As any avid crystal healer knows, natural light can help you to cleanse your stones of negative energy and to realign their naturally positive vibrations. However, does that mean that all types of crystals and gemstones do well in direct sunlight?

Indeed, even those harder stones may not be as resilient in the face of scorching sun rays as you may think.

Should crystals be exposed to sunlight

Why you should keep your crystal collection out of direct sunlight 

1. Exposing crystals to sunlight can damage their lattice structure

Keep your crystals out of direct sunlight to minimize exposure and protect their lattice structure.

Many people store their crystal collection in an area where they can benefit from natural sunlight exposure like a window sill, as it may help keep your crystals cleansed and energized. But if they sit in direct sunlight for too long it can start to physically affect their internal structure. This is especially true of softer stones.

Plus, natural light contains a different wavelength than artificial light which can cause negative chemical reactions to take place with some stones over time. So it is best not to expose your collection to too much artificial lighting either.

This doesn’t mean that they have no benefit from being close to any types of light – just avoid directing them towards any harsh or prolonged sources that might be harmful for them

2. Radiant energy from the sun can negatively affect the owner’s energy field

The sun’s radiant energy is composed of many different sources, from the ultraviolet rays to the infrared, each with its own frequency. Different people can be sensitive to different types of light from sunlight.

Consequently, when a person who is oversensitive comes in contact with sunlight and it touches them on a cellular level their body reacts in an adverse way. A common reaction that most people may experience is that they feel the heat of the sun more intensely or become hot faster because their skin has been sensitized by UV rays or other forms of radiation emitted by the sun.

Basically, keeping yourself safe and out of direct sunlight will help you feel the benefits of your healing crystals even more. A change in your personal health can certainly make your natural energy field different, which will cause a mismatch between you and those crystals which seemed to work fine previously.

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3. Direct sunlight could prematurely wear down your gemstone collection

Direct sunlight gradually wears down your gemstone collection by breaking down their natural structure of the minerals in gems, just as it can with crystal formations, causing them to become dull.

Because this chemical process is essentially similar to what happens when metal rusts, removing “rust” from a gem – even if it can’t be seen with the naked eye – is simple: just rub or soak away any particles that have built up on its surface.

Of course, you’ll want to do so delicately so as not to break other parts of the stone off while you’re at it. This being said, other things besides sunlight will cause these natural minerals — think heat and humidity — are other factors that accelerate degradation of one’s jewelry. For example, because many gemstones are porous, chemicals in the environmemt can get trapped inside them.

Heat and humidity are other factors that accelerate degradation of one’s jewelry. For example, because many gemstones are porous, chemicals in the environment can get trapped inside them. If you’re concerned that your jewelry might have been exposed to anything corrosive while being stored away or exposed to sunlight, for instance, it’s a good idea to check whether certain materials have changed color or become discolored.

Mildly violet-hued quartz may come out of storage looking like a deep cherry red, which is nothing more than a chemical reaction with something it’s picked up.

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