For many practitioners, stones are their go-to for grounding and centering. Rose quartz is one of the most popular choices amongst these practitioners because it’s said to bring peace and healing during times of emotional turmoil.

But how should you wash your rose quartz? Can it be submerged in water? What happens if you do submerge it? 

As a hard crystal, rose quartz can be washed and indeed submerged in water to aid in cleaning or cleansing the crystal of negative energy. Various water types can be used, exposure to it should be limited to no more than a few hours. Rose quartz jewelry can also be worn when swimming or showering.

This blog post will explore these questions so that next time you need to clean your crystals or jewelry, you know exactly what to do! 

Read on for more information on washing your rose crystal…

What is rose quartz?

rose quartz crystals

Rose quartz is a member of the quartz family. It’s one of the most popular crystals among crystal healers because it’s said to bring peace and healing during times of emotional turmoil. This is why crystals collectors love this crystal so much!

Like most other forms of quartz, rose quartz follows the hexagonal shape that’s common in clear rock crystals. It’s a common misconception that rose quartz is pink in color, when in fact the shade of pink varies from light to deep. It may even have some brown or gray undertones. If it has these colors, it’s called “mocha” rose quartz.

Additionally, if there are traces of copper flakes throughout the crystal, it’s also known as “tiger’s eye” rose quartz.

What do you use rose quartz for?

If you’re already familiar with the metaphysical properties of rose quartz, feel free to skip this section! If not, here’s your crash course on rose quartz.

It’s said that rose quartz can help people who are dealing with emotional trauma and heartache, and it’s also popular in angel and crystal grids for its protective properties.

It can help with issues involving the heart, stomach, and gallbladder. It will resonate with its user on a mental, emotional, physical or spiritual level depending on their personal belief system.

Rose quartz can also be used to help you improve your friendships, read here for more information on this and other friendship-improving crystals and gemstones.

Can rose quartz be cleaned and submerged in water?

Since rose quartz is a type of clear quartz, it can absolutely be submerged in water! In fact, some believe that submerging your crystal for cleansing brings out the cleansing abilities of the stone even more. This is because you can quickly remove negative ions from the crystal and then better energize it.

Water allows you to easily remove any dirt or grime from your crystal with very little effort.   One of the best things about rose quartz is that it is one of the very few crystals that you can actually cleanse by placing it in water (although some do argue that this method only cleans the outside, not the inside).

Remember, you should only every submerge crystals or gemstones with a Mohs hardness rating of six or more. Rose quartz has a rating of seven, which is exactly the same as amethyst crystals which can also be submerged in water.

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What type of water should you use to clean rose quartz?

rose quartz crystals in tap water

You may be wondering what type of water you can use to clean rose quartz.

Well, since rose quartz is a crystal that helps with healing and cleansing, then it makes sense that you would want to use pure water that has been cleansed and energized by the moon and sun.

This way, the infused energy from the moon and sun can be passed onto your rose quartz. You can find out more about how to cleanse and then energize rose quartz with sunlight in this article.

What happens if you cleanse rose quartz with tap water?

Using tap water to clean rose quartz may not have a negative effect on it, but it will make the cleansing process take longer because pure water is able to hold more energy than tap water.

If you decide to use tap water, it generally takes several hours for the energy of the stone to be fully charged and cleansed.  It also depends on how many times a day that you place your crystal in and out of tap water.

Cleansing rose quartz with salt water.

If you want to cleanse rose quartz in saltwater, the process is very easy. All you need to do is fill your container (large enough for the crystal) with salt water and place your rose quartz inside. With a harder crystal such as rose quartz, you can leave it submerged for 30 minutes up to a few hours without any ill effects.

Doing this regularly helps remove any negative energy or attachments that may be in the stone or on its surface.  It also helps to place your rose quartz on a full moon or new moon night in order for the cleansing process to work even better.

Is it safe to cleanse rose quartz with boiling water?

While there is no real harm that can come from placing your rose quartz into boiling water, some do argue that doing so takes away some of the healing powers of the stone.  Because boiling water is not pure, it may be taking away some of the energy that was put into your crystal by nature (the sun and moon).

Cleaning rose quartz could also help with its properties.

Although many believe that placing rose quartz in water cleanses it, doing so can also change the properties of your crystal.  If you feel that your rose quartz has lost some of its soft, calming energy and you would like to change them back, then cleansing your stone can be a great way to do so!

Try exposing it to either sunlight or moonlight and also burning sage, or smudging, to really infuse it with the necessary healing energy you need.

How long should I keep my rose quartz submerged in water?

It is not recommended that you leave your rose quartz submerged in water for more than a few hours, as this may do more damage to your stone than good.

In fact, submerging it for longer periods could also bring out any negativity that your rose quartz may have been holding onto. This can cause your rose quartz to appear cloudy and grimy over time, making the cleansing process take even longer than expected.

How often should you cleanse rose quartz in water?

Some people like to cleanse rose quartz in water twice a month, while others do so once every two weeks.  

This all depends on how often you use your rose quartz and what properties the stone has lost or changed. Simply look at your rose quartz – if it is holding onto negative energy of any sort (it feels heavy) then you may want to cleanse it more often than not. 

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Why would you want to wash your rose quartz stone?

rose quartz in water

The reason why crystals such as rose quartz need to be washed in water is that they absorb energy, which is great. However, after time, your crystal will start to accumulate negative ions produced by electronics and other things around you.

Unfortunately, these negative ions can cause the crystals to lose their power over time (although they still look pretty).

If one wishes for their rose quartz stone to stay energized long term then it needs to be cleaned and recharged with positive energy. If you don’t clean your rose quartz, dirt can get onto it and make it lose some of its crystal power.

Washing your rose quartz stone is important because water gives the rose quartz a neutral energy level that helps it to re-energize in a later process.

What are the benefits of washing your rose quartz stone 

For many people, the beauty of their rose quartz stone is important to them. A gorgeous rose quartz crystal could be a gift from someone who loves you, or there are likely other reasons why maintaining its cleanliness is important to you.

In addition to rebalancing the energy of the stone, if you clean your stones regularly it will keep that bright shine on the surface of the stone. You will also notice that this should help with any negative energy that might have been being absorbed by the stone while being left dirty for an extended period of time.

Water always has cleansing properties, so if anything was caught in between branches or cracks in the crystal while it was not being washed – water will wash all these things away and ensure purity within your crystals!

When should I clean my rose quartz stone

In the event that your rose quartz stone has been used for meditation purposes, it would be wise to cleanse the stone after each use.

Cleansing a rose quartz stone is easy to do. It can be done by sprinkling it with cool water or placing it in a bowl of sea salt for a few hours. Once the process is complete, rinse your stone under cool running water and allow it to dry.

This will remove negative energy from the stone and prepare it for further use. When you are not using a rose quartz stone for meditation, I would recommend cleansing once a week with sea salt or water just to keep it well energized.

Can rose quartz jewelry be worn when swimming or showering?

As rose quartz is a fairly hard material, 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, it is very hardy and can be exposed to water. If you happen to have jewelry with this crystal incorporated in it, you can be confident in wearing it while bathing or conducting water sports.

Saltwater will help enhance its healing properties and pool water shouldn’t erode it during a short workout period.

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