There is a lot of misinformation out there about crystals and water. Many people believe that you can put certain crystals in your drinking water to infuse it with healing properties, while others swear they’ve tried it and seen no results. There is also the issue of crystals such as amethyst, which can be worn as jewelry, getting wet when swimming, or taking a shower.

So the question remains: can you put amethyst in water? Let’s look at some of the science behind this practice. 

Amethyst is a hardy crystal and can be immersed in water or any type for cleansing or during recreational activities such as swimming as well as bathing. Water can also help reduces negative ions in these crystals and help improve their energizing.

This blog post will provide more information on whether or not you can mix amethyst into your drinking water, as well as whether you should use water to cleanse it or if you can get it wet at all. So please feel free to read the entire article.

What is Amethyst and how can we use it?

close up shot of Amethyst

Amethyst is a powerful crystal that can be used for healing purposes by contacting the owner’s body on the physical, mental, and emotional levels.

Amethyst is also known as a supportive crystal that provides comfort in times of stress by releasing calming energies. This healing stone can uplift depression, alleviate sadness or just provide someone with support when they need it most. Amethyst helps to break patterns of self-sabotage and escapism through grounded insights into love and care for oneself.

Amethyst is helpful if you’ve been feeling like life has gone too fast (thinking about all the things you haven’t accomplished) or if it feels like life hasn’t offered sufficient joy (you feel more success-driven rather than happy).

These stones are great to use for healing people who have suffered from melancholy or addiction.

Can you put Amethyst in water?

Amethyst can be safely put in water, whether that be for cleansing it or as a piece of jewelry you wear in the shower or swimming pool.

Water can help to clear and cleanse the crystal. It is often recommended that you give your crystals a bath and then store them (allowing them to air dry) or perform a cleansing ceremony with the crystal before each use.

Put the amethyst in a bowl of water for about 30 minutes. This will help to clear, cleanse and activate the energy of the crystal. There should be no ill effects of submerging this type of crystal in water as amethyst has a Mohs hardness rating of 7.

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Understanding Mohs Hardness Scale

When it comes to getting crystals wet, it really depends on the hardness of the crystal (or gemstone). The harder it is the more likely it won’t be affected by water of any kind. We measure a crystal’s hardness by using the Mohs hardness scale.

What is the Mohs hardness scale?

The Mohs hardness scale is helpful when trying to identify gemstones and other minerals and how hard they are. It starts with one and goes to ten, so the softer materials are easier to scratch than the harder ones.

For example, something like paper has a hardness of one, while your fingernail would be between two and three. A diamond ring is rated at 10 on this scale; it’s too hard for anything except another diamond or some type of blade tool to scratch it!

What’s great about this scale is that you can use it not only for stones and gems but also for kitchen knives and other objects in your life that needs protection from damage!

When it comes to water, any crystal or gem with a Mohs hardness of six or less will probably be damaged by leaving it in water for too long. Saltwater will also damage these softer crystals or gemstones more quickly than regular tap or rainwater.

Here is a rough guide of various gemstones and their relative hardness according to the Mohs scale:

Crystal / gemstoneMohs hardnessMeaning
Actinolite Cat’s Eye5 – 6Improves Awareness
Agate6.5 – 7Balance and Protection
Amazonite6 – 6.5Soothes Stress
Amber2 – 2.5cleansing and renewing
Amethyst7.0Calming and Soothing
Apatite5.0Focus and Concentration
Aquamarine7.5 – 8Tranquility and Harmony
Aquamarine7.5 – 8purity, relaxation,
and feeling of calm that the sea brings
Aventurine6.5 – 7Good Luck
Bloodstone6.5 – 7Courage and Wisdom
Chalcedony6.5 – 7Emotional Balance
Chrome Diopside5 – 6Heals Trauma
Chrysoberyl8.5discipline and self-control
Citrine7.0Optimism and Abundance
Coral3 – 4modesty, wisdom, happiness,
and immortality
Diamond10.0Strength and Energy
Emerald7.5 – 8Fertility and New Beginnings
Fluorite4.0Focus and Concentration
Garnet6.5 -7.5Passionate Devotion
Iolite7 – 7.5Inner Vision
Jade6 – 7Good Luck and Prosperity
Jasper6.5 – 7Nurture and Compassion
Kyanite4.5 – 7Calms Anger and Frustration
Lapis Lazuli 5 – 6 Friendship and Truth
Malachite3.5 – 4Protection from Negativity
Moonstone6 – 6.5Clear Thinking
Morganite7.5 – 8healing energy, compassion, joy, confidence,
inner strength, and unconditional love
Onyx6.5 – 7protection and fortune
Opal5.5 – 6.5Love and Passion
Pearl2.5 – 4.5faith, charity, and innocence
Peridot6.5 – 7Alleviates Depression
Prehnite6 – 6.5Dreams and Meditation
Quartz7.0unconditional love and the crystal to heal the healer
Rose Quartz7.0Unconditional Love
Ruby9.0Love and Passion
Rutile Quartz7.0Energy and Motivation
Sapphire9.0Hope and Faith
Smoky Quartz7.0Endurance and Positivity
Spinel8.0hope, revitalization, and feeling the joy
Tanzanite6.5 – 7New Life
Tiger’s Eye6.5 – 7Self-Confidence
Topaz8.0nobility, love, passion, and purpose
Tourmaline7 – 7.5Improves Clarity and Focus
Tourmaline7 – 7.5Inspiration and Understanding
Turquoise5 – 6Friendship and Success
Zircon6.5 – 7.5Spiritual Growth


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Can you drink water infused with amethyst?

As crystals are great conductors of energy, they are a great way to infuse drinking water or tea with that energy absorbed from the sun or moon. There are many ways you can achieve this from a dedicated drinking bottle incorporating a crystal or by placing the crystal on top of your mug of steaming tea.

If you’ve never tried doing this with crystals, check out these great starter kits on Amazon.

Amethyst is one of the crystals you can use in this role. However, do be careful with having crystals directly in your drinking water as certain types can leach toxins into it. So, as a general rule keep the crystals separate but near to the liquid you want to infuse with their energy.

For your reference, here are some crystals you should avoid using for this purpose:

  • algodonite
  • azurite
  • cinnabite
  • moonstone
  • pyrite


What’s the best type of water to use for cleansing crystals, tap, rain or salt water?

amethyst best type of water to use

Tap water is usually safe to use for cleansing crystals as it is fairly neutral in its mineral content. To be sure you can always get a water study directly from your municipal water supplier to be sure.

Saltwater may be too harsh on the crystal’s surface, while rain is unpredictable in quality. Make sure you test it out first on an inconspicuous spot. Rainwater has traces of minerals that might leave a light stain on your stones, so be careful.

For the best possible cleaning power, find your nearest natural spring or well and immerse your stone in full-body contact with the moving water for 30 minutes to one hour.

Be aware that some places have dense mineral deposits which can damage unprotected crystals by leaving rust marks on them – so check with a local guide beforehand to get more information!

How to ensure that your amethyst crystals are energized?

Your crystals will always need to be energized to work properly. Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Place your crystal in direct sunlight, moonlight or another form of natural light for at least 20 minutes daily. Natural light is the best way to charge your crystal—most artificial lights won’t do the trick.
  • Be sure that the area where it’s placed receives good airflow (not too windy) and stays at room temperature year-round; extremes of heat or cold could hamper performance.

Just remember, if you don’t keep your amethyst crystals energized they will be a lot less effective and their impact on your life will be lessened.

Does water improve amethyst crystals’ effectiveness?

If you’re using the amethyst as a tool for meditation, then placing it in water will help keep the energy pure and strong. This is because they can help you to restore the crystals to a balanced energy level which then means they will re-energize more effectively.

Not only that, cleaning crystals with water, especially harder types such as amethyst, can give them a new gleam and luster which is just prettier to look at.

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Dangers of using alcohol solutions to clean amethyst crystals

You should never put an amethyst in any type of liquid that contains alcohol or other substances because this could damage the crystal’s properties and make them less effective.

Alcohol and liquids containing chemicals damage amethyst (and other crystals). Alcohol and liquids containing chemicals can leech liquid from amethyst crystals. It is best to avoid using any type of alcohol on the amethyst.

Alternatives to using water to cleanse Amethyst crystals

To clear the energy of the Amethyst, place it in direct sunlight or moonlight for a few hours. The heat and energy of the sun and moon will quickly cleanse your Amethyst crystal.

Another really great way to cleanse amethyst crystals is by smudging with sage or burning incense near them.

When we carry over the smudging we do with sage, we’re mimicking a ritual that’s been taking place for thousands of years. It is common knowledge among Native American nations and other indigenous cultures to cleanse themselves and their spaces by accepting the blessings from the smoke of purifying herbs such as sage, cedar, sweetgrass, or rosemary.

There’s no debate on whether this method is effective – it has been used successfully for centuries. Once the process is complete, we can then begin our connection to Mother Earth and its elements. The Amethyst stone will be cleansed and ready for your use as well as any other crystals within the vicinity.

In Conclusion

Amethyst crystals are hard crystals and can be cleaned with water. Some other methods to cleanse them include using sun, moonlight or smudging with sage.

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