We see numbers in our life everywhere we go, from street signs to menu prices. Most of them are fairly meaningless, but when you start to see patterns in numbers, there is a higher power at play. In this article, I’m going to discuss some of the concepts you should be aware of and what you should do when the same numbers keep showing up in your daily life path.

What does it mean if you see the same numbers everywhere?

Our lives are full of numbers, from receipts to telephone numbers to the time of day. Some people frequently report encountering the same numbers again and again. Seeing the same sequence of numbers repeatedly may not be a coincidence. This is where angel numbers come into play. 

Angel numbers are a way in which our guardian angels can communicate to people on Earth. They are numbers often seen that are spiritually significant. If you are seeing a pattern of numbers it’s important to pay attention to what angels may be communicating to you. Patterns of numbers can be repeated sequences, such as 222 or 444, or patterns like 543 or 1212.

According to the study of numerology, every number has a connection to different energies. Seeing repeated angel numbers is a sign that an angel is telling you to continue on the path you are on. They serve as a means of encouragement. Not heeding these helpful signs can often result in negative events in our lives

Many people start learning about angel numbers as the gateway to other spiritual practices. I think this is great as they are a great way to start understanding the world at a deeper level. 

Who invented angel numbers? 

Although angel numbers have recently gained popular attention, the study of numerology has been around for centuries. This lost knowledge is slowly becoming more mainstream, which can only bring around greater benefits for society.

In the sixth century, a philosopher named Pythagoras, you remember him from school probably, discovered that when you add consecutive odd numbers in order the result will always be a square number. From this discovery, the sixth-century peoples concluded that “all is number”, or that everything in the physical world can be described by numbers.

This utimately led Pythagoras to start studying numbers that were most prominent in life and seeing the connections they had with it. Just as other sciences of the time, such as astrology, were developed and studied, the importance of numbers was shown to be just as relevant to humanity.

The term ‘angel numbers’ was first used by a woman named Doreen Virtue, who claims she knew and studied with Pythagoras in her past life. She is one of the pioneers of the New Age movement which has been able to reintroduce lost rituals and knowledge.

Virtue maintained that everything in the universe vibrates at a specific frequency, and these frequencies can be used to interpret divine messages. When you understand the meaning behind different combinations it allows you to quickly refocus a certain area of your life. 

Are angel numbers biblical?

Angel numbers do not officially have roots in Christianity, and some Christians will even say that angel numbers are an abomination. However, Christianity does use a form of numerology but does not use that specific term. Ultimately the early Christians were well aware of the importance of numbers in our lives, just like all ancient peoples were.

Generally, Christians believe that God will send messages to people directly and angels will not draw attention to themselves. This is the opposite of the angel number belief that angels will send signs to humans directly. Honestly, this may just be splitting hairs. The conclusion is that messages are sent and we need to listen to them.

Both principals are similar in that the universe is divine and will attempt to send messages to those who will listen. Humans, by nature, wish to understand the meaning of the universe and both Christianity and angel numbers are answers to those questions. Angel numbers are merely a way to keep track of your life goals and make sure you are on the right path.

So, if you are struggling with your own personal faith when it comes to studying Angel numbers, I would urge you to remember that they are a positive force in our lives. As all positivity must come from a benevolent deity, I think it’s safe to assume that we can actively use Angel Numbers with God’s blessing.

Are angel numbers real?

While angel numbers have not been proven to be real in a lab, many people experience the benefits of understanding the meanings of angel numbers.  The debate about angel numbers is hotly contested much like other spiritual or religious practices. Although no concrete answer can be reached, many people find comfort and direction in believing in angel numbers.

I think the important thing to remember here is that when scientists are concerned, they will usually say ‘I don’t know!’ until they have conclusive proof of something. As angel numbers have never been disproved in a scientific experiment just goes to show that modern science is still far beyond understanding the spiritual aspect of our world.

What is known is that humans have studied number sequences for thousands of years. Understanding the spiritual connection between numbers and your life can help to guide and protect you during times of uncertainty. If you are aware of the signs that may be coming your way, you have the potential for more clarity in your decision-making. 

What does it mean when you keep seeing angel numbers?

If you keep seeing angel numbers everywhere it means you are being guided by the universe (Angels if you will) to take action. The numbers you keep seeing are there to assist you in your decision-making. Your guardian angels know of what you are going through and wish to help you achieve your goals. 

Through trial and error, we now have a much better understanding of what a certain combination of numbers means. As life can often be confusing, these signs can be invaluable in focusing your mind on the aspects that are most pressing.

The first step is to determine what message you are being sent by researching your number pattern. Your research should lead you in the direction of what the universe is communicating to you. Angel numbers are there to help you learn more about yourself, grow your creativity, and give you a greater understanding of your emotions. 

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What does it mean when you stop seeing angel numbers?

If you’re used to seeing angel numbers and suddenly stop, you may be afraid that the universe has stopped guiding you. This is not true. There are a number of reasons why your usual sequences have stopped appearing.

I like to think of angel numbers as little course correction as we navigate the waters of life. Certain combinations of numbers will only be relevant at certain points along our journey, and when we have successfully navigated into certain tributaries, we no longer need to focus on that particular message.

Angels will stop sending signals when you have received what you’ve been manifesting. Say you should have been focused on a new career or a new romantic interest. If your request has been granted, the angel numbers will stop appearing.

Even if you don’t know if your manifestation has happened or not, be patient. It may be right around the corner. Remember, that often the angel numbers are there to lay the foundations for future success and happiness, which could only be fully appreciated years down the line.

Personally, I’ve seen how a decision such as a move to a new city or choosing a new job has only really shown the fruit they bore years down the line. I’m particularly thinking of how I met my wife and the incredible chances of my beautiful daughter being born. That all came from me seeing a particular series of numbers all those years ago. 

You could have also learned the lesson your angels were trying to send to you. Once they understand you are back on track and where you need to be, they will stop sending you numbers to signal you no longer need their guidance at this point in time.  

Common Angel Numbers you might be seeing

Common angel numbers can signify specific life goals and milestones. Understanding them will unlock how to best proceed to manifest your dreams. 

Although angel numbers can influence many aspects of our lives, the ones which modern humans are most concerned about are love, work, money, and their health. There are hundreds of numbers which you can become aware of, but I’ve decided to list out some of the more common ones you may see along your life path.


The numbers 2 and 6 are lucky in love. These numbers represent balance and inner harmony, friendship, love, focus, and the importance of making strong bonds with the people in your life. Common sequences include 222, 2222, 666, 6666, 2626, or 6262. 

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0 and 5 are numbers with frequencies related to work. Both numbers represent adventure, unconventional action, new experiences, and new opportunities. If you are looking for a sign that new work is coming your way, look for 000, 0000, 555, 5555, 0505, or 5050. 


1 and 7 are numbers that represent good finances coming your way. They hold frequencies related to self-growth, opportunities, faith in oneself, new gifts, and financial gain. Look for 111, 1111, 777, 7777, 1717, or 7171. 


If you are searching for a sign of good health look no further than 4 and 8. These numbers will tell you to focus on yourself to seek new energy. 4 and 8 are helpful in optimism for a better future and to get rid of any negative habits blocking energy centers within your body. Look for numbers 444, 4444, 888, 8888, 4848, or 8484. 


Charlie Hawes
Charlie Hawes

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