Common traits of Taurus Men 

Although they often have a tough and burly exterior, Taurus men are softies on the inside. They are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, which means they would choose being a lover over a fighter any day.

As an introvert, Taurus men will also be fiercely loyal to those he knows, and especially those he trusts. This means that when he’s on your side, your Taurus man is going to defend you and cherish you like no other. Unfortunately, if you cross him, he can quickly forget you and move on with his life. 

Taurus men tend to be stubborn, so be sure not to push him, especially in his most sensitive areas (e.g. emotions and sense of self-worth) too much. It could result in him developing and then holding a grudge against you for a long time. These bulls of men can get offended fast and forget slow!

Because Taurus is a fixed sign, Taurus men are not well adapted to sudden changes. They don’t like risks and enjoy observing and playing it safe. They are seen as slow and steady in love, work, and hobbies. Although this can be a great personality trait, it can rub you up the wrong way if you are more dynamic and decisive. 

Many Taurus men are handy about the house, they can fix things easily and aren’t afraid of taking their time to do something properly. This goes for relationships as well as a broken appliance.

A Taurus man is dependable, diligent, and never gives up, making him a great partner in work, friendship, or love. As long as you can show that you are sympathetic to his needs, you will find a lasting companion in these key areas of life. 

In love, Taurus men are dedicated to the right match. Their partner needs to be able to take it slow and appreciate the true nature of a Taurus. Though perhaps not great talkers in general, when they do utter something, it is normally worth listening to. As someone who’s very good with words, a Taurus lover will have you swooning with all of the sweet musings he has to say.

While he is thoughtful in communication, he sometimes won’t know how to express his feelings. If he doesn’t have the right words, he will remain silent. Don’t try to pry him to speak before he is ready, or his stubbornness will kick in. Slow and steady in nature, Taurus men may need extra time to think over changes, so be patient with him and he will be patient in return. 

Taurus men are known for being great in bed. A people pleaser, he will make sure you are walking away satisfied. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. as these men will go above and beyond the call of duty to give it to you!

Once you have won a Taurus man’s heart, you have it for the long haul. He will show you gentle and sweet affection and be an attentive partner. Like anything in life, when you know how it works it will work great, and this really sums up a Taurus man in general. 

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How to make a Taurus man fall for you

To make a Taurus man fall head over heels, there’s a few tried and tested things you should (and shouldn’t) do. You should let him do all of the chasings (with some little encouragements along the way). Taurus men love what they don’t have due to their stubbornness and the excitement of ‘hunting’ you down will appeal to them.

Play a little hard to get and he will be all yours. Keep yourself mysterious, which they love, and be sure to decline an invitation or two. You don’t want to seem too available. Keeping yourself at a small distance will also allow you to see how far he’s willing to chase you. 

Although you should remain mysterious, don’t play games with his affections. Taurus men are fiercely loyal so making him jealous is not the way to his heart. Taurus’ look for honesty in a relationship to be sure to be upfront with your feelings.

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So, the name of the game here is flirtatious rather than cold. Think ‘carrot’, rather than stick and you will get these stubborn bulls to go and do what you want. 

Stubbornness doesn’t mean Taurus men don’t like reassurance. Be sure to compliment him all the time. He will want to know why you are interested in him. He will love the feeling of being wanted and it’ll only make him want to spend more time with you. Although he won’t be the first to shower you with compliments (he doesn’t always say what he feels and thinks) if you lead the charge he will be sure to follow. 

Signs a Taurus man likes you 

Taurus men send clear signs when they are interested in you. If you’re crushing on a Taurus guy, here are some signs he’s interested too:

Sign #1: It’s written all over his face

He’ll smile at you a lot. Not only at you, but if you’re in the same room with him you’ll notice him perk up and glow.

Taurus men, not unsurprisingly, love to be in love and it will really pick them out of their normal status quo. They may become chattier than usual and generally just appear to be more positive about life.

Sign #2: Home is where the heart is

He’ll invite you into his place. Taurus’ guard their safe spaces carefully because they thrive off of security. If he lets you into his home, there’s a good chance he likes you.

It’s amazing how small an act as inviting someone in for a drink or to share a meal can quickly turn a Taurus man from acquaintances to a full-on lover. Make sure you are respectful of his abode and possessions, and pretty soon you may become a permanent fixture around his home too! 

Sign #3: Only eyes for you

He’s not interested in anyone else. Taurus men are loyal in nature. If you notice he’s not texting or chatting to anyone else and is only pursuing you, you’ll know you have a genuine connection.

If you move in the same social groups, ask around and you’ll soon discover if he only has eyes for you as he won’t have been seen in deep conversation with anyone else.

Sign #4: Generous with time and money

He gives you gifts and attention. Taurus men are romantics and will buy you chocolates and flowers if you’re the one for him. He will also be generous with his money and want to pay for all of your dates.

It’s not that he feels he has to buy your affection, or that he needs to take care of you, it’s just that this is how he shows he cares.

Sign #5: Knock, Knock – I love you!

He’ll try to make you laugh. As these men find it hard to just come out and say what they mean, they will disguise much with a joke. If he is really trying to get a rise out of you, or a smile, chances are that he’s found someone he’s very interested in.

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How does a taurus man test a woman?

If you’re dating a Taurus for the first time, there’s a few things you can expect from him. He will show his feelings to you instead of voicing them. He’ll shower you with gifts and dates before opening up and confessing his love.

On the flip side, he can also show his anger and frustration in physical ways. He may want to punch a pillow instead of being able to talk through the issue – this is just a way of dealing with his own inabilities to communicate.

So, if there is obviously a delicate topic of conversation, avoid it if you can. Don’t pile on the pressure when it’s not of vital importance. If you choose to but heads over trivial things, you may alienate a Taurus man and lose him forever.

Taurus men are notoriously loyal in love. He has a romantic heart and won’t be looking for the attention of other people when he’s with you. He loves being monogamous and doesn’t like being single. So, don’t be surprised if things move quickly. If you are comfortable, you may see your relationship blossom very quickly with a Taurus man compared to another born under a different zodiac.

He will also like to be in control most of the time. However, generally, this isn’t because he is controlling, but rather it’s just a way of dealing with an ever-changing world. Remember, these bulls don’t do well with change.

Overall, he wants to feel like he’s protecting and caring for you all the time. He will most likely want to handle all finances and is responsible with money – so if you aren’t, let him do it. 

In extreme cases, – look out for a Taurus man’s territorial nature. They may be possessive or controlling at times especially under times of stress. When this becomes too much, you need to call him on it quickly as changes in his nature happen slowly.

A Taurus can become jealous easily, so be sure to assure him that he is the one for you in the way you talk and act around him. Casually flirting with other men will be a huge red flag for him in your relationship, and in some cases may cause him to charge. 

Although some of his traits can seem negative on the surface, as can those of other zodiacs, when you understand them you can learn to work well together. This can lead to a very fruitful relationship indeed.

Taurus man texting style – What to say

While Taurus men tend to prefer face-to-face over texting, there are some ways to keep his interest in the early stages of dating. Avoid messaging about serious topics, and keep the conversation light and fun.

Make him smile every time he sees a text from you. Cheeky jokes or funny snaps can help him to stay focused on you when you aren’t around. A constant barrage of demands or idle chit-chat will soon turn him off.

Taurus men also love to be complimented, mainly because they can suffer from low self-esteem at times. Keep your compliments light and flirty without getting too intense. Tell him you are thinking about his smile until you meet again or engage his brain with an interesting fact you learned and he’s sure to reply.

Make sure not to double text him. He’ll read that as being too clingy. Although these men can be intensely loyal, they can’t be corned in – you need them to express that freely whenever possible.

Often, Taurus men do not check their phones often, so if he’s not replying don’t fret. Just give him some time. More than likely, you are still a fixture in their mind and they haven’t forgotten you at all. 

Asking a Taurus man for advice is another great way to keep a text conversation going. They love to be needed, and asking his opinion will flatter him. Do this especially if you have a question about something that needs fixing or if you’re stuck on a logistical problem.

Letting them flex their intellectual muscle is a great way to subconsciously get them to link you with a feeling of pride and achievement, a fantastic recipe for affection! 

Signs that a taurus man has lost interest 

When a Taurus man no longer considers you girlfriend material he’ll be sure to let you know – but not by telling you, more likely through his actions.

Taurus men value honesty and won’t be able to hide their true feelings from you by the way they start to interact with you. Before telling you, he’ll start to be less attentive to you and won’t seem to check in as much. He may stop replying to your text messages altogether and his glance will stray towards others if you’re out together. 

If your man used to compliment you a lot and the compliments have seemed to stop, he’s probably having second guesses about your relationship. He will also start to cancel plans on you or flake at the last minute. Taurus men can sometimes be self-centered, so he may not know he is hurting you when he does these things.

Sadly, they won’t just come out and say it as others might do. As they do badly with change, the end of a relationship, or flirtation, can be slow to settle. If you are unsure, it’s probably best if you confront them and get things out into the open. It may not be pretty, but it is best to rip that band-aid off at times.


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