Do you ever get the feeling that the same combination of numbers keeps appearing around you? Maybe you see it displayed on your phone’s clock, perhaps it appears in license plates while you’re driving? If you’ve ever noticed seeing the same number coming up in your life again and again, whether it be 11:11 on a clock, $1.11 on a receipt, or your friend’s phone number ends in 111, there may be a spiritual significance to what you are seeing.

These combinations of numbers are called ‘Angel Numbers’ and they are extremely influential over your day-to-day life. Angel numbers are the way which angels can communicate to people on Earth. According to numerology, every number has a connection to different frequencies. Seeing repeated angel numbers is a sign that an angel is nudging you in a certain direction on how to live your life. 

If you are seeing the number 1146, then this is the article for you!

What does 1146 angel number mean (symbolism & spiritual meaning)?

1146 is an exciting angel number to see. It is a cue from your angels that your destiny can be taken into your own hands to achieve everything you wish to achieve. 1146 is a sign that your desires can come true if you let go of the negative energy that is holding you back. This angel number is a sign that success is just around the corner, but you need to be prepared to work for it. 

1146 also reminds the viewer that success comes from the inside out, and your actions must be focused on kindness if you are to succeed. The more you are charitable and think of others, the more likely you are to manifest your destiny. You should be prepared to do some work changing your attitude and priorities, followed by changes in your physical routine such as waking up earlier and more exercise. 

Biblically, when the number 1146 is repeated 3 times, it is considered a bad omen for the Beast. In other cultures, such as Arab culture, 1146 is considered a good omen. Whether you believe it is positive or negative, it is best to know exactly what to do when you see it. I’ve listed some helpful things to do later in this article.

1146 Angel Number & Numerology – What It Says About You!

Every number has a different vibrational frequency, thus affecting the world around it.1146 is made up of four numbers with the repeat number 1. Any time you see a repeated number in an angel number, this number carries more weight than the others. 

Let’s look at each of these numbers individually

The number 1 is connected to self-reliance and independence. It is associated with someone being a creative thinker who is always one step ahead of others. Number 1 has a frequency synonymous with manifestations and has the energy to begin new chapters, ideas, and emotions. Number 1 is considered to be an introverted number because of its reliance on the self. 

When an 11 is formed in an angel number, it is thought to be a master number. Along with 22 and 33, 11 gives this angelic sign an extra boost and will certainly influence this part of your more strongly than an angel number without one of these combinations.11 is also a sign that inspiration is on its way and you will soon make spiritual discoveries. 11 helps us to dig deep and find our life’s purpose. 

The number 4 signals good morals such as honor, tenacity, self-discipline, and reliability. 4 is a symbol that you will work hard to achieve what you dream of. No dream can get anywhere without hard work, so it is a sign to build a strong foundation of values before you can pursue your manifestations. 

Number 6 is a number heavily associated with love, specifically the love of self and towards our nearest and dearest. It represents taking care of others physically and emotionally, and the ability to provide for yourself and others.

Sometimes considered the mother number, number 6 is a sign that you must work on your close relationships in order to have personal success. If you show love and gratitude towards others, it will come back to you. 6 is also keenly associated with emotional maturity and letting go of material attachments. 

What type of people see 1146 angel number?

If you are seeing 1146 continually, you may be looking for or even on the cusp of a huge life change or some direction in your life that requires you to make a big decision. If you are considering changing career paths or are having trouble in personal relationships, 1146 is there to guide you to better decisions. 

Basically, you can look at it as a sign that what is happening to you and what you are dwelling on is actually of the utmost importance to your future life path. This angel number is really excellent in that regard!

1146 is found by people who are creative, family-oriented, and tolerant. Although you may be stubborn when faced with adversity, 1146 is a cue to let down some walls and make room for growth. If you are in a difficult place in your life, use 1146 to guide you to be more loving, fair, open-minded, and moral. Your angels are telling you that throughout your difficulties, you are not walking alone. 

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What should you do if you see the 1146 angel number?

1146 is a sign that you can unlock your full potential but only if you act. You must become more self-aware and be in tune with your inner feelings in order to have outward success. If you continue to see 1146, here are some things you can do. 

Begin a daily journal

Many of us just experience life without really keeping tabs on how we are really feeling from day to day. Keeping a journal helps you effectively record what is important to you and how your emotional life is faring. Understanding your emotions and how they change over time is an important way to use 1146.

With practice, you will be able to identify the tips and troughs in your mood and take action appropriately. It’s hard to make the progress you need when in a negative phase of emotional health, and if you can empirically see this happening you can quickly come out of these counterproductive mood cycles. 

Wake up earlier

Waking up with the sun enables you to seize the day. As 1146 is all about doubling down on the decisions which will positively change your life, wasting the opportunities isn’t wise. Rather than spending Saturday mornings in bed, get out with your friends and family and strengthen those bonds. Getting a better night’s sleep and waking up with the larks means that you also get extra time to work on projects which will make you financially more stable and generally happier day-to-day. 

Cut out unhappiness

Don’t pursue things that don’t add to your happiness. You can tell what makes you happy by observing your mood in your daily journal. If something seems a chore or obligation, remove it from your life if possible. If certain people, even family, are adding to your stress it’s ok to mute them for a week or two to get a break. If you have bad relationships, end them regardless of the backstory. This is the message of 1146.

The same is true for activities or hobbies. If the thing brings you less enjoyment and more stress, get rid of it and replace it with something fun and uplifting. Sure, you can spend some time scrolling on your phone if it relaxes you, but don’t do it in excess. There is a lot of bad news out there with which you don’t need to clog up your feed. Opt for books instead of TV, and where possible read to and with others. Conversations can lead to exciting new ideas! 

Tend your relationships

As we’ve seen, 1146 is all about love, for yourself and your family. We are becoming an increasingly isolated society, but with a little effort, you can change all that. Make your personal relationships a priority. Reach out to your old best friend (if it’s a healthy relationship) and finally go for that coffee. Spend some time to cook dinner for your parents and if that’s too much stress, just order in some take out. The key thing is to spend time with your loved ones.

During this time try to bury any hatchets with those closest to you. Although you may not be able to choose your family, they have the strongest spiritual bond with you and are part of your soul group. Use this time to heal old wounds and strengthen those ties between you.

Be charitable

The more you spend time volunteering, the closer you will be to actualizing your goals. Charitable acts are all around you. It’s as simple as holding a door open, letting someone go ahead of you in the line at the checkout, and right up to donating thousands of dollars and hours to charities.

Giving back to the world in some small way has a great benefit on our psyche. Many people don’t take important steps towards improving their lives simply because they feel unworthy. Being more charitable in your daily life will remind you that you are a kind and loving person and there is nothing wrong with being the happiest you can be. Charity not only breeds a better world, it makes you more worthy of inheriting it. This is what 1146 wants you to know.

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The dangers of not acting when you see the 1146 angel number

Seeing 1146 is not the time to get complacent. If you don’t jump into action, there will more than likely be some consequences in your life.

As we’ve discussed, 1146 is willing you to be proactive in many areas of your life, especially those which will radically change it. Not heeding this call can actually push you further the other way on the spectrum.

You may begin to feel unmotivated, distant from your family and loved ones, and unclear on the next steps you should take for your career. 1146 is very much about personal growth and empowerment, so if you do not do focus on your internal emotions and personal action more, this angel number may manifest itself in more negative feelings and emotions. 

Even if you do not act straight away, it is not too late to let your guardian angel guide you. If you are unsure of what actionable steps to take, you can always talk to a professional.

A professional will be able to diagnose your situation case-by-case and leave you feeling relieved and comforted in the steps you should take. To talk to a professional today, click this link to chat. Your key to success is only a click away. 

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