If you’ve recently acquired a beautiful green aventurine (or any other color) you may want to know exactly how resilient this type of stone is and how to care for it properly.

Aventurine crystals are relatively hard, as indicated by their Mohs rating of 6.5-7, and this means that they will stand up to a lot of punishment. However, if you don’t care for your crystals properly they will not operate at the optimum level.

In this article, I’m going to cover many aspects of using aventurine crystals effectively, especially when it comes to using them in conjunction with water. So, this leads me to the first question I’d like to answer.

Is Aventurine Safe To Put In Water?

Will aventurine go in water

The worst thing in the world is putting your beloved crystal in a spiritually energizing water bath and returning to see it either totally dissolved or the worse for wear.

Aventurine crystals are very hardwearing and are not prone to dissolving in ordinary water. It’s perfectly safe to rinse or bathe them in conventional rituals. However, repeated exposure to saline water or harsher chemicals may lead to cracks and fractures over time.

For the average practitioner of crystal therapy, there will be absolutely no issue when it comes to using ordinary tap, well or rainwater on their aventurine crystals. The problem may arrive when this water is used with extreme levels of heat, either hot or cold. There is also a higher risk when using anything other than fresh water on any type of crystal.

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Only Types Of Water Can You Use On Aventurine Crystals

Although aventurine is a pretty hard type of crystal, given a Mohs hardness score of 6.5-7, I would still recommend that you are careful with the type of water you use on it.

Is spring water or rainwater better for aventurine?

Spring water and aventurine

There is no definitive answer when it comes to using water with aventurine crystals. Some people believe that spring water is more beneficial because it is rich in minerals, while others claim that rainwater is better because it is just as natural and more readily available in most areas.

As Aventurine is a very hardy type of crystal, it won’t be harmed no matter which water you choose to use with it. The key thing to consider whenever you are using water to clean or cleanse your crystals is its ph level. To test the ph level of your water, you can use a digital ph tester like this one (Sold on Amazon).

If the Ph level of your water is below 5, it is considered quite acidic for water and can actually start to break down your crystals over time.

Personally, I think that both spring water and rainwater can be good sources of energy for aventurine. However, if you live in an area with high air pollution, it is best to use spring water instead of rainwater. This is because rainwater can actually be charged with negative energy and is very acidic.

To cleanse your aventurine, simply place it in a bowl of spring water or rainwater and let it soak for 24 hours. After this time, remove your crystal and allow it to air dry on a clean towel.

Can you use moon water to cleanse aventurine crystals?

Can you use moon water to cleanse aventurine stones

One of the most natural and invigorating ways to cleanse and re-energize any crystal is by using the moon’s majestic light. This is because moonlight is some of the most potent and powerful energy that we can harness. When you cleanse your crystals with moonlight, you are tapping into this powerful energy source.

When using moonlight to cleanse your crystals, it is best to do so during a full moon. This is because the full moon is when the moon is at its brightest and most potent. During a full moon, the energy of the moon is at its peak, which means that your crystals will be able to absorb more of this energy.

To cleanse your crystals with moonlight, simply place them outside during the night of a full moon. You can leave them on your windowsill, on a table, or submerge them in something we practitioners call moon water.

Moon water can be used to cleanse aventurine stones by submerging the stones in the water and leaving them overnight. In the morning, make sure you are up early so that your aventurine crystal is not left in direct sunlight or heat for too long, as this can damage the crystal.

Is it safe to drink aventurine-infused water?

The aventurine crystal is not soluble in water and will not dissolve in drinking water. When you drink aventurine-infused water, you will absorb the positive energy of the crystal. This will help to increase your vitality and promote a sense of peace and well-being.

If you are trying to bring better luck into your life, then taking an aventurine drinking water bottle with you will increase your chances of success. (If you’ve never tried doing this with crystals, check out these great starter kits on Amazon.)If you are seeking to improve your mental or physical health, again, aventurine is an excellent crystal to aid in this endeavor.

I would recommend adding only a single crystal to drinking water to avoid damaging each other and steeping the crystals in the water for a few hours before drinking. It is also ok to keep them in the bottle, but there is always the risk that small fragments have come off the surface and could be ingested.

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The Best Way To Use Aventurine Crystals In The Bath

Can you use aventurine in the bath

Another fantastic way that you can use an aventurine crystal is to take it with you when you take a bath. Lots of people don’t know that you can benefit from the energy of crystals by soaking yourself in water which has been charged with their power.

To use aventurine in your bath, either allow the crystal to infuse regular hot water or infuse additional water you will add later. Aventurine is not damaged by most things found in soaps or shampoos, but heat changes and sudden temperature changes should be avoided. The reason for this is that it can damage a crystal and, in the case of aventurine, activate the iron oxide inside it and change the color.

The solution is simple: make sure the water is not too hot when you add your crystal and try to avoid any sudden changes in temperature. Another fantastic way that you can use an aventurine crystal is to take it with you when you take a bath. Lots of people don’t know that you can benefit from the energy of crystals by soaking yourself in water which has been charged with their power.

When taking a bath with aventurine, try to infuse the water with your crystal’s power by visualizing what it is that you want to manifest in your life. Focus on your intention, and let the crystal do the rest.

Will Salt Water Harm Aventurine Crystals?

Will salt water harm aventurine

Saltwater is corrosive and could damage the surface of the aventurine if in contact too long. Although aventurine isn’t very porous and actually has a fairly high hardness score, it would certainly degrade over time. If you must use salt water, try to keep contact to a minimum and make sure to rinse the crystal thoroughly afterward.

Personally, I’ve stopped using salt in my cleaning solutions altogether because it’s so corrosive. There are many other non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning alternatives that work just as well, so there really is no need to use saline water. Consider trying some of these alternatives the next time you need to clean or cleanse your crystals.

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How To Clean Green Aventurine Crystals

how to clean aventurine Crystals safely

Cleaning aventurine regularly is important because it can easily collect negative energy and vibes. It’s also a good way to keep them looking their best!

A quick way to clean an aventurine crystal is to remove any negative energy it’s collected, as well as any dirt

So here are some safe ways to clean it:

-Run it under the faucet

-Use a toothbrush

-Use soap and water

There are several ways to clean and recharge your aventurine crystals by quickly removing the negative energy collected within them.

One way is to hold them under running water. This will rebalance their energy and also clean them. You only need to do this for a minute or two.

If they are looking grubby, you can use an old toothbrush to give them a good scrub. Make sure the toothbrush is clean first! If you don’t have a handy toothbrush, you can a microfiber cloth instead

Another way to clean them is with soap and water. Make sure that the water is lukewarm and I like to use an ecological soap on my crystals too. This will remove any dirt or grime that might be on them. Once you have scrubbed them with soap, make sure to rinse them off properly.

How To Cleanse Aventurine Crystals More Effectively

There are many ways to cleanse a crystal, but here are some of the most popular methods that I personally use:

Cleansing aventurine crystals with Salt

Salt has been used by humanity for centuries as a natural spiritual cleanser. It’s fantastic at removing negative energy and can be used on any type of crystal. You can use pretty much any salt you have to hand, but if you can get Himalayan pink salt it makes the entire ritual just that little bit fancier. Place your crystals on a bed of salt and let them sit overnight. Give them a good wipe the next morning and store them away for their next use.

Cleansing aventurine crystals with moonlight

The light of the moon has a naturally purifying effect, making it perfect for cleansing crystals. You can either place your crystals outside or near a window or submerge them in a bowl of water that you leave in direct moonlight. Make sure that you only use this water once, but feel free to produce as much moon water as you want during the next full moon, you can always use it later.

Cleansing aventurine crystals with smudging

Smudging is an age-old technique used to cleanse and purify objects and spaces. You can use any type of smudge stick, but sage is a popular choice. Simply light it, let the flame die down a little, and then wave the smoke around your crystal. This will clear away any negative energy and restore it to its natural state.

As you can see, there are many different ways to clean and cleanse your aventurine crystals. Personally, I like to use a combination of methods depending on how dirty they are and how much time I have. But whichever method you choose, just make sure that you do it regularly to keep your crystals working at their best.

How To Keep Your Aventurine Crystals Working For Longer

How to keep your aventurine working for longer

I always think of crystals as living and breathing entities, and as such you need to treat them right. If you abuse your crystals in any way, they just won’t work for you in their full capacity.

Here are a few tips to help keep your aventurine crystal working at its best:

– Always dry it off thoroughly after cleaning or cleansing with water. Water can damage the crystal over time if left to evaporate on the surface.

– Store it in a safe place where it won’t be moved around or touched too much. This will help to keep its energy vibrating at the right frequency.

– Check for compatibility with other crystals before using them together. Some crystals can have a negative effect on each other when used together.

– Inspect the crystal regularly for cracks, chips, or other damage. If there is significant damage, it’s best to retire the crystal and just keep it for its beauty.

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What Is Aventurine & Where Does It Come From?

What is aventurine and where does it come from

If you have read this far, you may be interested in additional information about Aventurine crystals and their proper use.

Aventurine is a type of quartz that comes in a variety of colors, the most common being green. The mineral inclusions in the quartz give it a shimmery quality known to the experts as aventurescence. Of all the positive qualities it processes, Aventurine is associated the most with bringing prosperity and confidence. It belongs to the mineral class of Chalcedony, which is a family of cryptocrystalline quartz.

Aventurine can be found in many different parts of the world, with some of the most notable deposits being in Russia, Brazil, India, Austria, and China. Some of the earliest known uses of Aventurine date back to ancient Rome where it was used to make bowls and other objects.

The gemstone Aventurine is said to come from the Italian for ‘chance’ (Aventura). This is more than likely a connection because of the good fortune that this stone is known to bring. Aventurine is a type of glass stone that has a beautiful, sparkling appearance. It instantly connects with all your positive powers and brings good luck your way. So if you’re looking for a stone that can help you manifest your desires, aventurine might be the right choice.

Aventurine is a gemstone that has been around for centuries. Its golden color has made it a popular choice for jewelry. It is said that the stone was used by the mythological Amazon Warrior Queens to protect themselves in battle. Aventurine is said to tap into the power of the divine feminine, providing strength and protection to those who wear it.

Hat Is An Aventurine Stone Good For?

Aventurine is a type of gemstone that is typically a pale green color. It is often used to help promote growth and abundance, as well as to encourage luck and love. Aventurine is also known to be a powerful heart chakra stone and can help to raise your energy levels and encourage positive emotions.

If you are looking for a stone that can help you manifest your goals and dreams, Aventurine is an excellent choice. What’s more, Aventurine is also thought to be able to help protect against environmental pollution, making it a great choice for those who live in highly industrialized areas.

Aventurine is a type of quartz that comes in different colors, including green, blue, and red. Each color has its own unique properties.

The most popular type of aventurine is green aventurine, which is known for its ability to attract good luck and prosperity. Green aventurine is also known to soothe the soul, regulate energy, and keep the heart open.

Blue aventurine is another popular type of aventurine. It is known for its ability to connect the head and heart, giving people intuition and spiritual guidance.

Red Aventurine is known for its ability to help with manifestation and magical action. It also helps to stir up the life force, or Prana, which can help us to energize and focus on our goals.

Aventurine Crystal Healing Properties

As previously mentioned, the gemstone Aventurine is known for its ability to bring good luck. It is also a positive stone that can attract abundance in many ways. For example, if you are looking to be successful in your career or find love, aventurine can help. Additionally, if you have lost your creative spirit, aventurine can help you tap back into it.

Finally, if you are looking for abundance within your own soul, an aventurine can assist you with that as well. In short, the gemstone Aventurine is a powerful tool that can help you in many different areas of your life.

Physical Healing Properties

 Aventurine is a stone that has many healing benefits if you know how to use it. One of its most underutilized abilities is to help to bring balance to the mind and soul. For example, people who are struggling with burnout or frayed nerves can use Aventurine to lower their blood pressure and help regulate the thymus gland.

It is also a heart connector, which means it can help with circulation and overall well-being. If you are recovering from a long illness, keep Aventurine close by to help give you a boost. Additionally, Aventurine is known to have a lucky streak. This means that it can help with fertility issues and finding the path to parenthood. So, if you are looking for ways to increase your chances of becoming pregnant, consider using Aventurine.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Aventurine is a great stone for both mental and emotional healing. For your mind, it brings opportunity and abundance, helping you to shift your focus to a more positive space. It also encourages decisive action and strong leadership qualities, while still retaining your compassion. This makes it great for relationships and the emotional body, as it helps to stabilize and heal old wounds.

Additionally, aventurine is known to help with anxiety and stress relief. For me, the best way to use this daily is to keep a piece of it on me, and if I am feeling overwhelmed or out of sorts I will hold it, meditate with it, or just carry it around with me. This has really helped to keep me calm and centered during difficult times.

Metaphysical Properties

Aventurine is a heart chakra stone that can help you to clear out any blockages that have been holding you back. It encourages you to find strength and space when it comes to what you let in and what you let go of.

When the heart chakra is flowing freely, it means that you are better equipped to move with the changes that occur in life. This crystal is also connected to the solar plexus, throat, and third eye chakras. Aventurine is best used to promote healing and balance in these areas.

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Frequently asked questions about aventurine

How Can You Tell If an Aventurine Stone Is Fake?

Unfortunately, there are fake crystals out there and this can really be counterproductive to what you’re trying to achieve with your crystal therapy.

Aventurine can be identified as genuine by its color and natural ability to sparkle if this is somewhat asymmetrical within the crystal itself. Fakes will not radiate in quite the same way and will either appear to be too uniform in their aventurescence or clearly dyed in their color.

Here are some tips for spotting a fake.

-Check for the hardness. Aventurine should have a hardness rating of 6.5-7, which means if you scratch it with your fingernail it definitely shouldn’t give.

– Look for inclusions: If the stone has a green color, it is likely to be real aventurine. Inclusions such as hematite, ilmenite, and goethite can be used to distinguish aventurine from other types of quartz.

– Check for aventurescence: Aventurine has a sparkly appearance that is caused by inclusions of mica.

– Observe the structure and cleavages: Aventurine has a hexagonal crystal structure and conchoidal cleavage, which means its breakage is shell-like.

– Look for dye: If an aventurine stone does not have any shiny specks of color, it may be fake. Dyes are often surface-deep and can be easily detected with the naked eye.

Does Green Aventurine Bring Money

Green aventurine crystal is often associated with good luck, prosperity, and wealth. Many people use it as a talisman to attract money and abundance. It is also said to help manifest your goals and desires.

How To Charge Green Aventurine

The best way to positively charge green aventurine crystal is to place it in direct moonlight. You can also use other crystals such as citrine, goldstone, and peridot to amplify its effects. Simply hold the crystals in your hands and visualize a bright light emanating from them, filling up the aventurine with positive energy.

Can Green Aventurine Go In The Sun?

In general, I recommend against leaving any crystal in direct sunlight for extended periods of time, including green aventurine, as it can cause the crystal to overheat and possibly crack or shatter.

However, some people believe that green aventurine can benefit from being placed in the sun for a short amount of time (no more than an hour). Sunlight is said to amplify the crystal’s energies and help it to cleanse. I would just recommend using your intuition and being careful not to leave the crystal in the sun for too long.

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