect happens about every 170 years. It will be exact on February 2, 1992, but these two planets orbited within one degree of each other for several years in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. The aspect indicates a time of major progress for the generation it is transiting. Personal influences in the natal chart bestows a search for Divine wisdom and love.


This aspect has more general and historical connotations than personal, but in the personal interpretation it indicates unusual occult, intuitive, scientific, and aesthetic abilities. It could generate sudden and secret changes. He needs to concentrate on the positive occult powers.


Some giveth and some taketh away. This position of Pluto indicates a situation where his desire for freedom and individualism can conflict with social standards. The lesson again is tolerance, patience, and Spiritual Guidance.


This square gives him a desire to change existing conditions, especially in the isas of employment. Although he may be right, his attitude can, understandably, get him in trouble with employers. He has a revolutionary outlook, and needs to realize that much of it stems from a desire for change just for the sake of change. The lesson here is acceptance. Develop patience and cooperation.

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